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    Im a bit confused about this whole arranged marriage concept in Islam, no offence but it seems like such a cold contract like some kind of buisness transaction, ? where do all the feelings come in? i mean a marriage arranged by seniors of a family, their not the ones who are gonna spend the next 30 or so years in union i mean cmon? help please?

    There are ways around it , its diminishing anyway.

    By the way, Islam does not say you have to marry the one your parents want you to marry to. Arranged marriage is more of a cultural thing than Islam. But don't tell me that you have to understand the partner before you marry like people do in secular/western countries.

    May Allah SWT guide us all towards right and help us follow the right


      It is the girl's right to make decision concerning her marriage and her father or guardian has no right to over-ride her objections or ignore her wishes.
      The Prophet (peace be upon him) has said, "A woman who has been previously married has more right concerning her person than her guardian and a virgin's consent must be asked about herself, her consent being her silence." (Narrated in the books of tradition of Bukhari and Muslim)

      Nobody has a right to tell you who to marry but what the elders can do is offer their advice because they may deem both of the concerned compatable. They are doing it in your best interests, it is your choice.
      Islam does not allow free mixing of the sexes hence the elders get involved. They research the individuals concerned, find out all sorts of future issues and then offer the choice to you. Then you can accept or reject, do istikhara and carry on.

      I think thats how it works.

      Allah knows best