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SURVEY : Which Guppy do You Trust to Take Knowledge From in Religion ?

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    SURVEY : Which Guppy do You Trust to Take Knowledge From in Religion ?


    Which 2 members do you trust in taking religious knowledge from and who perhaps impresses you the most with his/her: knowledge of religion; understanding of it; awareness; manners; clarification etc etc.

    You do not have to give your reasons for your 2 choices, but you are more than welcome to if you wish to do so.

    The two i would be most willing to take knowledge and turn to with questions are:

    1. Ibrahim
    2. FactFinder

    There are also 2 or 3 others, but these 2 would come at the top.

    Who comes at the top of your list?

    I take it straight from the Quran and the Seerah, any other form is just a point in that direction. Make sense?


      And for sure that is where we should be taking knowledge from mushi. However, in order to understand Religion, we turn to people of understanding e.g. the Companions and who followed them in righteousness. But it is not possible for us to obtain all the information on Religion ourselves. So maybe others have come across something from the scholars that we are missing, and can share with us. That is not to say, they know everything (because only Allaah - subhaan wata'aa' knows everything), but this is where they can help, and i believe my 2 choices above bring knowledge and understanding to us from the scholars in an expert way. And as a consequence, they too have a degree of knowledge, wisdom and understanding of Islaam, masha'Allaah.



        Dr. NAveed

        actually i trust pretty much all, it's just these two seem to have more knowledge.


          I have no hopes for any members of the forum who take their cue from Ibrahim.
          Personally I think he should be under restarint. I suspect he already is.
          He is dishonest to boot. He takes most of his Hindu bashing so-called 'Scriptures' from Anti-Hindu web sites.
          I already gave links to those sites for members to judge.

          I personally feel Pakistaiabroad is knowledgeable.
          As is Ahmedjee, though he gives a Qadiyani slant to his postings.


            Ibrahim and Factfinder are pretty reliable.


              I'd go for Hasnain and Ibrahim.

              Wahb ibn Munabbih said, "... Then honour yourself by rejecting the characteristics of the fools, and instead subject yourselves to the characteristics of the scholars. And custom yourself to the actions of the gentle, patient ones and forbid yourself from the actions of the
              wretched, and make it compulsory upon yourself that you follow the behaviour of the scholars, and separate yourself from the ways of the wicked people..."


                My choice would be
                1. Hasnain + Ibrahim
                2. FactFinder


                  Ibrahim, Saadia and PakistaniAbroad

                  Glory of Islam Will Never Be Extinguished


                    Seek knowledge from : Ibrahim & Fact Finder
                    Also I trust Saadia, Husnain, Khoon-e-Shaheed, Serial Guppy, Sholay.


                      Originally posted by Al-Farooq:
                      Seek knowledge from : Ibrahim & Fact Finder. Also I trust Saadia, Husnain, Khoon-e-Shaheed, Serial Guppy, Sholay.
                      Al-Farooq only 37 posts and you know so many craps like ibrahim sholay and bla bla?

                      perhaps you might be one with a disguise

                      PS: by the way i'm not a fresh guppie

                      Originally posted by Sentinel:

                      Who comes at the top of your list?
                      walakum salam,

                      well none of the above.. both have biased views.. both oriented towards their own mono-track ideology

                      my vote to ahmadjee, xcom, sadia, secret-compulsion, masooma...

                      if you are looking for a new moderator, NyAhmadi still tops the list... or pick someone with a broad mind, a humble heart, an open ear and a soft tongue. (the qualities rare to find in paki creed)

                      good luck !

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                        (Just my humble opinion), probably Saadia and Akif.



                          It doesn't matter how many posts a member has, as we also have many non-members viewing and reading the forums on a daily basis before they register.

                          Al-Farooq only 37 posts and you know so many craps like ibrahim sholay and bla bla?
                          ... and if you don't have anything plausible to say without discrediting other members, then keep your comments to yourself. For someone who doesn't participate in this forum much, please allow me to remind you that this is not a place for verbal jives and emotional endeavours for personal amusement.

                          Let's try and keep discussion well mannered and clean in this place.



                            Originally posted by Pakistani Tiger:
                            Ibrahim , Saadia and PakistaniAbroad
                            Very interesting.

                            After extensive research, I have picked a few web-sites, where the scholars give reliable opinion, and that is where I go to, for any issues.

                            Unfortunately, here, for the most part, everyone falls into the same trap of discrediting other religions and members to prove their point, instead of focusing on the issue at hand. Anyone with a different opinion is labled a heretic and mocked. It is funny to see people with a close mind, exhorting others to "open your eyes". Most people who post long cut-and-paste here, have no wish to learn something new or listen to other people's point of view. They just wish to post what they feel is correct and bash anyone who doesn't agree.


                              The ones that show references that I myself can check and read more on/about.

                              Learn to love yourself, then learn to love one-another

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