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    Assalamo Alaikum, I was wondering if reading poetry (the type posted in GS Poetry forum) is allowed? Because at times i feel like browsing through the forum or read the ones I've got, but I *think* I remember reading it somewhere that maybe it isn't allowed?

    Jazakallah khair!

    "I put my trust in Allah, my Lord and your Lord! There is not a moving creature, but He has a grasp of its forelock. Verily, my Lord is on the straight path. (The truth)"

    "...Indeed my prayer, my sacrifice, my living and my dying are for Allaah, the Lord of the worlds" (6:162)


    Sadiaa as u are aware that there are diffrent types of poetry.

    the poetry which is only dedicated for manly desires and women, is to some extent shows an nonIslamic behavior.

    whereas if we study the Iqbals poetry, its very constructive and expalins the concept of Islam in a effective way..

    Moreover poetry is just a way of expression of thoughts and ideas. A poet can express his feelings and ideas in a much more brief and in a wide perspective, rather than writing a explnation.The usage might be wrong, to express wrong thoughts, but poetry itself is not wrong in my Idea

    There were famous poets before Prophet Muhammad(SAW) era. Musharakeen Poets said that Quran was the creation of Prophet Muhammad(SAW), but then Allah challenged the entire MAnkind to bring up something which is just equivalent to one ayah of Al-Quran.

    Allah Hafiz.
    Wallah-o-Aalamo Bissawab.

    Dont think "you can" know "you can"
    .::. ﷲ ﻼﺃ ﷲﺃ ﻶ .::.


      Flamezz is right. I remember one Hadeeth in which a Sahaabi (R) read many ash'aar (couplets) to the Holy Prophet (S).

      There's also a Hadeeth in Bukhari that the Holy Prophet (S) said that some poetry has wisdom. (not the exact words).

      However, the "UnIslamic" kind of poetry should be avoided.

      Again, there's another Hadeeth in Bukhari, in which the Holy Prophet (S) said that it's better for a person to be filled with pus, than poetry. (not the exact words)


        I concur with Khoon e Shaheed. Poetry in and of itself is OK, for it is where the eloquence in a language lies.

        The prohibitions are to do with the content of the poetry, ie poems that contain kufr, shirk or are of an seductive nature are clearly haraam to indulge in, let alone write (as the ahadeeth state).

        Maybe the ahadeeth mention specific terms for different types of poetry. I remember looking in the Hans Wehr Arabic-English dictionary, that there was a specific word for some seductive type of poetry.

        Wallahu A'lam

        Wahb ibn Munabbih said, "... Then honour yourself by rejecting the characteristics of the fools, and instead subject yourselves to the characteristics of the scholars. And custom yourself to the actions of the gentle, patient ones and forbid yourself from the actions of the
        wretched, and make it compulsory upon yourself that you follow the behaviour of the scholars, and separate yourself from the ways of the wicked people..."


          Like everyone else have already mentioned it is allowed, but not too much of it, like some people spend ALL there time reading or writing poetry, then it becomes wrong. Just too much of anything is wrong even worship.

          Allah(swt)knows best

          'bismika illa huma a'muto wa'ah yaa'