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Shying away from Dawah

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    Shying away from Dawah

    I notice that some people are really good at giving dawah. They have no qualms about talking to anyone about Allah.

    I on the other hand think of myself as a muslim who has a long way to go and therefore hesitate when discussing religion with other people. The thing is that people say to improve yourself first and show by example. Sure one can show by example but fact is that the Prophet went out and spoke to others about Allah, as did the sahaba. It was their duty to do so, and I believe ours. Now how do I reconsile myself with the fact that I am not a good muslim and yet I should be giving dawah in some form or the other? This happen with you? What to do?

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    "O man! What has seduced thee from thy Lord Most Beneficent?" - Quran 82:6

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    Please not let your shyness or your limited knowledge keep you back from professing what you believe in! Trust me Dawah or Tabligh is sometimes the best way to improve your own self & know about your own religion.

    Here are a few tips:
    • Pray a lot, true preaching is nothing without prayers.
    • Bring up the topic with one person at first, ask him/her about their interest in religion and maybe you will find other topics to discuss with. You can handle a crowd later ...
    • Start it with acknowledging to the other person that you are no expert but are telling from what you know. This will give you self-confidence.
    • Don't push people away with a long sermon that they are not ready to listen. The minute you see they are not interested anymore, stop .. save your breath.
    • Never hesitate to say, "I am sorry, I don't know the answer, thank you for asking, I will try to find out & let you know". I have seen most of the time people start making things on their own, just to win a temporary argument.
    • Always keep your calm even when others start abusive language Yes, you will experience that sometimes.

    When you will start, there is no ending.
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