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    ((((((((((THE call is HERE)))))))))))

    Call from the Ummah's Scholars and Intellectuals to the Arab and Muslim People

    O people of our Arab and Muslim Ummah everywhere..

    "To those against whom war is made, permission is given (to fight), because
    they are wronged;- and verily, Allah is most powerful for their aid; . (They

    are) those who have been expelled from their homes in defiance of right,-
    (for no cause) except that they say, "our Lord is Allah.." (Surat al-Hajj,

    The heroic Palestinian people is fighting its battle against the Zionist enemy and facing the bloody weapons offered by the USA to perpetrate this savage massacre that does not exclude a child, nor a woman, nor an elderly man, nor a tree; cutting off water, electricity, medicines, air... Thousands of this heroic people's sons and daughters are offering their lives as martyrs, and floods of their pure blood are filling streets and squares...

    They are pleading and calling for help, but no one is listening and no one is offering a helping help.

    O masses of our Ummah

    The Palestinian people, fighting this sacred battle, is doing so on behalf of the Arab and Muslim Ummah. With the bodies of its sons and daughters it is forming human shields to stop the advance of the Zionist project which threatens the entire Ummah with all its peoples and its countries. And
    despite the great sacrifices offered by this persevering striving people, all governments have let it down as if they had not heard Allah's saying:

    "And why should ye not fight in the cause of Allah and of those who, being weak, are ill-treated (and oppressed)?- Men, women, and children" (Surat an-Nisaa', 75)

    while they possess all the required weapons and armies.

    Hence, the undersigned scholars and intellectuals, in this historical statement, out of their religious and historical esponsibility and as a reminder to the Ummah's people and rulers, affirm that Jihad to help the people of Palestine and striving to liberate its land and sacred places has become a duty upon each Muslim, Fard 'ayn on the Ummah. Hence, we call on the Ummah to:

    1- Pressurise the rulers to declare the state of general mobilisation and jihad for the liberation of our land and sacred places and to support the oppressed people of Palestine facing Zionist savagery.

    2- Exert pressure to cut oil exports to the Zionist entity and to the United States, the strategic partner in the murder of our people in Palestine. We call on all Arab and Muslim oil-producing countries to follow the example of the Iraqi government which announced suspending all oil exports for one

    3- Cut all political, economic, security or other, relations and end all forms of normalisation with the Zionist enemy, and close all Zionist embassies, consulates and offices in all Muslim countries.

    4- Continue all activities of support for the glorious resistance and Intifada, to go out to the streets to express solidarity with our people in Palestine, and declare the coming Friday 12th of April 2002 a day of rage and protest against the savage Zionist massacres against the Palestinian

    5- Step up efforts for human, material and moral support for the heroic Palestinian people.

    6- Call on armies and security forces in Arab and Muslim countries to be on the side of the protestors and support their right to express themselves and to support the Palestinians, instead of directing their bullets and batons at them.

    7- Send memos and faxes to governments and international and humanitarian institutions to call on them to assume their responsibility in helping the Palestinian people.

    8- Boycott Zionist and American products in all the Arab and Muslim world.

    9- Call on official and independent media to be at the service of the sacred battle against the Zionsit enemy.

    O Allah we have conveyed, O Allah, do bear witness.


    Signed by:

    1- Shaykh Mustafa Mashhour, The supreme guide of the Muslim Brotherhood
    2- Shaykh Yusuf Al Qaradawi, Head of Al Sunnah research department, University of Qatar
    3- Ayatulah Syed Hussein Fadlallah, religious scholar, Lebanon
    4- Qadi Hussein Ahmed, leader of Jam'aa Islami, Pakistan
    5- Shaykh Muti' Ar-Rahman Nezami, Leader of Jama'aa Islami, Bangladesh
    6- Professor Najmiddeen Arbakan, Former prime minister, Turkey
    7- Shaykh Muhamad Siraaj Al deen, leader of Jama'aa Islami, India
    8- Shaykh Essaam AL Attar, Islamic leader and author, Syria
    9- Shaykh Abdusaalaam Yassin, The supreme spiritual leader of Justice and
    Spirituality (Islamic Movement), Morocco
    10- Syed Hasan Nasrallah, Leader of Hizbu'llah
    11- Aytulah Ali Taskhiri, President of the Islamic culture and relations, Iran
    12- Shaykh Ahmed yassin, Leader of Hamas, Palestine
    13- Dr. Usama Al takriti, President of the Islamic party, Iraq
    14- Ustadh Ma'muun Al Hudaiby, Deputy Leader of Al Ikhwan, Egypt
    15- Shaykh Mahfudh Nahnah, leader of HMS (Movement for Peace Society), Algeria
    16- Shaykh Rashid Al Ghanouchi, Leader of AL Nahda, Tunisia
    17- Ustadh Fadel Nur, Leader of the Islamic Party Malaysia
    18- Shaykh Faisal Mawlawi, leader Of Jam'aa Islamiyya, Lebanon
    19- Shaykh Yaseen Abdul Aziz, Deputy leader of al Islah, Yemen
    20- Ustadh Fathi Yakun, President of the Shura Council of al-Jama'aa
    al-Islamiyya, Lebanon
    21- Shaykh Abul Majid Zindani, President of the Shura Council of al-Islah, Yemen
    22- Dr. Saleem Al Awwa, Islamic thinker, Egypt
    23- Ustadh Munir Shafiq, Islamic thinker, Palestine
    24- Shaykh Abdullah Al Ahmar, president of Islah Islamic movement, Yemen
    25- Dr. Ramadan Abdullah, Secretary General of Al Jihad Movement, Palestine
    26- Ustadh Ali Sadr Al Deen Bayanuni, Leader of the Muslim brotherhood, Syria
    27- Shaykh Abdallah Jaballah, President of al-Islah movement, Algeria
    28- Ustaadh Abdul Majid Dhnaybat, Leader of the Muslim brotherhood, Jordan

    29- Dr. Abdellatif Arabiyyat, Secretary General of the Islamic Work Front
    Party, Jordan
    30- Dr. Abdel Karim al-Khateeb, leader of Justice and Development party,
    31- Shaykh Abdul Rashid Turabi, leader of the Jam'aa islami, Kashmir
    32- Dr. Abdessalaam Hraas, Chairman of Social and Cultural Work Association,

    33- Dr. Sadik Abdel Majid, leader of al-Ikhwaan, Sudan
    34-Dr. Abdel Hamid al-Ibrahimi, Former prime minister, Algeria
    35- Ustaadh Khalid Mish'al, chairman of political bureau of Hamas, Palestine
    36- Shaykh Rashid AL Haj, Leader of jam'aa Islami Srilanka
    37- Dr. Hasan Huweidi, Deputy leader of al-Ikhwaan, Jordan
    38- Dr. Ahmed Azzam Abderrahman, leader of the Islamic youth movement,
    39- Dr. Ahmed ar-Raysuni, leader of Unity and Reform Movement, Morocco
    40- Ayatollah Syed Mohamed Bahr al-Uloom, Director of Ahl al-Bayt al-Islami
    41- Dr. Ishac Ahmed Farhan, head of the Shura Council of the Islamic Work
    Front, Jordan
    42- Dr. Muhammad Hedayah Nur, Leader of the Justice party, Indonesia
    43- Shaykh Ibraheem Bam, General secretary for the Scholars' Association,
    South Africa
    44- Shaykh Ibrahim Jibril, Head of Islamic Courts Council of Cape Town,
    South Africa
    45- Ustadh jameel mansour, Ummah Party. Mauritania
    46- Dr Mohamed Ali al-Imam, Advisor to the President of Sudan, Sudan
    47- Dr. Bashir Abdessalaam, Jamaa'ah Islamiyyah, Libya
    48- Shayku Musa Aradu, president of Al Islam in Africa Committee, Nigeria
    49- Dr. Humaam Said, Deputy leader of al-Ikhwan
    50- Hamza Mansoor, Secretary General of the Islamic Work Front, Jordan
    51- Dr. Ibrahim Zaid al-Kilani, Former minister of al-Awqaf, Jordan
    52- Dr. Ahmed Kufhi

    "The greatest purpose of knowledge is the abundance of inspiring thoughts."

    What is your soource...?

    Please quote sources if posting, especially a fatwa...


      I agree with u completely abt jihad


        I got 52 sources there dude, what are u chattin? Check with any of these Islamic Movements.

        Originally posted by EmptyBrain:
        What is your soource...?

        Please quote sources if posting, especially a fatwa...


          Originally posted by mushi:

          O people of our Arab and Muslim Ummah everywhere..

          They should have just stuck to the "Arab Ummah". Why drag all Muslims into this?


            Don't take me wrong bro... I'm a very Pro-Jihad person... I totally agree with what you have pasted from "some where"... I can observe too the 52 wala count...

            All I wanted to ask was what was your "authentic" source from whcih you copy, pasted this FATWA... I've read many FATWAs which were written out of dishonesty and people start believeing in them without confirming... If still you've not understood then... man... its very easy to type and spread your words along with 100 names of famous scholars on the net...! So tell me from where you got hold of this info...