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The hidden/ Ignored suffering of the Muslim Uighurs in China

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    The hidden/ Ignored suffering of the Muslim Uighurs in China

    My dear Brothers & Sisters in Islaam-

    Assalaamu Alaykum warahamatullah wabarakatahu.

    There has been a steady, unpleasant stream of stories of Chinese oppression in China’s province of Xinjiang in recent years. The March 22nd report from Amnesty International, the human rights group, verified that thousands of Muslim Uighurs in Xinjiang have been imprisoned without trial. For the last six months, China has been using the international campaign against terrorism as a means to suppress legitimate dissent and, to terrorize a people into surrendering their identity and faith. There is solid evidence to support that most of the thousands arrested have done nothing more subversive than practice their faith and live their culture. Imams have been arrested for teaching the Qur’an and fasting during Ramadan.

    For years, the Chinese Government has pursued a rigorous settlement policy in the hope of altering the local demography. The Uighurs are now a minority in their own oil-rich land, as thousands of Chinese settlers are implanted each week. There are no international agencies working to alleviate Uighur suffering or political pressure on Beijing to halt its oppression. The Chinese Government is successful in Uighur genocide in East Turkestan (Xinjang's historical name) without any attention from the International community nor the Muslim community.

    So I ask you to please remember the suffering of our dear brothers & sisters in East Turkestan and pray to Allah (swt) to ease their suffering if nothing else.


    Wa'alaykum AsSalaam warahmatullaah wa barakaatahu,

    Jazaakillaah khair for bringing this to our attention.

    May Allaah - subhaan wa ta'aala - make the affairs of our brothers and sisters easy, and give them patience in such testing times. And may He - the Most Merciful - remove their suffering and guide them and favour them in this world and the Hereafter.




      China plans to compile a set of textbook to help the country's over 20 million Muslims better understand Islam which has existed in the country for 1,300 years.
      The Chinese language books will explain the Koran and the instructions and doctrines of Allah in accordance with contemporary Chinese views on the religion, according to Khalid Yang Zongshan, vice president of the China Islamic College and director of the project.

      He noted that the compilation effort will require at least five years. Islamic colleges, religious associations and various other institutes nationwide will participate in the compilation effort, he added.

      The central government fully supports the effort, according to Li Ge, an official with the State Council's Religious Bureau. He noted that China has always supported Islamic education and called for completion of the compilation project at the earliest possible date. "The government will provide funding and personnel for the project," said Li.

      Mohammed founded Islam, one of the world's four major religions, on the Arabian Peninsula in the 7th century. Islam entered into China along the ancient Silk Road during the Tang Dynasty.

      Islamic doctrines had been imparted orally in mosques over a long period of time. However, the establishment of Islamic colleges following the founding of the People's Republic in 1949 sparked a change in the style of presentation. Nonetheless, the basic teaching method is to recite the Koran.

      "Sutras are often difficult and some people fail to fully understand what they are reciting. Young believers need access to thorough and systematic illustrations and analyses," said Huang Xinman, 26, a former imam currently studying at the China Islamic College.

      He said the textbooks will provide explanations of the sutras in line with modern development.

      Khalid said other countries, especially the Islamic countries, largely rely on textbooks to help spread Islam.

      Haji Shamsiddin Mahmud, vice president of the China Islamic Association, pointed out that the textbooks will be used in colleges and mosques.

      "Chinese Muslims were tortured and the religion trampled upon during the tumultuous Cultural Revolution period (1966-76), leading to the current lack of highly experienced imams," said Haji, adding that "many experienced elder teachers have since passed away."

      According to the China Islamic Association, China has restored 30,000 mosques since the end of the Cultural Revolution, but a large majority of the over 40,000 imams in the country had primary or at best secondary school education.

      "A set of textbooks is essential to help them improve their educational levels," said Haji.

      China has nine Islamic colleges and voluminous research books on the religion, providing a base for the compilation project.
      Muslims are so good at dividing that they can divide the atom. If you see two Muslims, probably they belong to 3 parties.


        Actually the level of oppression of Muslims in China is quite unbelievable. yes, your articles do give a picture of their condition, but there are some other heart-rendering articles that I've come across and they are very very disturbing.

        I don't have them right now, but take my word for it. The oppression is of catastrophic proportions.

        Muslims girls in China are sold into sexual slavery.

        And, yes, though the Uighurs (who are Turks ) are suffering from oppression, the ethnic Han Chinese Muslims, (known as "Hui" - lit. revert) make up the largest Muslim group in China . There are about 10 Muslim groups in China - Which include the Turks, Mongols and the Hui.

        And the number of Muslims in China is about 90 Million - exact estimates are not easily available, but according to some reports, Muslim population in China can be as high as 130 Million.

        Actually i had read parts of a book on Chinese Muslims written by a Christian missionary , about 100 years ago. According to that, Muslims in China were a significant minority.


          accrding to to your honest openion
          in which non- muslims country muslim feel free to practise their religen ?
          right to have thier own schools.
          right to broadcast morning prayers
          right to build mosques


            Brother Sentinel-

            Brother M_S-
            Interesting article. From what I've read and heard from my Chinese Muslim friend (yes, only one, not too many around u know) the Chinese Government is against any organized religion has been trying to extinguish with all its might.

            Brother KeS-

            My post is a brief summary that I've put together, its not an article. Posting article is one of the most ineffective methods of getting a point accross, I believe the best thing to do is post a small summary.

            I don't understand where you are getting your statistics. Everything that I've read says that there are approximately 20 million Chinese muslims, approximately 8 million Uighars.

            Please do post links to the articles that you were talking about. I'm interested in reading since there is very little information found on Chinese Muslims.

            Your point is unclear.


              The information that I came across indicated that repression against Muslims in China is mainly focused on Uighurs rather than Muslims of other ethnic groups - principally because the Chinese government is afraid that the Uighurs are trying to break away from China.

              There was a documentary on British TV a year or two back about the oppression of the Uighurs - the treatment they get from the Chinese government is truly shocking.
              Muslims are so good at dividing that they can divide the atom. If you see two Muslims, probably they belong to 3 parties.


                Originally posted by Muni:
                Brother KeS-

                Everything that I've read says that there are approximately 20 million Chinese muslims, approximately 8 million Uighars.
                Well it's exam time right now. If I find any information on it, and If I remember to post it, I'll Insha Allah, post it here.

                But for the time being, take my word for it, Muslims in China can be as high as 130 Million .

                You may wanna ask your Chinese friend to confirm my report. (is he a convert or Turk (Uighur) or Hui or something else) ?