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Why have the "Wahhabi" threads been locked ???

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    Why have the "Wahhabi" threads been locked ???

    Assalaam u 'Alaikum Sentinel,

    Why have the 2 threads on "Wahhabism" been locked ??

    NOONE could DEFINE "Wahhabism".

    Instead, all that they came up was a bunch of lies and subjective statements that are too supernatural to be even included in fairy tales, let alone verify them.

    Noone could come with any objective definition of "Wahhabism".

    The term "Wahhabism" is used to describe just about any group or scholar that people disagree with. It is used to label the Suicide bombers in Israel (who are not "Wahhabis" ), or the Taliban (who are not "Wahhabis"). Someone actually said that even Sheikh Qaradawi is regarded a "Wahhabi" !!!!! Man, that is the limit. I could have never even imagined that Sheikh Qaradawi would have ever been called a "Wahhabi" (esp. keeping in mind that he supports some Sufis too ). I think, what would have happened is that he might have spoken out against some Bid'ah (innovation in religion ) or Shirk (associating partners with Allah), and he might have been labelled a "Wahhabi" then.

    Then, Faraz would quote from one "Wahhabi" site to prove his views, and then would bash the "Wahhabis" on another site, and after repeated requests to explain his odd-behavior, he just avoided answering that.

    He doesn't even have the basic knowledge about the "Wahhabis" . His post contained references to Sheikh 'Uthaymeen and Sheikh-ul-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah, which should be enough to give the "Wahhabi" label, but instead when I asked him why he posted from a "Wahhabi" web-site , he replied by saying something like, "How do you know it's a Wahhabi website " ? !!!! This is supposed to such a basic thing , but he was ignorant of that.

    But, inspite of that, he didn't hesitate to spread nasty lies over nasty lies.

    Some others too bashed the "Wahhabis", all without explaining just exactly WHAT is "Wahhabism".

    After having failed to define "Wahhabism", Someone (faceup) said that the Saudis, with their oil money, have removed those sites from the net, that expose true "Wahhabism". How stupid can it get??

    There are tons of anti-"Wahhabi" sites on the net. Why couldn't the Saudis get rid of that?

    Are you saying that the Saudi Royal Family could actually remove the websites that display the true teachings of "Wahhabism", but FAILED to remove those sites that are targetted AGAINST the Saudi Royal Family ???

    What kind of absurd logic is this ???

    After having failed to define "Wahhabism", is this the best you can do ???

    ====================== =====================

    Let me tell you a bit about **** MY STORY ****
    ======================================= ==========


    And I used to mention about the "Wahhabis" with great disdain. This was because of misinformation that was spread by some people who DIDN'T want to conform to authentic Islam.

    I would discuss with people and make the fun of the "Wahhabis" , and some people would try explaining to me that you can't just have such views about an entire people.

    I also did a little research on the internet. And obviously, I'd come across a lot of anti-"Wahhabi" propaganda, and it did affect my attitude toward the "Wahhabis".

    However, one thing that I did find COMMON to almost all the "Wahhabi"-Bashers was that they would NOT be LOGICAL , and they would AVOID defining "Wahhabism". I DON'T remember any "Wahhabi"-Basher QUOTING from the books of Imam Muhammad ibn 'Abdul Wahhab and telling me just EXACTLY WHAT is so different about the approach of the "Wahhabis".

    Alhamdulillah , I began to realize that I myself had a "Wahhabi" approach - I would always wonder if a particular practice or custom was authentic or not, or whether it was approved by the Holy Prophet (S) etc etc. . Also, I Alhamdulillah began to realize that I was actually a "Wahhabi" , because most of my information on Islam would be from "Wahhabi"/Salafi sources.

    One thing that I found about the "Wahhabis" is that they were VERY LOGICAL AND STRAIGHT-FORWARD , and their explainations and views were very ClEAR . I would feel at EASE , AND ASSURED when I would read their articles or act on them. NO IFS OR BUTS, JUST PLAIN, CLEAR, STRAIGHT-FORWARD LOGIC.

    They would ONLY refer to the QUR'AN AND SUNNAH and also the views of the major Scholars in the past and present (and that includes the 4 Imams too ).

    Another thing that I noticed about them is that they would NEVER CALL THEMSELVES "WAHHABIS" . Had it not been for the "Wahhabi"-Bashers , I probably could NOT have even found out IF it's a "Wahhabi" source.

    (That maybe one reason why the "Wahhabi"-Bashers, can quote from one "Wahhabi" source in one place, and then bash the "Wahhabis" in another place, because they themselves are NOT AWARE that it their source would be labelled as a "Wahhabi" source by the "Wahhabi"-Bashers. ) This implies to Faraz Mir on this forum.

    But anyways, I was reluctant in the beginning to call myself a "Wahhabi" , but, Alhamdulillah, , now I don't mind if I'm labelled a "Wahhabi" by those who oppose authentic Islam.

    Another CRITERIA I used to determine the Truthfulness of "Wahhabism" was that, the Truth is always opposed , and those who oppose the Truth SPREAD VICIOUS AND MALICIOUS LIES AGAINST IT . This is the reason, why the Kafirs spread vicious lies against Islam . I applied this test to "Wahhabism" , and it PASSED the test.

    (Someone, actually told me that "Wahhabis" say that you read durood on the Holy Prophet (S) only once in your lifetime, but I found that to be 100% untrue.)

    Also, the Pagan Arabs were very concerned and worried that INSPITE of all their opposition, VICIOUS LIES against Islam, and their CROOKED PLOTS , Islam was growing like WILD FIRE. The "Wahhabi"-Bashers also share the SAME CONCERN , and those who are labelled as "Wahhabis" are increasing like wild fire in number.

    (Someone actually said that "Wahhabism" is spreading like cancer among the mainstream Muslims (Sunnis), but he was careful not to define "Wahhabism" though !!!)

    Another thing that I noticed about the "Wahhabis" is that ANYONE could be labelled a "Wahhabi". Anyone who would stand up for authentic Islam would be labelled a "Wahhabi". This term is loosely applied to different and varying groups . So when people are unable to define "Wahhabism" or point out what teachings of their are wrong, but are quick to label different and varying groups as "Wahhabis", it does imply that they are using the term "Wahhabism" as a SCAPEGOAT.

    For example, it's hard to read a Shia article WITHOUT denouncing the "Wahhabis". As an example, in this forum, , you can read this post under the Title: " Is Mourning for Imam Hussain (as) Bidah? " :

    >>>> " Is Mourning for Imam Hussain (as) Bidah?
    This is the common argument of the Ahl'ul Sunnah. Our response is that such rituals have passed through history and were rituals cited in the Bible, the Qur'an and in the practices of the Sahaba.

    Part 1 - Textual Proofs

    1. Christian sources

    The Wahabys will ask 'why are you quoting Christian sources?' "

    Now, this is obviously a PROFESSIONAL ARTICLE written by some knowledgable person and has been copy-pasted here. Here, do you see the subtle and sly trick used to SCAPEGOAT the "Wahhabis" to justify their beliefs and to divide the Mainstream Muslims on IMAGINARY lines ???

    I'm sure there must be many misinformed people, who are "Wahhabi" bashers , but they may ACTUALLY BE "WAHHABIS" THEMSELVES !!!!

    =================== =======================

    Moderator Sahab, Please tell me one thing: The Shias were bashing the "Wahhabis", (and also Mainstream Islam, Hadeeth etc ), and that was acceptable BUT when someone spoke out against the Shias , it immediately became a politically INcorrect issue, and the [b] threads had to be LOCKED ???

    This reminds me of the Jews in North America and Europe. The Jews are free to speak out against anyone BUT IF , anyone speaks out against the Jews, he immediately becomes ANTI-SEMITIC , and has to be censured !!! . Then, the Jews play the victimhood game - "Oh we are so persecuted, we are a minority, anti-semitism is on the rise , we are so innocent people etc etc.

    That's alright, the TRUTH is ALWAYS PERSECUTED AND LIED AGAINST . It's observed that The TRUTH has to fight AGAINST ALL ODDS.

    [This message has been edited by Khoon-e-Shaheed (edited April 16, 2002).]

    Stop being so pushy buddy, and stop beating the same old drum. The other two threads were probably closed because of the excessive name calling in them.

    Now quit it, you know this one will be closed too.

    You know what they say- If you do something once, and it doesn't work, try something new, doing the same thing over and over again doesn't make it any more effective. No offence meant.


      And regarding my thread on the "Yemeni Shias v/s Rafidi Shias " , I posted it to apologise to any Yemeni (Zaydi) Shias who may have been offended by some of my posts.

      A Muslim is a brother of another Muslim and I do NOT want to hurt or offend my Muslim brothers.

      My views on the Yemeni Shias and the Rafidi Shias were NOT MY PERSONAL views, but the views of the Scholars of Mainstream Islam.

      And Please note, NO WHERE did I call the Rafidi Shias disbelievers. You can check my posts and show me just exactly where I said that.

      Please, do NOT put words in my mouth.


        Originally posted by Ace:
        , and stop beating the same old drum. try something new, doing the same thing over and over again doesn't make it any more effective. No offence meant.
        This post has fresh, new stuff . Did you read it at all???

        Or do you even care about Muslim unity??? Does it make any difference to you if Muslims are being divided on imaginary lines??? It does to me.

        I don't want to see Muslims being divided on imaginary lines.

        And if such a thing is happening, you gotta speak out against it to preserve the Unity of the Muslims.

        Thank you for your rude stance. It doesn't change my views though.


          You tell me how your threads have done anyone good? Its a turnoff seeing thread after thread with muslims fighting over who's right.

          You're just stubborn. Yeh, keep protecting the 'unity'.

          I'd ask you to ponder over this ayah of the Quran: 'Wa izaa qeela la hum la tufsidoo filarz, Qaaloo innama nahnuu muslihoon. A'laa innahum humul mufsidoona wala kil la yash uroon.'


            Originally posted by Ace:
            You tell me how your threads have done anyone good?
            Ace, first of all, please try to speak respectfully. I'm not a servant employed at your house.

            Have you checked the heart of each and every person on this forum ?

            And, then what's the point of writing books or spreading information ??? It does no good , does it??

            Seems like you have a peculiar definition of what is good and you anyone who does not follow your definition of good is wrong. Is that it???

            But, I will not respond in your typical rude manner.

            Its a turnoff seeing thread after thread with muslims fighting over who's right.
            Ignore my threads and watch some TV.

            You're just stubborn. Yeh, keep protecting the 'unity'.
            Very rude. Again, a personal attack.

            IF you do not care about the unity of the Muslims, it doesn't mean that I've to also change myself to become like you.

            Anyone who disagrees with you is wrong???

            I'd ask you to ponder over this ayah of the Quran: 'Wa izaa qeela la hum la tufsidoo filarz, Qaaloo innama nahnuu muslihoon. A'laa innahum humul mufsidoona wala kil la yash uroon.'
            what does it mean? " and when say not ...mischief (fasaad) on earth...say ... we are pious...................................." ??

            BTW, what have I done wrong in my post?? You can chose not to care about Muslim unity, but if I dare think differently than you, are you going to yell at me for not being like you???


              How are you uniting the muslims? By opening one thread after another which are just filled with more personal attacks? I care about muslim unity thats why I open threads which can help us find our faults, not create a battleground between people of different beliefs.

              BTW- I HAVE been respectful. And by saying that you're stubborn, I just mean to tell you that that is what you come across as.

              Do you know the character of Rasool-Allah? He was soft-spoken. He was gentle and kind. He didn't force his views down anyone's throat or hold long debates full of fighting regarding who is right and who is wrong. He called people to Islam and the truth, by showing us what Islam really is- Its 'peace'. This is where my definition of 'good' and 'how to preach islam' comes from. You can choose to continue on debating in this thread. I, for one, do not have the stamina nor the motivation to continue arguing with you(someone who is a fellow muslim), and I dont think you'll ever understand my point of view. I'll leave you to dow whatever it is that you please, and then if you end up benefitting the muslims in some way, I'd love to know.



                Well said ACE.

                Khoon, you need to stop hyperventilating.

                This is only a discussion forum.

                Go write you anti-shia, anti-this, anti-that material elsewhere.

                And for your knowledge, just as you called the shias of Yemen Yemeni shias, the rest of the shias have a name too - such as ashanashiri shias or the Twelvers. Don't go around using words like Rafidhis.

                Its derogatory towards our other brothers who visit this forum.

                Like ACE said, learn some manners from the example of our noble prophet (pbuh).

                A Wizard arrives neither early nor late, but precisely when he chooses to


                  And btw Khoon,

                  If you have something to address the moderators, please send them an email. Do not open up a new thread to display yr grievances.

                  Follow the rules of the forum and you will have no trouble.


                    AsSalaamu 'alaykum warahmatullaah Khoon-e-Shaheed,

                    When no ground is being made and there is an absence of productivity in the conversation, sometimes and so often, manners become neglected.

                    Some people (if not most) on the forums have their minds set and shall not easily be swayed, either way, from their beliefs, whether this is an injustice upon themselves or an arrogance of pride and prejudice based on a lack of evidences.

                    But the best amongst us, as the Prophet - salallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam - said is he who walks away from an argument (in which there is no benefit) even if he knows he is correct.

                    And so often people are reluctant to walk away from the argument. So this is where i had to take the argument away from the people.