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America cannot secure Muslim blood as it does not value it

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    America cannot secure Muslim blood as it does not value it

    America can never arbitrate in securing Muslim blood; America is quick to condemn the spilling of Israeli blood, whereas America creates opportunities for Israel to spill Muslim blood. Not long ago, US Vice President, Dick Cheney, was refusing to even talk with Arafat if Palestinians attacks continued, whereas when the Jews spill Muslim blood, Bush says, "I am deeply concerned about the loss of innocent life…I fully understand Israel's need to defend herself." The Jews say their "Operation Protective Wall" is to completely cut Arafat's contact with the outside world, so as to prevent him from co-ordinating further attacks, yet Bush insists, "I believe he (Arafat) can do a lot more to prevent the attacks." Whilst America waits for Arafat to make a communication that Israel prevents, more and more Muslims are slain. Unusually, America did not veto the UN's sham demand for Israel to pull out from Palestinian cities, though as to be expected America demanded the removal of clauses condemning Israel and actually setting a date for the Israeli pull-out. On the one hand the US encouraged the occupation of Islamic Lands by Jewish settlers and the killing of Muslims by Israeli troops, yet America is only too quick to condemn the Palestinian attacks to remove it.

    The kuffar are hypocrites with double standards in their view towards world events, as far as Muslims are concerned; Lithuania is treated differently to Azerbaijan, Timosoara to Srinagar and Belfast to Gaza. Simply in the eyes of the West, the spilling of non-Muslim blood is given every sympathy and concern; whereas rivers of Muslim blood are given two sentences hidden in the news. Indeed, it is a folly to approach the kuffar, whether as the US, EU or the UN, to arbitrate in securing Muslim blood. Allah (swt) revealed in an ayah that can be rendered in English as, "O you who believe, take not into your intimacy those outside your ranks: they will not fail to corrupt you. They only desire for you to suffer: rank hatred has already appeared from their mouths, what their hearts conceal is far worse."[TMQ Surah Al-i-'Imran 3:118]


    "Only for Allah and to gain His pleasure"
    "You are either slave to what made man or u are slave to what man made"

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