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    DEFINE "Wahhabism"

    Assalaam u 'Alaikum

    I've been reading a lot of "Wahhabi"-bashing lately. Time and again, I've asked the people to define "Wahhabism", but no one has been able to define it.

    No matter who you are, Do NOT continue with Wahhabi-Bashing, UNLESS you define Wahhabism here.

    If the "Wahhabis" are really so evil people, why don't you just tell us what is there in their beliefs that is so evil ?

    I've this book, Kitab At-Tauhid by Imam Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab, and maybe some of you could quote from this book and let us know how this book is different from authentic Islam ?

    Also, how come it is Politically-Correct for the Shias to bash the Wahhabis (and divide the mainstream Muslims thereby), but if someone speaks out against this attitude of the Shias, (to preserve the unity of the Muslims), it is Politically INcorrect???

    Any answers please.

    Again I repeat: There is NO SUCH THING as "Wahhabi". If it is, then PLEASE DEFINE "WAHHABISM".

    Or else quit dividing the Muslims. (this goes especially for the minority sects that are trying to divide the mainstream Muslims).

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    Great post brother
    I've been labeled a wahabi so many times, but i still don't see how it's an insult


      Originally posted by appkiamaanat:
      Great post brother
      I've been labeled a wahabi so many times, but i still don't see how it's an insult
      ditto I use to take it as an insult, but not any more


        Sorry if i'm getting away from the topic, but brother i hope you don't mind me adding to your question, can someone please also answer..What is a salafi?? Some people think it's a madhab, others think it's another sect, i kinda don't understand how Do you UNDERSTAND what the words, 'ahlus sunnah wal jamaa' really mean??


          I had heard that Wahhabism came into being in the early part of the 18th century and aligned itself with the house of Saud. Is this so?


            Since we are putting on the table what we've heard. Lemme go ahead and let u know what I've heard about wahabis.

            It seems that there's a group of people in Saudi Arabia who want to live life of 1423 years ago. They shun modern conviences, believe the world to be flat, and have a certain culture. If you live in Saudi Arabia and that's the only life you know, its hard to pick it up but once you leave it and see muslims of other ideology, its something that you can clearly see.

            There are people who take this term and try to insult every Orthodox muslim by labeling them as "Wahabi".



              > WAHABIS:
              > So we all know there was a Mr Abdul Wahab who presented his own
              > on Islam, which were greedily lapped up by a number of muslims fed
              > with some customs of Turks. I am talking about the period of
              > before World War I. So what are the characteristics of these ppl -
              > the Wahabis...
              > 1. DENIAL
              > That is the first identifying mark. They will flatly deny they are
              > Wahabis. They will say, there is no such thing as Wahabi or
              > Wahabi'ism. They will say "I am just a muslim", or "I just follow
              > Quran and Sunnah", or "I don't believe in sects". Don't be fooled
              > any of this. Read on...
              > 2. TOO MUCH KNOWLEDGE
              > Another distinguishing factor. Usually these folks have a lot of
              > knowledge about Islam. Bigger problem is that they think they have
              > lot of knowledge about Islam. Did you get the difference? The one
              > thinks he has lots of knoweldge is usually doomed! To them they are
              > Mr. Know-It-All. They think they are preaching, but, mostly, they
              > just annoying.
              > 3. INTERFERING
              > A special characteristic. This is a certain giveaway. These ppl are
              > darn interfering. Trust them to stick their noses in EVERY AFFAIR.
              > know wahabis who go along with a janaza/burial procession, and at
              > time of burial will stick their noses in, scolding the bereaved
              > family to do this and not to do this. This interference is blantant
              > in every sphere of life. These ppl are incapable of keeping their
              > noses out of any matter. They just have to give their $0.02 worth,
              > otherwise they suffer from a severe indigestion.
              > 4. INTOLERENCE
              > Combine #2 and #3 above and you have a sure recipe for intolerance.
              > These ppl have least tolerance for people of other beliefs. Be it
              > Shias, be it Barelvis, be it sufi'ism, be it Ahmadiyya sect, be it
              > Bohris or Ismailis, be it anyone. These ppl judge everyone
              > to their own narrow microscope and then pass judgements. Their
              > judgement is usually negative. Religious telerance and muslim
              > unity/brotherhood is usually low on their list of priorities.
              > 5. KEYWORDS
              > Another dead giveaway. Remember these three keywords. The ppl who
              > these words a lot, you would know who they are. These three words
              > are "bida'ah", "Kaafir", and "shirk". Any action to which they do
              > believe in, based on their own knowledge, is either a bida'ah or it
              > is shirk, and those who do it are "Kaafir". They have least
              > for spiritual matters and tend to think of everything as black and
              > white. What they don't understand is, to them, obviously wrong.
              > 6. OH, SO LOGICAL!
              > These ppl are very logical. They tend to prove/disprove everything
              > from the books. Usually authentic books. The sad point is, that
              > hearts are usually dead. They don't understand anything spiritual
              > mystical. They feel there should be nothing spiritual about
              > Everything we require is in the books. So they tend to flap
              > helplessly when confronted with the mystical aspects of Islam. But
              > then their logical minds kick in. Here is how it works: We don't
              > about it - So - Its not in the books - So - Thats not Islam - So -
              > Those who do it are "Kaafirs/Ignorant/etc" - So - This is bida'ah -
              > So - This is wrong - So - They will go to hellfire - Hence WE ARE
              > RIGHT!
              > So what can we do:
              > Unfortunately, not much!.... Thats sad, but true. Just chill. All
              > can do it to stay away from discussing anything religious with
              > Don't fight with them. Although very inappropriate under the
              > circumstances, and very politically incorrect, but there is one
              > wise saying in Irish which is apt to convey what I am trying to
              > convey...
              > "Never wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty, and the pig likes
              > it" .
              > Same here. Don't debate. Stay away. They will mess up your beliefs
              > and you wouldn't know. They will try and shove down their own
              > microscopic Islam down your throats. If you really want to talk to
              > them, just discuss with them weather, cricket, cars, anyhting...but
              > religion. And you will live a happy life.
              > This breed of people is growing everyday. This group is created on
              > the base of "fear". Their scholars will frighten other muslims by
              > saying that what they are doing is wrong and they will be put into
              > hellfire if they don't follow the Wahabi'ism (in their words, "true
              > Islam").
              > Lahawla wala quwata illah billah hil-alee ul azeem. Walaah U Aalim
              > Bil-sawab.
              > PS.
              > This post is written in the best public interests.
              > Take it the wrong way, and you will just show your lack of
              > If you throw a childish tantrum here, you will prove that you are a
              > child....


                A telltale mark of a Wahabi faantic is that they call anyone who doesn't agree with them kaafirs. This includes other Muslims. They also wnat people to deny theri own culture and traditonal practices and beliefs and impose Arab Islam on everybody. Newsflash: Every Muslim in the wo9rld is not Arab and does not follow Islam exactly as Arabs do.

                Wahabis are also very anti-Sufi, and considering that majority of Pakistanis have some Sufi influences, Wahabis would declare majority of Pakistanis as kafir. They would also burn down all the Sufi shirnes in Paksitan, including historical staues and basically try to erase our Bhuddist and Hindu history.

                Their beliefs also promote intolerance among Muslims, and give rise to violent acts in the name of Jihad. Muslims must reject the violce, hatred and sucide bombings of Wahabis if we wish to remain a part of the modern world in the near future.

                'If you see a snake and a Wahabi, kill the Wahabi and befreind the snake'.


                  Dear Faraz Mir- I can assure you that being a so-called 'Wahabi' has only to do with following the Quran and Sunnah for guidance, and nothing more. If you can find hateful materical across the net proving otherwise, you're gravely mistaken.

                  Indian_Muslim- Brother we really dont have to pay attention to such people, but its good to bring them under the microscope.

                  Keep in mind the following ayah-
                  • Munayebayeena Ilayayhee wattaqoohoo wa-aqeem-us-salatah wala takono minul mushrikeen. Minul lazeena faraqoo deenahum wa kanoo shiya-un, kullu hizbm bima ladayeehim farihoon

                  Which basically means that anyone who creates divide within the Ummah is a mushrik. So lets not label(i.e. lets not call names and divide the ummah anymore than its alraedy divided), and for those who label us, lets teach them something better.

                  Salafis (to the best of my understanding) refer to the early muslims and their way of implementation of Islam. But then again, it'd be good if people could gather under the banner of Islam and not ten other labels.

                  Hmm for some of you who're still eager to label others as wahabi, you guys might want to re-read that ayah. There are a couple more regarding the same subject if you guys want to go and actually read whats in the Qur'an.


                    Time & Again we hear that - "there is no such thing as a wahabi" from the wahabi quarters, of course!

                    What percentage of muslims would like to be like the Saudis, the official flag-bearer of the wahabi creed and the King of Saudi Arabia being the head of this wahabi creed doig his billions to propagate this wahabi creed?

                    The wahabis are the trouble-makers of this world today! Most of the conflicts raging on can be traced right back to the fundings & groups that are wahabi-oriented.

                    One of their trade-mark, besides denying that there is no such thing as a wahabi, is to claim that there is no such thing as sects under islam! Well, guess what suckers? There are sects in Islam. Islam is about pluralism & diversity. Either you are part of this DIVERSE global village or you are not and I hope the wahabis choose the latter because it is time they really mean --> there is no such thing as a wahabi and disappeared from the face of this earth!


                      What a load of ignorant crap!

                      It is said that we should not create sects within the religion only because it is something which is strongly disliked by Allah(SWT). People HAVE made sects and there isn't any denying it, but mostly people try and make an effort to remove the stupid divide.

                      Another thing- Please provide facts to back up your claims
                      Answer the original question of the thread, define Wahabism and quote your source of information thank you.

                      I am willing to bet you aren't even a Muslim, no not even a muslim by name. The way you make judgements instead of putting up a reasonable argument says a lot about your intelligence.


                        Oh, Yes! Another of the Wahabi trade-mark is they will accuse the other side of:
                        " Not being a Muslim"
                        or posting:
                        "Ignorant crap".

                        Truly pathetic lot! Most of the pakistanis that converted to wahabism used to be "mishkin"(beggars) in the good ol' Saudia or in Pakistan back home before being paid off to convert. Now, they are the loudest noise-makers of the ol'Wahabi guards, but then folks, they are merely earning their keeps - these mishkins!

                        A lot on material exists about the wahabis on the archives and on the net. Look it up or email King Fafd or Abdulah about the sect he represents & funds.


                          Dear brother, I am not even wahabi, I was just trying to break a misconception that many hold against them.

                          I'll tell you another thing to look for in a Wahabi, they'll always tell you that you used to be a begger in Saudi, but now have changed your beliefs to earn money.

                          Hey, if you want to fight fire with fire, then so be it.


                            Originally posted by Ace:
                            Dear brother, I am not even wahabi, I was just trying to break a misconception that many hold against them.
                            How can you be a wahabi?
                            There is 'no such thing' as a wahabi! ( hehehehe)

                            per Ace, a mishkin:
                            Hey, if you want to fight fire with fire, then so be it
                            don't call me a 'brother'. I am not your brother and your mother is not my mother.

                            Yet, another trademark of a wahabi:
                            They will insult you and then call you - 'brother'and at the same time scheming against you - in the name of islam, of course.
                            Am I supposed to be impressed by this mishkin(beggar) trait?


                              I call you brother as in 'Brother in Islam'. Dont get so assumptious so as to assume anything more.

                              My temparament and yours, and my replies and yours show a world of difference, and I'm sure not many intellectuals will miss that difference.