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Mass London Demo was Today - It doesn't stop here!

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    Mass London Demo was Today - It doesn't stop here!

    Mass Anti-Israel Protest In London

    Thousands of people poured into Trafalgar Square to protest against Israeli military action in the Middle East on Saturday.

    The organisers put the figure at 50,000 but the police estimated 15,000 people.

    A Scotland Yard spokesman added that the protest had been peaceful.

    By 4pm Trafalgar Square was full and people were forced to stand on surrounding roads and on the fountains in the middle of the precinct.

    Many people waved the Palestinian flag and others draped banners around the square with slogans such as "stop the war" and "Zionism equals Nazism".

    Jeremy Corbyn, MP for Islington North and vice chairman of the All-Party Human Rights Committee, said the protest was of huge significance.

    'Demanding peace'

    He said: "This is a demonstration by thousands of British people, Muslim and non-Muslim, demanding peace and the establishment of a Palestinian state and withdrawal by Israeli forces.

    "And the message to Tony Blair is now clear, he must stop speaking on behalf of George Bush and instead on behalf of peace and justice in the Middle East."

    Later the crowd cheered and chanted "down, down USA" as a demonstrator standing on one of the fountains burned a huge American flag.

    He was followed by another masked demonstrator who burned the Israeli flag.

    Despite these symbolic acts, Michel Massih, chairman of the Palestinian community in the UK, said all religions were reflected among the crowd.

    He said: "This demonstration reflects that right across the religious divide there is widespread support for the Palestinian cause.

    "There are Christians, there are Muslims and even a small number of Jewish people who come to declare their support.
    Last Updated: 17:27 UK, Saturday April 13, 2002

    This is just the beginning of the global effort.

    "The greatest purpose of knowledge is the abundance of inspiring thoughts."

    Awesome! There's a similar March in Washington DC at the White House on April 20,2002. Insha'Allah we will also have number of participants close to this demonstration.