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For knowledgeable Hindus: Varnas (casteism)

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    For knowledgeable Hindus: Varnas (casteism)

    One of my final exams regards the issue of castes; I have two queries regarding this issue that I hope someone won't mind providing serious answers for. How and why did the Dalits separate from the Shudras, and why did Dalits come to be referred to as "Unscheduled castes"?

    My thanks in advance for any kind help.

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    I am not sure when Dalith came to be separated from shudra, but according to the classification, Shudra means a person who is involved in Engineering, architecture, agriculture and other occupations. May be after the higher castes started entering into the engineering and other fields, this might have happened, but that is only my guess.
    Scheduled castes are the castes which were notified by the government for special privileges and protection under a special schedule in the constitution.
    Dalit's are also called as "Harijan" meaning "The People of the God".


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        slow integration of people who came to indian sub-continent from central asia
        is taking place over thousands of years.
        more mixing of people of different groups
        took place despite caste system. still long way to get more homogenised population.


          Dalits were never classified as unscheduled caste, in fact there is no such term called "Unscheduled caste" to the best of my knowledge. As "Victory" said, Shudras, were that section of society which was involved in some service sector.

          The govt of India compiled a comprhensive list of these traditionally backward classes (who may or may not be a shudra) and called them as "Scheduled castes" and gives them priority in Education, jobs and government support.


            My Dear Nadia,

            I assure you that none from Indian side will be able to provide a stable answer. As none is till date very clear for the start of this system that is very much racist in nature.
            Dalits and schedule casts are differentiated for political reasons and political benefits.

            Only for your information, all different casts in India, among Hindus are further divided into sub casts, and very interestingly one Brahmin may become a friend to a schedule cast but will keep reservations for a low cast Brahmin.
            And the schedule casts are divided among themselves to the extreme of hate.

            There are a lot of people talk of progressive ideas, and follow them, do not differentiate among casts, but when it comes to the matchmaking for relatives they always go for search in their own cast.
            Sorry that I am taking you away from your questions, but these are the facts of Hindu society.

            Best rgds


              anand intermixing of various groups occured
              for thousands of years. you cant tell the cast all the time by looking at the person.
              some brhamin look like dalits and vice versa.


                Thank you everyone for your help, including those who replied via PM, much appreciated.

                Sorry for not replying earlier, really don't have much time these days with exams. A few more questions:

                Scheduled castes are the castes which were notified by the government for special privileges and protection under a special schedule in the constitution. Dalit's are also called as "Harijan" meaning "The People of the God".
                What sorts of "special privileges"? How does the Constitution, specifically, protect them? Aren't Dalits also referred to as so-called "untouchables" and how does that associate with the "People of the God" title? Sorry for the stupid questions, but there are more: Thevars I presume are upper-"caste" Hindus, but which of the four main "caste" groupings do they fall into? Are they Brahmins?

                Kumarakn mentioned there is no such thing as an "unscheduled caste"; not that I believe everything my professors state, but some of my notes from the prof. included discussion of "unscheduled castes". I am not certain how accurate it is, will try to check with the prof. and get back later with that.


                  Dalits are NOT untouchables today. In fact in many states Dalits rule. If I am not wrong, our President comes from the Dalit community.

                  Dalits are given a preferred admission into all college admissions (particularly, engineering, medical, law and other esteemed professions) and also in almost all government/PSU jobs.

                  The acutal reservation percentage varies from place to place between the first 50% in north India to the first 69% in some south Indian states.

                  After people from these communities are admitted into colleges (or given jobs), anything that remains (50% in North India - 31% in South Indian states) is allocated for open competition and ia filled by merit


                    information on scheduled caste and statistics


                      Plenty more statistics about Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes:


                        Dalit gets a Doctorate in PE


                        SC/ST chief engineers promoted

                        TIMES NEWS NETWORK [ MONDAY, APRIL 15, 2002 11:09:26 PM ]

                        ANGALORE: The state government on Monday promoted three SC/ST chief engineers following the 85th constitutional amendment to provide reservation in promotions.

                        S.C. Kembhavi has been posted as administrator, CADA, irrigation project, Gulbarga; H.K. Hortikar as administrator, CADA, Mysore; S. Siddalingamurthy as managing director, Karnataka State Construction Corporation Ltd; and B. Dayananda as chief engineer, Karnataka Health Systems Development project, Bangalore.

                        In December 2000, the Supreme Court struck down a state government order to promote SC/ST employees based on reservation, and directed the government to revert all those promoted.

                        Subsequently, following the 85th constitutional amendment, the state government promulgated two ordinances on February 27 and 28, 2002, providing for consequential seniority of SC/ST government servants who were given roster-based promotions. With this, the government was obligated to re-promote all those whose positions were struck down by the apex court.

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