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    In the rays of iman

    When 'Abdul Hameed (formerly John Philip Walker) fell into the hands of the American troops at Qila Jangi, Afghanistan, American commentators, thinkers, analysts and psychologists were left aghast. It is a common practice that people head for America in the hope of financial benefits but 'Abdul Hameed, for religious benefits, left behind him the shine and glitter of American civilization and made his way to the rocky mountains of Afghanistan.
    When this American youth was brought to a hospital in Mazar Sharif in a badly wounded state, media people literally fell upon him. 'Abdul Hameed parried their pointed, poisonous questions with great confidence, patience and deep insight of a true Mu'min. In the interview given below, his last answer is such an eloquent comment upon American culture that nothing further needs to be said about the American way of life. The interview is being given here so that our readers may enjoy it and strengthen their emaan.

    Reporter: Your name? 'Abdul Hameed: 'Abdul Hameed.

    Reporter: Your real name? "

    Abdul Hameed: It's the same.

    Reporter: What was your name before you became a Muslim? "

    Abdul Hameed: Before becoming a Muslim I had no identity.

    Reporter: Where were you born?

    'Abdul Hameed: I was bom to John Philip Walker in Fairfax County, California.

    Reporter: Why did you accept Islam?

    'Abdul Hameed: There was a certain restlessness in my nature since my childhood. The wrong doings in the American society, the obscenity, nudity, lies had made me feel disgusted with life. In this sea of immorality I set out in search of a shining island and began studying different religions. Except Islam, all other religions were self-made and contrary to the realities of human life. 1 found that it was only Islam which had an answer to all the problems of life. The miraculous commands of the Quran, the words and deeds of Muhammad Mustafa ( sallallahu 'alaihe wasallam) are a beacon-light to guide humanity. As soon as I beganstudying Islam, my heart testified as to its truth. I mentioned it to my Mom, she got me admitted in an Islamic Centre. At that time due to my love for Islam I had changed my name to Sulaiman. Later at the age of sixteen I formally embraced Islam. I then left for- Yemen to gain further religious knowledge. I returned to America in 1999 to complete my medical studies. A year later I came to Pakistan to acquire further religious knowledge. I took admission in a madrasah in the Frontier Province and along with it started studying the history of the Taliban Movement. I could not left being unmoved by the order and discipline, the Rightness of this Movement, and thus I decided to fight against Kufr and Shirk, against terrorism, shoulder to shoulder with the Taliban. For this purpose I left for northern Afghanistan where I acquired military training. I was then posted to the front line. For two months 1 had been fighting on different fronts when some weeks ago, during our retreat from Kunduz I fell into the hands of Dostum's blood-thirsty men. I went on fighting and now I am a prisoner of the Americans.

    Reporter: What were you fighting for?

    'Abdul Hameed: To spread the message of Allah upon His land, the Taliban had undertaken a great task. I pray that they may succeed in their aim.

    Reporter: You could have died in this venture.

    'Abdul Hameed: That indeed was my goal, in search of which I had left my home. What a magnificent thing is shahadah in the path of Allah! May Allah Ta'ala bestow upon me this enviable position too.

    Reporter: It is said that during their retreat from Kunduz, the Taliban treacherously handed over the foreign

    mujahideen to the Northern Alliance?

    'Abdul Hameed: That is a lie. The Taliban cannot even think of such treachery. Had they wanted to be such

    double-dealers they would have handed over Osama a long time ago.

    They gave us a chance to escape, first of all. We just fell into the hands of General Dostum on the way from Kunduz to Mazar.

    Reporter: Having seen so many dead bodies of your comrades in Kunduz and Qila Jangi, after being wounded and made prisoner, what are your feelings now?

    'Abdul Hameed: What do you think? Would all this have brought about a change in my faith, belief or way of

    thinking? My faith in Islam, Quran, Taliban," Ameer-ul-Mu'mineen and Sheikh Osama has become stronger than ever before. Putting me through all this trials, Allah Ta'ala has tested my emaan. Al-hamdulillah I have

    passed through the test successfully. My emaan has become firmer than ever before.

    Reporter: What do you think about llth Sept.?

    'Abdul Hameed: What a Muslim should think. A tyrant should get the punishment it deserves. America is solely responsible for the atrocities being committed against the Muslims all over the world.

    Reporter: That means you think what happened was right?

    'Abdul Hameed: Yes of course.

    Reporter: What do you want to do now?

    'Abdul Hameed: Fight along with the Taliban against the Kuffar.

    Reporter: If you are given the death penalty, then?

    'Abdul Hameed: My joy shall know no bounds.

    Reporter: Don't you want to live??

    'Abdul Hameed: Only shahadah is the real life.

    Reporter: Can your parent's influence your decision?

    'Abdul Hameed: The parents who cannot stop their daughter from choosing a boy-friend, how can they

    stop their children from walking upon the Straight Path?

    Jazakallah khair!

    what's the source of this interview?


      as always it was a pleasure to see that others r successfully oversoming the tests put forth to them by Allah without even caring to note how miserably we r failing....

      "Our Lord! forgive us our sins and anything we may have done that transgressed our duty; establish our feet firmly and help us against those that resist faith." Quran(3:147)
      Both Halal & Haram r evident but between them r doubtful things, most ppl have no knowledge about them. So whoever saves himself from suspicious things saves his religion & honor, & whoever indulges in suspicious things indulges in Haram.


        AsSalaamu 'alaykum wa jazaakillaah khair sister.



        "No leaf falls except that He knows of it and no rain drop forms except that He has willed it."


          Thanks for sharing. Goes to show how you can't trust today's media about the truth (referring to the handing over).


            JazakAllah khair sister.


              Jazak Allah Khair Sister