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The Ummah is united the rulers are divided!!

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    The Ummah is united the rulers are divided!!

    It is clear that the Ummah want unity, the end of Israeli occupation, and the end of puppet rulers who are watching this Ummah bleed and enjoying it. And it is also clear that our so-called tyrannical rulers have not even an ounce of care for the Muslims. The prophet (SAW) said, “one drop of Muslim blood is more dearer to Allah then the Kaaba and it’s surroundings” these rulers are applauding the rivers of Muslim blood which is flowing from country to country.

    Demonstrators attack the Jordanian embassy in Damascus

    The London based al-Hayat daily issued on Friday said in a report from Damascus that several demonstrators attacked the headquarters of the Jordanian embassy in Damascus by throwing stones at its doors before the arrival of scores of order keeping force to prevent the flow of demonstrators to the headquarters of the Egyptian and Jordanian embassies at Abu Rummaneh streets.

    This event is in coincidence with the appearance of media and official demands to sever relations with Israel.

    The paper added that more then 1200 members of the order keeping forces were deployed around the embassies of Jordan, Egypt and the US to prevent the arrival of the demonstrators who on a daily basis observe a sit in before the headquarters of the UN in Damascus.

    >>The Ummah is united the rulers are divided!!<< - And the rulers are picked from? No, the entire Ummah is divided and in favor of protecting their own belief and shunning everyone else from the circle of Islam.