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Fast on Monday------------------------>>>

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    Fast on Monday------------------------>>>

    To all those who love Palestine,
    To all those whose hearts yearn to liberate our Aqsa,

    And to all those who wish to do something for al-Aqsa, but cannot do anything,

    To you all,

    Inshallah, we intend to fast on Monday and dedicate our du`aa’ on that day to our brothers and sisters struggling in Palestine. You all know that the du`aa’ of the person who fasts at the time of breaking fast is accepted. We will all pray together at the same time with the same earnestness and the same humility to Allah. We pray that Allah accepts our prayer for our brothers and sisters, and that is the weakest of Imaan.

    We also intend to pray 2 rak’as Qiyaam Monday night (ie. early Monday morning, before the beginning of the fast) and pray for them.

    Dear brother/sister, this is the least we can do. Do not forget that du`aa’, with sincerity and humility will inshallah bring victory, as Allah said: “Call on Me, I will respond to you”.

    Oh Allah, grant us the victory that you promised. Du`aa’ is our weapon, until Allah brings to pass His decree.

    Dear brother/sister, please disseminate this message, for the greater our number the greater the blessing. Make the intention, for you may thus find something to say on that Great Day in the presence of the Omnipotent King: What have you done to aid the Muslims?

    "The greatest purpose of knowledge is the abundance of inspiring thoughts."

    Fast and dua is a great idea

    There will be a hunger strike in Toronto on Monday as well, involving both Muslims and non-Muslim.




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