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Hinduism in a Nutshell

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    Hinduism in a Nutshell

    To all muslims who are curious about Hinduism:

    I have been reading this message board for a while and all I see is Muslims bashing Hinduism and vice versa.

    The following one line will explain the basic principle of Hinduism:

    "You have control over doing your respective duty only, but no control or claim over the results. The fruits of work should not be your motive, and you should never be inactive. (2.47)" -- Bhagwad Geeta.

    In other words it means do everything to the best of your capability. Do not worry about the results.

    This is my religion.

    Lets keep heaven, hell, afterlife, ghosts, devils etc out of the picture and think of the world in which you are living and apply this one principle in the life you live, chances are you will be successful.

    if the rest of the guys were like u we wud be having a friendly intellectual discussion.


      Thanks for explaining ur relegion...

      Dont think "you can" know "you can"
      .::. ﷲ ﻼﺃ ﷲﺃ ﻶ .::.