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    We were strong
    Until our Islam started slipping
    Now we are used as pawns
    Between the chess game of america and briton
    They bond together
    Cuz theyre vicious
    Responding to our wishes
    With their ammunition
    BEAR witness
    Were on the kafirs hit list
    Were staring at our stitches
    Digging our ditches
    While our fake leaders
    Blowing the masses kisses
    Behind our backs
    Stealing our riches
    Sending Muslim children
    On suicide missions

    NSA government agents
    Classified information
    Planning out their step by step covert operations
    Working for the elite
    duponts, rockefellers, and masons
    Replaced our Muslim leaders
    With U.S. and British Agents
    Throwing the ones who call for revival of Islam
    In prison cages
    A hidden agenda with their affiliation
    Occupying our land
    with their false peace relations
    Muslim land is under invasion
    Using their puppets to cause deviation
    Under FBI covert operations
    Ummah has been segregated and separated
    While our lands have been raided
    By UN peacekeepers
    Who are really peace-fakers
    And mass-murderers and rapist
    Too scared that Islam will be implemented
    So they blow up buildings and blame us
    Causing false accusations
    Claiming were dangerous
    Insha-Allah when the state is established
    They wont be able to tame us

    Intellectual invasion
    Americanization of the Muslims Nation Im raging
    Raising up above conspiracies
    Puppets of the West
    And the West making peace treaties
    International summit to combat terrorism
    The true fear is the Islamic
    In reality were close to victory
    Conspiracy after conspiracy
    Peace in the Middle East
    Never was
    And never will be
    Until kufur regimes slap their head on the ground bowing down to Allah
    Wont hear no cries no more
    Wont hear no cries no more
    When the pimps stop playing
    And regimes stop saying that Islam is just praying
    Its only natural when kufur ideologies manipulate people
    Diplomatic hypocrisy
    Just look at the history
    Tyranny is all I see
    Misery and agony
    Political blindness cant find this in the books
    Were used as a tool for the agenda of the crooks
    Peace keeping missions
    Humanitarian aid
    While we get rapped we hear the slogans of the snakes
    Ideological politicians
    Soldiers on a mission
    Ready to expose their ambitions
    Its jihad when the state comes
    On you statesmen
    Time to shutdown all your corrupt institutions
    Manipulation of the peoples minds from the media
    From the West for the agenda to oppress
    Their success lies in your confusion
    Its amusing for them to see you losing
    The world bank
    The IMF
    The tools of the west
    To suppress the rest
    The best nation ever to rise up from mankind
    With political minds
    Peacekeepers of old times
    Politics, meant taking care of the people,
    When Islam comes back to dominate, no sequels!

    Hypocrites are working hard
    Behind camouflage
    Claiming theyre down with the cause
    But I accuse these criminals with sabotage
    Surveillance-ing the spread of Islam
    Straight up espionage
    Telling us they have the key to paradise
    Its all a mirage
    These fake Islamic leaders
    Wrapping the headbands of
    Around innocent Muslim believers
    They want us to blow ourselves up
    Into thousand pieces
    Brainwashing our Ummah with lies
    Making them run into mines
    So they can watch them die
    Selling weapons to
    The opposite side
    Claiming were fighting Jihad
    Theyre taking us all for a ride
    Playing on both side
    They been raping and killing Muslims
    Hundreds of years of genocide
    Working for the american goal
    Finding our self in a deep hole
    Comparing to Islam
    But Islam has no equal
    Theyre using humanitarian excuse
    To bomb our own people
    Only way to revive this Ummah
    Is to have an Islamic State sequel

    "Only for Allah and to gain His pleasure"