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Who controls Political/Militant face of Islam?

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    Who controls Political/Militant face of Islam?

    After 9/11, many and many ppl (especially westerners) have started complaining and demanding from muslim countries/communities to condemn terrorism and publicly say that militancy is against Islam.

    For an ex-muslim, who has studied Islam to great extent, this defies all sense to me for many reasons. Here they are:

    1. Any such demand to despotic regimes is meaningless and even hilarous. They do not own Islam or the residents of their countries. They just own the country and its resources.

    2. Such demand to Islamic communities need some consideration: First of all, such communities r very diverse and mostly have nothing in common with each other except some traditions of saying prayers and religous beliefs. For instance, Muslim women in Jordan have nothing common with Bengladeshi muslim women. Second, no community owns Islam. Islam is very distributed-control based religion. There is no Pop-type figure in Islam. Except in Shia-muslims case (like Imams in Iran), majority of muslims (90%) do not belive in any centralized interpretation of Islam/Quran. Even not all shia muslims belive in the spiritual leader of Iran). Every person is on his/her own to interpret Islam as he/she makes sense of it. A palestinian suicide bomber would not much concerned with what Malaysian PM Mahatir or Saudi Arab's ruler have to say about it. Nor he/she be concerned with what Arafat thinks. If he/she thinks that social approval is high because of revenge, he/she would do that.

    It is much like judaism, in which even some orthodox jews do not belive in zionism.

    So when such demands r presented to western-muslims, it is indeed intended to harass them. When such demands r presented to despotic muslim countries, it is hilarous. When such demands r presented to muslums in muslim countries, it again does not make any sense as no one religous leader is followed by all people.

    So in my view, such demands r stupid and often the real intention behind such demands r often ulteriros (harassment, blame shifting, generalization of muslims,etc. )

    I also think that Political/militant islam is the same as political/militant socialism, anti-abortion campaign, zionism, KKK, etc. Islam should not be considered separately or distinctly to control militancy.

    The only way to control militancy in any ism is to liberate the ppl from the main causes which provide breeding grounds for militants. And they r many: Resolving poltical issues, education, economic betterment, etc.

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    here here!

    The myth of a monolithic Muslim world. As if we have leaders who actually speak for us. Thanks freesoul.

    I still think, however, that its important for Muslims to denounce acts of terrorism. Its not only our duty as Muslims to do so, its also our duty as humans. To denounce something "wrong" is something we should all do, regardless of our faith or ideology.



      it is impossible to define any worldly concept in religion, in absolute terms. Terrorism, nationality, economic system, etc., are all subject to time and location. Religion can not define it. And even if attempts r made by some ppl, it is not binding on other ppl at all.


        Everyday I am finding good reasons not to believe in organized religion.


          We are one religon and one Ummah. You dont understand the different between other religions and Islam.. We know and they know that Islam in our hearts is very powerfull and rules our lives, Islam is our only ID Islam is life and life is Islam for muslims.. now we never go to any other Christian country and ask them to tell the world that not all Christians are bad, cause we know they dont believe in one thing and their faith isnt strong and they dont call them selves united as one religion.. We were one and we will be always one no mater how hard they try.. even the so called 52 Muslim nations were one and are spose to be one, but they divided us and they now see us suffer.. And my brother I say we dont need to go out and stand infront of them to prove that we are not guilty.. we are not that weak.

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