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Sikhs hand back mosque

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    Sikhs hand back mosque

    stuff like this illustrates there is still some humanity in this insane world.

    Sikhs hand back mosque, Ayanjit Sen
    BBC, 28 March 2002

    A 400-year-old mosque built by a Sikh religious figure, Guru Hargovind Singh, in the northern Indian state of Punjab has been handed back to Muslims after 55 years.

    A memorandum of understanding has been signed by the Sikh caretakers of the building and the Punjab Waqf Board - an elected body of Muslim theologians - in Hargovindpur village in Gurdaspur district.

    Under the agreement, the mosque will be run by the Muslims.

    Speaking to the BBC, a senior official of the waqf board, Dr Mohammed Rizwanul Haque, said the mosque was looked after by Sikhs after the Muslims in the area migrated to Pakistan during partition of the India sub-continent in 1947.

    He said a Sikh priest kept their holy book - Guru Granth Sahib - in the mosque and used to give daily sermons.

    The book has now been shifted to an adjoining building so that the mosque can be preserved in its original form as by Guru Hargovind Singh.

    "The performance of Muslim religious prayers in the mosque after 55 years would be recorded in history as an event when Sikhs showed so much magnanimity towards Muslims," said Dr Haque.

    Local government officials told the BBC that this mosque is a historical monument.

    Last year, Waqf board officials approached the Sikhs requesting them to hand over the mosque.

    The Sikhs finally agreed after a series of meetings.

    The authorities said repairs on the mosque started last month and would take some time.

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    This Sikh Muslim show of unity is surely something which will set an example to others about the NEED for tolerance and harmony between different faiths.

    The same story but from an Indian perspective.

    Sikhs hand over mosque to Muslims after 55 years Excerpt

    NEW DELHI: In a poignant display of religious solidarity, a 17th century mosque built by a Sikh guru that was being used as a gurdwara was restored to Muslims after 55 years.

    The mosque was reportedly built by the sixth guru of the Sikhs in Gurdaspur, a town on the India-Pakistan border in Punjab. ..

    Before offering prayers in the mosque, Wakf Board's official M.R. Haque said it was a historic moment and it would strengthen the roots of secularism in India. This is the symbol of brotherhood and religious tolerance in the country, he added.

    Baba Balbir Singh of the gurdwara said Sikhs had preserved the important legacy of their Muslim brethren in safe custody and are returning it now. He pledged to preserve it in the future also.

    The Wakf Board and Unesco are working out a plan to revive the historical importance of the mosque.


      there are hardly any muslims left in gurdaspur it would have been interesting to see how things would have been if gurdaspur was a 50/50 muslim sikh city
      (before partition gurdaspur was a muslim majority district but pakistan was cheated by the british and nehru

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        There are still some Muslims in Gurdaspur. I have a few 3rd cousins living in the neighbourhood!

        Two up for the Sikhs!
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