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    Salaam All-

    I really liked what my friend sent me and wanted to share with others.

    Sign Posts on the Path of the Seekers
    by Sheikh Aeid al Qarny

    Happiness and Success have clear and evident signs that testify to the purity of its possessor, the salvation of its carrier, and the success of the one who is attributed to it.

    From the signs of Happiness and Success:

    1] Every time the servant increases in knowledge, he increases in his humility and mercy to others. He is like that precious jewel under the water. Every time something adds itself to it, it increases in its beauty and value. While it sinks deeper into the sea, just as one who increases in knowledge, it sinks deeper in humility. He knows knowledge is bestowed by Allah and Allah tests by it whom He wills. So whoever does well in being thankful for it and succeeds in accepting it, Allah will raise him in many different levels through it.

    Allah says: Allh will exalt in degree those of you who believe, and those who have been granted knowledge. And Allh is Well-acquainted with what you do. (Al-Mujadilah 58:11)

    2] Every time a servant increases in action, he increases in fear and cautiousness. Thus, he does not feel safe from the stumbling of the foot or the slip of the tongue or the turning of the heart. He is in the state of self-account like the cautious bird. Every time it lands on a tree it quickly leaves it for another, fearing the precision of the sniper.

    3] Every time he is increased in age, he decreases in his desire for avariciousness. He knows with certain knowledge that he is close to his end and the journey will stop, and he has entered the valley of certainty with knowledge.

    4] Every time the servant is increased in his wealth, he increases in giving and generosity because wealth is borrowed. The one who provides wealth is testing the servant with opportunities, as death lies in ambush.

    5] Every time the servant is increased in rank and power, he increases in closeness to the people and fulfilling their needs. He is increased in being humble towards them because the servants are the dependents of Allah, and the most loved of them by Allah are those who are most giving to His dependents.

    And from the Signs of Destruction:

    1] Every time the servant is increased in knowledge, he increases in pride and haughtiness-- for his knowledge is not beneficial, his heart is empty and his nature is corrupt

    2] Every time he is increased in action, he increases in boastfulness and looking down on the people. He does this while thinking good about himself, thinking himself to be the saved one while the rest of the people are destroyed. He believes he is the one guaranteed the rewarded of victory while others are on the brink of destruction.

    3] Every time the servant is increased in age, he increases in covetousness. He acquires excessively, withholds too much, and hoards. Events surrounding him do not move him, afflictions do not shake him, and the torments of the conscience do not wake him up.

    4] Every time the servant is increased in wealth, he increases in stinginess. His heart is devoid of value while the palm of his hand is clenched from spending and his face is stripped from noble qualities.

    5] Every time he is increased in rank and ower, he increases in arrogance and self-importance. Thus becoming the heedless one who is cast out. With a puffed up chest, he is disoriented in his pursuit of his desire. However, in the end he is nothing.

    Rasulullah sallahu alayhi wa sallam aid The arrogant ones will be assembled on the day of judgement in the image of small ants and people will trample upon them with their feet.

    All these affairs are trials and tests from Allah. He tests his slaves with these, so by these, some people are made delightful or happy, while others are put in misery by them.