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Questions to Islamic Scholars:

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    Questions to Islamic Scholars:

    How come in some instances Islamic Scholars are hell-bent on the interpretation of Quranic Verses while on some other instances they are iffy. I mean, sometimes they argue that Quranic verses should be taken in a certain context, while other times they say there’s no ifs and buts. When it comes to “Jews cannot be trusted” they say “you have to read it in the context of when this particular chapter of the Quran was revealed, but when it comes to Homosexuality, they say that it is crystal-clear that it is haram. I would like to know that why context in some instances while no discussion in other.

    NYA....roadside maulana hazir

    In Quran, there are places where Allah SWT has narrated incidents.....and then made statements following that. Those statements usually conform to the incident in question only.
    Then there are other places where simple blanket commands are issued. Those are the ones where I believe no ifs or buts are allowed.

    now for some more halwa..bismillah.


      Moulana GT Road, who decides what is insubstantial and what is to be taken literally? I hear a lot of conflicting reasoning. Why can’t it be just simple to follow? So there’s no confusion. Why can't just a plain summary of the Holy Book be agreed upon by all scholars (including Road Side ones) so all misunderstanding can be put to rest? I have been watching some TV lately and many people have been asking a lot of questions.


        Thats a question that I myself have, as a matter of fact.
        If all maulvis were to align themselves to the roadside edition, and unite for a change, we wouldnt have a reason to fight, would we.
        To me, its plain obvious. 90% of differences arise, not out of honest interpretationary differences, but out of personal likes, dislikes, political/racial/ethnic/national affiliations, and the size of ones daarhi.

        Quran is simple. Allah SWT says so Himself. Yes, scholars are needed for explanation, but when scholars dont take timeout from their personal grudges, then well, Id much rather read it on my own, than align myself with one of the above mentioned sections.

        And its Maulana Motorway now


          It's an important question. If there is one message in thebook, how come there are so many different schools of thought?

          I think if the Book is approached and interpreted with honest intentions without that latent need for 'alligning' it's views with prevalent practices or other 'sacred' texts, there will be fewer disagreements and divisions.

          There is No Spoon
          JaddoN kaddya jaloos ghareeba tay shehr ich choatalee lug gayee


            Ayah 3:7 is translated as follows:

            He it is Who has sent down to thee the Book: In it are verses basic or fundamental (of established meaning); they are the foundation of the Book: others are allegorical. But those in whose hearts is perversity follow the part thereof that is allegorical, seeking discord, and searching for its hidden meanings, but no one knows its hidden meanings except Allah. And those who are firmly grounded in knowledge say: "We believe in the Book; the whole of it is from our Lord:" and none will grasp the Message except men of understanding.
            The first one are called ahkamat in Arabic. The others are mutashabehat.

            Rabbeshrah lee sadree; wa yassirlee amree; yafqahoo qaulee.

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              To the scholars

              Fake Scholars and False leaders
              Claiming there’re our Healers
              Insulting our Intelligence
              In so called Islamic Methods
              Muslim Scholars for hire
              Telling us
              We need American Islam
              Dividing the Ummah into sections
              looking for the answer in congress
              Muslims voting in elections
              Crooked scholars
              Working for the system
              Selling our land to kufar buyers
              Shifting our path like a rolling tire
              Action based on desire
              Misguiding our Ummah
              Be prepare to be surrounded by Allah’s hellfire ( BURNING FIRE )

              You tell me about your PHD in every Islamic degree
              Reciting the Quran
              Oh so beautifully
              It doesn’t justify your false actions
              You don’t want me to see
              Our brothers and sisters are leaving Islam
              Because you teach them a culture
              That is harm
              Puppet to the kufar
              So they pay for your new car
              Hiding under your mask ….
              Helping them with their task
              Your think Jennah is for free???
              Your long beard and turban is the key????
              Allah will replace those who don’t carry this deen
              You may think you fool those brothers around me
              But you’ll never to fool me!

              Funded by the saudi government
              And now you’re loving it
              You knew the truth
              But you decided to cover it
              Sold out Mullahs
              Side by side with these corrupted rulers
              Spitting out fake fatwah’s
              thought you could fool us??!!
              Neglecting the FARD but you enforce the Sunnah
              Attached to this dunniah
              Misguiding this Ummah
              Muslims catching their Z’s at your weak Khutbah’s
              Reruns-- every Friday--at noon--at Jummah
              Under close CIA surveillance
              So you got your fake cover up
              I see you on TV making peace talks with the yahoodas
              Blaming the Muslims when the trade center blew up
              On your knees begin America please
              I thought your name was ABDULLAH!!

              Twisting the aya’s
              Scholars for hire
              Fear Allah’s fire
              Scholars for hire
              Action based on desire
              Scholars for hire
              Scholars for hire
              Scholars for hire

              Compromising This Deen
              Letting Kufar intervene
              Planting your poisonous seed
              As we watch our Ummah bleed
              Claiming u study so many years of Islam
              But Yet you twist the Quran
              Brain washing the Ummah
              Praising king Hussein & Diana
              While they are slaughtering Muslims in Kosovo
              Celebrating eid with bill & Hillary (cheers)
              Justifying your ties with the kufar
              Getting paid on the American salary
              Portraying Muslims as nothing
              But just a minority

              Amusing me
              With your confusing dawah delivery
              Can’t comprehend what you’re telling me
              Bringing in your missionaries
              To shows us similarities
              Between Islam and trinity???
              Making our history a mystery
              Our Ummah in misery
              Allah has promised us victory
              But you still make Du’aah to Bill and Hillary

              The prophet taught us a better way to make a stand
              Establish one state
              And only use ISLAM to regulate
              But you still smile with arrogance
              Like a clown
              When you hear the word Khilafah
              You frown
              But just remember this
              Every soul will taste death
              You’ll be asked
              For the words that you said
              On the last day
              It will be too late to pray
              So What you got to say
              When you meet ALLAH on judgement day!!!!!

              Twisting the aya’s
              Scholars for hire
              Fear Allah’s fire
              Scholars for hire
              Action based on desire
              Scholars for hire
              Scholars for hire
              Scholars for hire

              Ignoring the vital issues
              Teaching only prayer & Addan
              Claiming no difference between Islam & democracy!!
              Selling Islam cheap
              While our Ummah is in deep sleep
              With all that knowledge
              But Yet you abuse it
              Selling us American figh??
              Yes!!! We refuse it
              Oh Muslims Ummah open your eyes widely
              Don’t take the commands of Allah lightly
              Grab on to the rope of Allah tightly
              And don’t be fooled by these fake scholars blindly

              Our Ummah is under worldwide oppression
              Telling us to westernize Islam??
              Cause that’s the solution???
              Tired of these fake scholars
              Who twist my questions
              Telling me register to vote!!!??
              In your haram election
              I can’t stand you praising the constitution !!!!!!!!
              When we know!!!!!!
              ISLAMIC STATE is the only solution

              How are you going to sit there and compare our Deen
              To the jews and the christians
              They only have religions
              While Allah (swt) has given us a perfect system
              You think we’re stupid???
              We’ll never buy your abrahamic religion!
              Who do you think your fooling kid?
              Holding Islamic Conferences with the Jews & Christians?
              Brought the kufar to teach us about Islam
              Bringing in your priest and your rabbi
              How far will you go for their applaud
              Twisting the aiyas of Allah to justify
              Polluting concepts left us in Misery
              Your ideas are weak like the movie siege
              Allah Akbar!!!!
              We’ll see who Allah grants the VICTORY!!!

              “He is who has sent His Messenger with guidance and the Deen of Haq to make it victorious over all other Deen’s even though the mushrikum hate it” [61:9]

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