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    Surat Al-Kafirun (The Disbelievers) 109

    In the Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful
    1. Say, O Al-Kafirun
    2. I worship not that which you worship
    3. Nor will you worship that which I worship
    4. And I shall not worship that which you are worshipping
    5. Nor will you worship that which I worship
    6. To you be your Deen and to me my Deen(Islam)

    Who do you fear?
    Allah or the Kafir?
    Why do you want to be like the kafir when you have the haq (truth) in your hand?
    Didnt the SAHABAS look into the kafirs eyes and say:
    La - Ilaha - Ilallah Mohammedun Rasul-lu-llah
    How many more
    of our sister do they have to rape!
    How many more
    of our brothers must they slaughter by hate!
    Dont you know we have suffered too long without an Islamic State!
    How much more can you take?

    Tell us to give up Islam and wait for Jesus
    Celebrate Christmas when its in season
    Giving us fake leaders and fake reasons
    Divided our people by flags when they meet us
    They want us to pledge to their allegiance
    Pushing us towards treason
    Theyve broke our Ummah into shattered pieces
    Chasing our oil like cheetah
    Raping our resources
    And then they leave us
    Muslims hibernating
    Concentrating on not shaving
    While kafirs have been invading
    Killing and raping
    We have no time to be waiting
    Reestablish Islam and stop faking
    Listen to my Ummahs cries
    Im tired of kafirs lies
    No I wont compromise
    Staring into the enemies eyes

    We will never fear you Kafir!
    Allah is on our side
    I am tired of Kafirs ruling us
    Taking over our land,
    Taking our resources,
    Killing our brothers
    & Raping our sisters
    Let us unite
    Implement Islam
    We wont compromise this Deen
    We are the best nation ever risen for mankind!!

    Trying to destroy Islam
    Because they hate us
    Muslim racist
    But they cant fade us
    Throwing us in cages
    But they cant cage us
    Quranic revelations on pages
    Spreading of the haqq
    Even though these prison cages
    Standing together like a pack
    Struggling through lifes tough test stages
    They cant destroy Islam
    Islam is contagious
    From Indonesia to melesia
    Too many Muslims to contain us
    Instead they take away our Islamic laws
    So they can in-slave us! us!

    Break our bones!
    Our bones will heal!
    Cut our skin!
    Our wounds will seal!

    Put a gun against our head!
    Threaten us to death
    No fear !!
    No Pain do we feel
    Prophet (saaw) is the seal
    Only to Allah do we kneel
    Our Iman hard like steel
    Cuz we know Islam is for real!!

    We fear Allah and only Allah
    Let us be the generation who puts Islam back on the map
    We will never compromise Islam
    Islam will rule the world
    And even if all the Kafirs would fight against it
    They will never succeed
    Allah is on the believers side
    Victory comes from Allah

    You see
    You love life
    The way we love death
    You better put us in our graves
    While you still got time left
    Cuz when we rebuild our state
    We are going to legislate and regulate
    Kick out these false leaders cuz theyre fake
    Laughing & grinning while they watch our sisters being raped
    From Turkey to Afghanistan
    From Palestine to Iran
    Implement Islamic laws
    Take a stand!!
    Its Allahs demand
    Implement global Jihad!!
    Take back our Muslim lands!!!
    Run Islam like its suppose to be ran!!
    Dont think we are going to forget about your lies
    When you raped our sisters
    Slaughtering our brothers as we watched them die
    And this time when were on the battlefield
    We are going to be on opposite sides
    Were not going to think twice
    Before we take your life!!!!
    Youre a loser!
    In this life.and in the hereafter.

    Islam Rule'zzzzzzzzzzz

    Parde ilm hazaar kitaaba...kaddee apnai aap nu parya naee.." BULLEY SHAH


      it's a beautiful peom.... thanks for sharing


        this is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Parde ilm hazaar kitaaba...kaddee apnai aap nu parya naee.." BULLEY SHAH


          Originally posted by Masooma:
          this is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          what the poem????


            secret obsession , is it you????? I thought you were a guy !!

            Nice poem dirty_dawg...


              Dirty Dawg.. YOu wrote it yourself???

              I'll agree with masooma , THIS IS JUST WAY TOO HOT !!!! (the poem..hehehe )

              We really need this kind of realization among the Muslims now..

              50,000 Muslim women and girls raped in Bosnia.

              60,000 raped in Chechnya.

              In Maluku, one of the Islands of Indonesia , where Christians are in a majority, Muslim women were RAPED INSIDE the MOSQUES ON the PAGES of the QUR'AN.
              What do you think would have happened if the situation was reversed i.e if Indonesia had been a Christian country, and the Muslim minority had done this sort of thing??? They would have NUKED the Muslims.

              Now, let's read these verses from the bible :

              NU 31:17-18
              "... all the young girls who have not known man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves." (Note: How did they determine which girls were virgins, and what did they do with them after they kept them alive for themselves? This is not a pretty picture.)

              Now kill all the boys. And kill every woman who has slept with a man,
              but save for yourselves every girl who has never slept with a man.

              DT 21:10-14 :
              When you go to war against your enemies and the LORD your God delivers them into your hands and you take captives,

              if you notice among the captives a beautiful woman and are attracted to her, you may take her as your wife.

              JG 21:11-12
              "This is what you shall do; every male and every woman that has lain with man you shall utterly destroy. And they found ... four hundred young virgins who had not known man by lying with him; and they brought them to the camp ...." (Again, how did they determine which girls were virgins? This is not a pretty picture.)

              "This is what you are to do," they said. "Kill every male and every woman who is not a virgin."

              It is we Muslims who are the most TOLERANT of all People. It is high time we realize how these Kuffar are exploiting our tolerance and our unsuspecting attitude to destroy us and poison us from within.

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                Thanks guyz.. well its not a poem, its a Rap.


                  Rap or poem its something of a reality in my opinion...thanx for sharing it with us DD


                    Salaam! thanx 4 sharing brother

                    Pakistan Zindabad!


                      I like muslim rap sung by afro american muslims,, sometimes these songs are too aggressive.. or hot (as massoma said)

                      you forgot to meantion kashmiri women who are being raped by indian army since half century. I have read terrible stories of them told by some good westren journalists (not by poor kashmir terrorists).


                        yes the rap
                        ITS HOT
                        loved it!!SubhanAllah

                        Parde ilm hazaar kitaaba...kaddee apnai aap nu parya naee.." BULLEY SHAH


                          SLEEPING GIANT

                          The poison is injected
                          The giant is asleep
                          Hes chain into sections
                          To keep him off his feet
                          The mission is forgotten
                          The bond is getting weak
                          Wake up oh Muslim Ummah
                          Before we face the heat

                          Telling me to calm down
                          A year has past
                          since the last song
                          Situation has worsen
                          It was kosovo and Kashmir
                          Now its chechnia and dagistan
                          So who is next in line
                          Governments who claim
                          They implementing Islam
                          like who??!
                          Like taliban, Iran and Sudan..
                          All 52
                          So called Muslim nations
                          Oppressing the masses
                          in the name of Islam
                          They are digging our graves
                          while we are a sleep
                          over a billion
                          But oohh so weak
                          We need to rise up
                          And get back on our feet
                          Weve been fooled too long
                          This what happens
                          When we let kafirs lead

                          Why are we losing?
                          Who are we amusing?
                          sisters are leaving
                          because brothers are abusing
                          twisting Islams teachings
                          mixing culture and pride
                          using Islam to justify
                          for the tears that she cries
                          when I look into her eyes
                          I see the pain deep inside
                          as she leaves and says good bye
                          now tell me whos to blame
                          don't just sit there in shame
                          lets look to Islam to cure the pain
                          to all my sisters in pain
                          these oppressors are insane
                          theyre heading straight
                          to the hell fires flame

                          The poison is injected
                          The giant is asleep
                          Hes chain into sections
                          To keep him off his feet
                          The mission is forgotten
                          The bond is getting weak
                          Wake up oh Muslim Ummah
                          Before we face the heat

                          Imitating the kafirs
                          Flirting with disaster
                          Even our sheiks and Imams
                          Are dressed up like priests and pastors
                          Khatibs wearing long robes
                          Historical clothes
                          More puppets than puppet show
                          Leaving us with no solution
                          after their speech
                          Dawah based on prestige
                          Watch as they leach off
                          the Muslim Community
                          What ever happened to
                          this Ummahs unity
                          Theyre laughing!
                          Because they are acting
                          They cut the tongues
                          Of those who speak the truth
                          Fearing that their message
                          Will be passed on to the youth
                          You say its hard to believe
                          Before you nod your head
                          If our Scholars spoke the truth
                          Why would our enemies
                          Give them the platform to speak

                          The giant is in a slumber
                          Islam is complete
                          yet the Ummah looks up
                          to democracy for its needs
                          Defeated mentality
                          Left us in a gutter
                          The giant used to
                          Take care of the world
                          Now asks the kafirs to usher
                          Remember the battle of Bader
                          They doubted us from the start
                          Muslims had Islam
                          in their minds and their hearts
                          they know they fear us
                          injecting poisons venom
                          so they tear us a part
                          this is just a reminder
                          take it straight to the heart
                          let us get back in the lead
                          shake the giant to wake
                          flourish and rejuvenate
                          implement only Islam
                          to revive and renovate

                          The poison is injected
                          The giant is asleep
                          Hes chain into sections
                          To keep him off his feet
                          The mission is forgotten
                          The bond is getting weak
                          Wake up oh Muslim Ummah
                          Before we face the heat

                          Brothers killing brothers
                          While the kafirs getting richer
                          Muslim blood on my fingers
                          Tell me whats wrong with this picture
                          these organizations
                          Making no difference
                          Theyre making dollars no sense
                          In their lack of assistance
                          Muslims enlisted
                          in the enemys cavalry
                          Firing at our own people
                          Muslims to Muslim fatality
                          On the battle scene
                          Surrounded by our own casualties
                          Under siege
                          By these corrupted regimes
                          Blood to our knees
                          While the great giant sleeps

                          Whose law are you following?
                          Which side are you on?
                          Our brothers shed blood
                          for the cause of the kufar
                          they show us Three Kings
                          when we saw them stealing
                          they play as heroes
                          when we know they are zeros
                          playing with our minds
                          trying to use us as a pawn
                          THIS IS OUR SITUATION
                          NOT JUST A SAD SONG
                          let us Rise the Ummah
                          and follow the Sunnah
                          to Bring Back Islam
                          implement the Quran
                          awake this sleeping giant
                          thats stronger than a lion
                          to chain up the shaitan
                          victory is promised
                          so work for Islam
                          and keep your Deen strong
                          we've waited too long
                          From here to Mecca

                          ALL TOGETHER NOW!

                          Let us Rise The Ummah!
                          Let us Rise The Ummah!
                          Let us Rise The Ummah!

                          The poison is injected
                          The giant is asleep
                          Hes chain into sections
                          To keep him off his feet
                          The mission is forgotten
                          The bond is getting weak
                          Wake up oh Muslim Ummah
                          Before we face the heat


                            "Soldiers of Allah" are cool !!

                            Are they all Afro-American Muslims??? My brother was telling me one of them is Arab.


                              I don't know much about them and their nationalities, but they sing really welll...

                              thanks dirty dagh for sharing this, do u know where to get these cds???