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Need a Marriage Partner?

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    Need a Marriage Partner?

    You might as well ask HIM.

    Its recommended to read any type of Durood 500 times daily. The shortest form of durood is "Salalahu Alahay Wasalam"

    For the sisters they can read Surah Dahr.

    I found a verse in the Surah there for those who say that Islam isn't favoring them in terms of the men recieving Hoor and women nothing.

    (72:19 Surah Dahr)
    "And round about them will (serve) boys of everlasting youth. If you see them, you would think them scattered pearls."

    Since marriage was the theme for this week I thought I'd post this for y'all.

    Sources of the above information were acquired from Quran and AskImam.

    Jitna Diya Sarkar Nay Mujko, Itni Meri Auqat Nahi, Yeh Saab Tumhara Karam Hai Aqa, Mujh Mein Aisi Koi Baat Nahin.

    Pray OR v tt T FRgv M, Ak Y T FRgv M Ol Hope To Th Hv.
    Rabul MashriqaiN wal MaghribaiN