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Do you want to die Christian or as a Muslim?- A true story

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    Do you want to die Christian or as a Muslim?- A true story

    Email fwding....its a true story of a sister becoming a Muslima.


    Turkish woman once said to me: "April, you can't understand our traditions, you can't understand our culture, and you can never understand our religion!!" I was shocked to find out Islam belonged to THEM it is THEIR religion!!! I was going through a rough patch emotionally, in this time I started thinking more and more about religion.

    I questioned Christianity wanting to pray to God to be close to God but in Christianity it was all unlcear and subsequently I didnít find what I was looking for. I wanted to do something about my belief in God, as I always believed in God and the Oneness of God, the trinity was just heresay and I never acknowledged it as a Christian. One day after work I decided all of a sudden I wanted to go to the mosque. I called first to see if anyone would be there who I could speak to about Islam etc. I caught the bus and made my way to the Islamic Centre in Munich!!! Was that me sitting on the bus wanting to visit a mosque for the first time? What was I doing? What had happened to me that I should be making my way to a mosque? Somehow I had the feeling I was on a mission. A mission to find something I had lost.

    At the mosque, as it was during the week, I found just a few brothers waiting to pray, one of them gave me a Qur'an with an English translation and some books with Haddith. It was then time for the prayer, I went up into the prayer room and heard the athan for the first time. I had a really strange feeling, like oh I am at home is difficult to discribe how I felt but I felt something there that day.

    So I went home with a firm intention of finding out more about Islam. I started reading the Forty Haddith book and some other books about Islam. Day and night before work in the morning and after I got home in the evening I read read read!!! I was hungry hungry for Islam!!! And I hadnít even started reading the Qurían yet!!

    Two weeks later the Islamic Centre had an OPEN DAY where everyone was invited to visit the mosque go inside on guided tours, listen to lectures about Islam and generally inform oneself about Islam. I was there that day with a mission to have my questions about Islam answered. It was such a nice day the mosque was full of people of all races nationalities and food everywhere from every country you could think of. It was a sunny day and the women were dressed so nicely I was impressed they all seemed like one big family.I listened to the lectures and just soaked up the atmosphere in the mosque. I didn't feel at all out of place or intimidated by all those woman around me dressed Islamically.

    It was time for prayer once again I went up to the prayer room but this time stood at the back of the room as it was full. full with woman submitting themselves to One God.I stood and watched the prayer. I wastotally overwhelmed at the impact of these woman moving as one body submitting themselves to God, with no pictures no crosses no preacher just submission . I was in the right place.

    After the prayer finnished I waited a little enjoying the moment...never wanting to leave ... a woman who had just finnished praying approached me and asked me how did I find the prayer...I didn't know what to say and just said the first thing that came into my mind, "different", I heard myself saying. The other women starting leaving their place of prayer having remembered their Creator and making their way back outside into the subshine. I however was thinking about asking this nice friendly woman before me all the questions buzzing around in my head...."So what brings you here today?"... Two hours later I too was making my way outside into the sunshine along with the friendly woman and another one.

    My mind was all systems go thinking about the answers I had just received and my heart and soul screaming "You are HOME you are MUSLIM!! This is your religion...THIS is what you have been searching for!!! Here is peace and a way to live!" The friendly woman said to me as we stood outside looking at the little stalls set up by various Muslims, "You can convert to Islam now if you want", oh no me and now!!? What about the Arabic what about the head scarf what about MY PARENTS!! "When you leave the mosque today and you die or are killed suddenly....Do you want to die Christian or as a Muslim?" I heard the question ringing in my mind and automatically my soul spoke up, "No I want to die MUSLIM!" It was clear to my heart and my soul I believe in the One God and I believe that Muhammad was the Messenger of God, I was ready to submit myself to the One and Only God.

    I sat there with sweaty palms in an office of the mosque the room was full of women all excited about the "new sister", and two men one was an imam and the other asked me what I knew about Islam, I told him about the five pillars of Islam, he went over them again, I nodded my head to each of the five pillars, like someone who knew about them forever. It was time, I would proclaim my belief here in front of all these woman who I don't know, but somehow I knew them all, like my own family. The Imam spoke each word in Arabic clear and beautiful, I repeated them, but they were not strange words to me, I was back, back to the religion I was born in. Some of the women cried, I was emotional too, but excited about knowing more and submiting to God in Islam.

    I had been born Muslim and now after 26 years I had found my way home, home to Allah.