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Islamic Banking from HSBC ,, why not from Pakistani banks?

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    Islamic Banking from HSBC ,, why not from Pakistani banks?

    HSBC UK took a daring and well demanded islamic banking here in uk, many muslims dont get their own home because of mortgages and other interest loans.. but here is the solution by not any of pakistani or islamic bank but a non muslim bank.

    End is Begining!
    پاکستان پاکستان

    HSBC do not offer Islamic banking (except Islamic asset management for wealthy Muslims) in the UK yet. My contacts in the banking industry have indicated to me that HSBC are currently in negotiations with the Bank of England to change British banking legistlation to enable HSBC to offer its full range of Islamic personal banking in the UK.

    HSBC plans to introduce Islamic current accounts, savings accounts, Shariah-compliant credit card accounts and Islamic mortgages, but Britain's current banking legistlation makes this difficult.
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