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    I realise this topic has been discussed many times , in many places .
    I personally come from a sufi background with my mum being a major sufi influence.
    But of late, things are just going mad.

    From my understanding, sufism is just a mystical science; so then why do people claim that it is from islam ?

    We can all acknowledge that the criterion for living by islam is the Hukm-share'ee(Shariah), so then why the need for referring to Roohaniyah ?

    I see some very dodgy ideas in mixing for one , secular views, and much hinduism influence.

    Most scary of all is the glorification of the sufi scholars, to the extent that they're almost as loved as the prophet(pbuh) astagfarullah.

    What is going on ? this is driving me crazy, there is so much internal conflict in my house, but ultimately i have to keep my mouth shut, as i cant say "uff" to my mum , and she aint prepared to level with me. She says i have "shaytaan" in me for not listening to what she has to offer

    Magr point tho ye hai, what she is offering, is NOT from islam, or at least thats my observation.

    environment influenses how you practise
    religen. islam may be practised differently
    in indonesia as copmared to saudi arabia.
    indonesians are living in lush tropical
    area and their pre-islamic culture have some influense over thier practises.
    even muslim immigrants after living in west
    for couple of generations amy have different outlook.


      Salaam dear eemo,

      There is a big difference between the early suffi scholars, and those of today. As practiced today, suffism is a mystical form of elevating ones self spiritually and eventually (for the big suffi scholars) physically where they reach a high level and achieve some godly attributes. In fact, in some cases there is not much religious element left, and the movement is also attracting non-Muslims to this way of thought. Much of what is being taught goes against the priciples and fundamentals of Islaam, namely that of Tawheed.

      Eemo, the best thing to do while at home, is to be patient with yor parents, as they are your parents and have many rights over you, thus you must respect them. Be friendly with your parents at all times, and if you try and explain something to them, never get angry or raise your voice.

      However, at the same time, do not particpate in any of the rituals or practices that take place in conflict to Islaam and Tawheed. Keep right away from them Insha'Allaah.

      The most important thing is to make du'aa to Allaah - subhaan wa ta'aala - that He guides your mother, and always ask Allaah for guidance yourself, for verily as the Prophet - salallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam said: "Du'aa is worship", and Allaah has said in the Qur'aan : "Call to Me, and i shall answer your supplication."

      Also, strive to seek knowledge of Islaam yourself in complete sincerity for the sake of Allaah, and ask Allaah to increase you in knowledge and understanding of His Deen, as well as grant you the Wisdom to call your parents to the truth and away from falsehood Insha'Allaah. And remember my dear brother, be gentle with them, they are your parents ... and always be patient and optimistic while you make du'aa. insha'Allaah, He - the Most high - shall answer your supplications.

      kind regards, and may Allaah guide us All.


      "No leaf falls except that He knows of it, and no rain drop forms except that He has willed it."


        jazakallah khair for the sincere advice


          eemo I used to have a similar problem. Now my problem is figuring out what the "best/correct" way is. *sigh*

          Learn to love yourself, then learn to love one-another
          "O man! What has seduced thee from thy Lord Most Beneficent?" - Quran 82:6

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            Sufis are misunderstood by people who dont make an honest enough effort to understand them. But i think Sufism is won of the greatest beliefs within Islam, its beutiful.


              please do look at the following thread....
              will give u many views on sufism....

              "Our Lord! forgive us our sins and anything we may have done that transgressed our duty; establish our feet firmly and help us against those that resist faith." Quran(3:147)
              Both Halal & Haram r evident but between them r doubtful things, most ppl have no knowledge about them. So whoever saves himself from suspicious things saves his religion & honor, & whoever indulges in suspicious things indulges in Haram.


                This is what Sufism did to islamic intellectualism = "what is the sound of one hand claping?"

                Sufism is very attractive to many westerners because it is all about cosmos and stuff. I think the best think about Sufism was that it won many converts in western asia and south east asia....
                Apart from that, sufism has less to do with islam and more with ethereal experirences.

                [This message has been edited by Sultan Toora (edited March 11, 2002).]


                  Munni ; i dont have a problem figuring out what the best correct way is i know tht sufism is not from islam the problem is convincing my mum. I know the correct path, i prayed to allah and he answered my call, and removed my confusion.

                  Adnan Ahmed ; i made an honest , sincere and enthusiastic effort to understand sufism, in early 2001 ......
                  My mum took me to the azeemia foundation where things were done by the azeemia 'tareeqa' .
                  1) none of the women were in hijaab, but i stayed quiet, i thought perhaps they're still learning.
                  2) The girls and guys were allowed to freely mix and sit with each other; this is haraam - still i stayed queit, thinking that maybe this was temporary, and that they will make proper arrangements sometime soon. that sometime soon never arrived.
                  3) The time for maghrib came and went, but no-one stopped the lecure to offer it, and continued with wht they were doing.
                  still i stayed quiet - this time i dont even know why i stayed quiet
                  4) The lady talked about reaching such heights of ectasy ,purity and spiritual elevation that would one could communicate with creator - hmm, i would like to know how a limited being is able to communicate with an unlimited being?.
                  5)People were encouraged to actively discuss their dreams and feelings - what has that to do with anything ? and besides, there is hadith, which stipulates that dreams should not be discussed unless its with a qualified interpreter. These ppl were NOT qualified.

                  6) we spent 2 weeks learning about the life of the sufi scholar, and were told that we have to obey him in all that he says.

                  7) Number 7 is when i lost my rag.
                  my mum went into this room, alone with this guy in order to pledge allegiance to the sheikh ! grrr.
                  and he TOUCHED her MAN i was ready to knock the guy out

                  THIS was the penultimate in making me realise that sufism has nothing to do with islam.

                  As you can see, i dont have misconceptions abt sufism, i have studied it.

                  Armughal; thanks for the post it will come in handy for references to back-up my statements, bt as i have said, i dont have a problem in realising that sufism is codswallop, its convincing my mum.

                  Sultan Toora; i agree

                  [This message has been edited by eemo (edited March 11, 2002).]



                    Your conclusion from the gathering at you house, about sufism, is similar to what Non-Muslims say about Islam these days. Since, Muslims dont have good characters, hence, Na-U-Zubillah, Islam is also falsified.

                    I suggest that you gain first hand knowledge about sufism. A very good book is "Kashf-Ul-Mahjoob".

                    But, I would also like to say that Sufism is nothing but to purify your soul from spiritual ailments like envy, greed, love for the world and so on and so forth.

                    I would also suggest that you read "Shahab Nama". In the end, dont jump to conclusion so soon. With a clear intention, just search for the truth. InShaAllah, Allah will help you.


                      bro, exactly how much more evidence do i need ?

                      im not being arrogant, im an intelligent individual and i fear allah.
                      as a muslim it is imperative that i assess the reality, and leave my mind to rational thought and reason, NOT sentiment.

                      Please re-review what u have written


                        That is the problem brother. This area is beyond rationality and logical reasoning. Its only Allah's taufeeq that will enable you to grasp the reality. I am afraid that rationality and logical reasoning won't take you anywhere.

                        Anyways, May Allah bless us all!!! Ameen!


                          One more thing I want to add. If I were in your place, then seeing all that happened at your place, my reaction would have been the same. I dont know if the guys that gathered at your place were right or wrong. But, I would advise you not to judge sufism by what you see in public. 98% of the so called sufis are fakes and there is a great chance that you might be misled.

                          Wama Alaina Illal Balagh


                            well lets jst hope i been misled

                            BUT u and i need to discuss in person

                            wanna meet ?


                              I would be honoured to have a discussion on this topic.