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Brahma's Incest with His Daugher Sarasvati

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    Brahma's Incest with His Daugher Sarasvati

    Incest a sin in Hindusim. If it is a sin, then what the hell is that >>>

    Brahma is the main god of the Hindu religion as expounded by the Smarta pantheists. He is one of the Hindu (ie. Smarta) trinity of Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva. Brahma is also Brahman, the Supreme Infinite God. Yet, Vishnu is himself considered merely another manifestation of Brahman or Brahma. Brahma in the form of Prajapati is the creator of the Universe in the Vedic religion. He is hence the most important Vaidik god, towering like a colossus above Vishnu and Rudra (later on Rudra was identified with the Dravidian Shiva). The beastly behaviour of this God is thus especially significant, and shows how the rotten nature of Hinduism extends to the very foundation.

    Brahma's Incest With Sarasvati
    The savage Vedic Aryans who invaded India practiced widespread incest, cannibalism, sati and other barbarities. It is hence no surprise that the main Vedic god also displayed animal characteristics. He had incest with his own daughter, an act that is perfectly legal in Vedic law :

    " Brahma is one of the 3 main gods - Trimurti - of the Hindu pantheon. He is the creator of the universe. Sarasvati, who became the wife of her own father, was the daughter of Brahma. There are 2 stories about her genesis in the `Saraswati Purana'. One is that Brahma created his beautiful daughter Saraswati direct from his `vital strength' or seminal fluid. The other is that Brahma used to collect his semen in a pot whenever he masturbated fixing his carnal eyes on the celestial beauty Urvasi. Brahma's semen in the pot gave birth to the sage Agastya, and Agastya in turn gave birth to Saraswati. Thus, Saraswati had no mother.
    " This daughter or grand-daughter of Brahma is the Hindu goddess of learning. When Brahma saw the beauty of Saraswati he became amorous. To escape from her father's passionate approach Saraswati ran to the lands in all four directions, but she could not escape from her father. She succumbed to Brahma's wish. Brahma and his daughter Saraswati lived as husband and wife indulging in incest for 100 years. They had a son Swayambhumaru and a daughter Satarupa. THrough the incest of Brahma's son and daughter Brahma got two grandsons and two grand-daughters."
    ( Kovoor, p.76 )

    The legend is given in the following `sacred' Vedic texts ( Spellman, p.28 ):

    Aitareya Brahmana.III.33
    Satapatha Brahmana.I.7.4.1ff; XIV, 4.2.1ff;
    Matsya Purana.III.32 ff;
    Bhagavata Purana.III.12.28ff.

    Justification of Incest
    In all these `holy' scriptures, this act of unrestrained incest is justified and upheld as a legal act !

    " Brahma followed Savitri [ Sarasvati ], married her, and they lived together in a lotus for one hundred years. The Purana [ Matsya ] then points out that no question arises regarding prohibited acts of the gods since they do not reap the fruits of their karma (actions) as do mortals. A further justification of Brahma's action is given by noting that Brahma is the lord of the Vedas and Savitri is the goddess of the Vedas. They therefore are inseparable, and to unite the Vedas with the sacred prayer can surely be no evil."
    ( Spellman, p.30 )
    However, the Vedas, which carry far more authority than the Puranic and Brahmanic texts cited above, enjoin this practice. Incest, far from being a `corruption' introduced after the Vedic Dark Ages, was thus a common practice during that age of barbarism and illiteracy, and is a Hindu institution perfectly sanctioned in the Vedas.

    Vedic Sanction of Incest
    One of the most irrefutable facts proving that Hinduism is evil right at its very foundation is the fact that the Vedas justify the beastly act of incest as a `sacred act'. This was no doubt an outcome of the strict practice of `brahmacharya' which produced hoards of sexually starved psychopathic sadhus. It is these mad sadhu Brahmins, the authors of the concocted Vedas, who justified and legalised incast. Indeed, the Vedas enjoin incest as a kind of marriage. This fact was utilised by Brahma when convincing his daughter Sarasvati (also known as Padma) to succumb to his unlimited lust :

    " 8. On seeing his beautiful daughter Padma, Brahma was sexually excited. He wooed his daughter and wanted to copulate with her. How could a daughter give consent to her own father? Padma refused. Brahma could not give up his desire. He began to quote the Vedas to convince her that there was nothing wrong in having sex with anyone, anytime, anywhere for the sake of giving birth to a child. "
    -- ( Puran )
    This is the Vedic verse in Sanskrit which justifies incest and which was quoted by Brahma :
    “Mathara Mupathya, susara Mupatithe, Puthrartheetha.
    Sagamarthi, Napathra loka, nasthee thath.
    Saravam paravo vindu ha, dasmath Puthrar tham.
    Matharam suransathee Rehathee”
    - ( Veda, cited in Puran )
    Tranlated this verse means
    " For the sake of a child one can enjoy his own sister or daughter, without any sin attached to it. "
    ( Puran )
    There are other abundant examples of incest from the Vedic age. These prove that the Vedic Aryans regularly practiced incest of the father-daughter type and the brother-sister type ( Sita ). Moreover, the Vedas fully legalise this abominable practice. These evil practices continued right throughout the Brahmanic Dark Ages of 2599 years (1500 BC - 1000 AD). Thus, for example, Rama maried his sister Sita when she was still only 6 years old ( Sitaram ).

    Brahma's Beatiality with a Bear
    Brahma, the main god of the Vedic religion, was so lecherous that he was not satisfied with his own daughter. In fact, feelings of lust crept up when he saw even females of animal species ! He was so frustrated that he copulated with a bear :
    " 11. Brahma started roaming about in forests. He happened to see a female bear in a bush. Brahma would not leave it. He went straight to the bear. The female bear yielded to Brahma’s lust. God Brahma enjoyed the bear, and a human being with the head of a bear was born. He was called Jambu Vandan, the son of Brahma.
    ( Puran )
    Other examples of beastiality abound. The Vedic Ashvamedha involved the Chief Hindu Aryan Queen copulating with a dead horse ! Rama's mother herself copulated with a dead horse during the asvamedha ceremony of King Dasaratha, after which she was handed over to the disciples of the officiating Brahmin, one of whom fathered Ram. Thus, Rama was illegitimate ( Mother ) ( Ram ).

    Birth of Vasishta
    Vasistha, so acclaimed as a sage, was the son of a prostitute, and thus fulfilled the dictionary definition of `*******ness'.

    " 9. Brahma succeeded in convincing his daughter with the help of the Veda and enjoyed her. Brahma’s semen entered the womb of his daughter. But somehow, for reasons not known he sucked back his semen from the womb of his daughter, through his own penis...

    " 12. Then Brahma met Urvasi a divine prostitute. He was erotically aroused by her beauty. He wooed her and had sex with her on a condition. Accordingly after enjoying her, he pumped back the semen sucked from the womb of his daughter Padma into the womb of Urvasi. The child born was named Vasista. Brahma transferred his powers to Vasista and went away to perform penance for his sinful sexual exploits."
    ( Puran )

    Birth of Agastya
    Agastya, the priest who helped Rama during his genocidal invasion of South India, did not have any mother. He simply sprang out of Brahma's semen that had accumulated :
    " 1. Brahma acted as a priest to officiate the marriage of god Paramasiva with Parvathi. When Parvathi went round the sacred fire (Omakundam) she held up the end of her apron in her left hand. It enabled Brahma to have a clear look at Parvathi’s thighs. On seeing her thighs, Brahma ejaculated his semen in a vessel nearby. Agasthiar was delivered out of the vessel!
    2. When Parvathi came around the sacred fire Brahma was once again blessed, with the beautiful sight of her thighs and he once again ejaculated. This time a number of saints (Rishis) were born in no time. Of them Valkilliyatha was one.

    3. As Brahma left the place after the marriage, he once again secreted the semen and dripped it on the ashes of a graveyard. A Rakshasa named Pooricharavanan was born.

    4. Brahma collected some bones from a burial ground and ejaculated on the heap of the bones. Instantly a brave and strong man called Salliyan was born.

    5. As he left the grave yard a little quantity of semen spilled on the ground. A bird appeared there and pecked at the semen of Brahma. The bird became pregnant and gave birth to a man called sakuni.

    6. Then god Brahma went to a tank. He pumped a little of his semen there. A frog came and swallowed the semen of Brahma. The frog gave birth to a female child called Mandothari.

    7. At last Brahma emptied the last drops of his semen on a lotus flower in a tank. The lotus flower became pregnant and gave birth to a female child called Padma. "
    ( Puran )

    Surely, Brahma was a good guide for the debauched Brahmins enjoying themselves with thousands of Aboriginal Devadasis in their huge whorehouse-temples ! It is in these brothel-mandirs that Sanskrit arose as a mongrel language, the ******* offspring of the nomadic gruntings of Old Indo-Aryan and the Dravidian langauges. Indeed, more than 30 % of Sanskrit vocabulary is of Dravidian origin ! The common Sanskrit ending -am (as in Kalpakkam) is also derived from Dravidian, as are the cerebral consonants. Indeed, in all ways in which Sanskrit deviates from the Indo-Aryan mainstream it is Dravidian influence which is almost definitely at work.
    The impact of Brahma can be seen today in all parts of Hindu India : the incidence of fathers raping their daughters is higher in Hindu Bharat than in any other country of the world ! If a girl is not killed in Vedic female infanticide, she has to face the lustful advances of her debauched Hindu father ! And to top it all, such acts of infantilism are legalised in the Vedas ! That is all done before she is 9 years old, at which time she is married as per the Manu-Smrti. After that she may be burnt for dowry. If she by some miracle survives that, she is burnt as a widow ! The life of a Hindu woman is merely a series of tortures and rapings !

    Shiva cuts of Brahman's Head
    Shiva, the Dravidian God, was naturally enraged at this profligate conduct of the savage Aryan Brahma. Hence, he cut of Brahma's head :
    " 10. The news about god Brahma and his lustful extravagances reached the ears of king of devas-Devendra. He was excited and sent Thilothama, a dancing girl of Devalok, to dance before Brahma. She did so. Much enamoured of the beauty of Thilothama Brahma followed Thilothama to rape her. God Eswara observed the madness of Brahma. He got angry and cut away one of the heads of Brahma."
    ( Puran )
    This is another mythologization of the eternal conflict betwwen Negroid Sudras and Caucasoid Aryans symbolised by the conflict between the Sudra god Shiva and the Aryan god Brahma (or Brahman, or Vishnu).
    Legalised incest between father-daughter and brother-sister as depicted by the beastliness of the supreme Hindu God Brahma is merely one manifestation of the cess-pit of Vedic Hinduism masquerading as a religion. Cannibalism, urine-drinking, dung-eating, castration of Aboriginal males (Hijrah cult), sati (widow-burning), devadasism (Aryan Hindu sexploitation of Abroginal women), human sacrifice (purushamedha), Kautilyan totalitarianism and apartheid (varnashrama dharma) are some of the other gruesome gifts of Hinduism to the world.


    ( Kovoor ) - `Gods, Demons and Spirits' , Dr. Abraham T. Kovoor, Jaico Publishing House, Bombay 1990.

    ( Mother ) = `Rama's Mother's Beastiality with a Horse', by Kandu Velmurugan, Telingana Nadu Journal, Hyderabad 1999.

    ( Puran ) - `Puranography or Pornography?' , Modern Rationalist, Vol. 23 (April 1998), No.4,

    ( Ram ) - `Rama the Great *******', by Kandu Velmurugan, Telingana Nadu Journal, Hyderabad 1999.

    ( Sita ) - `Oppression of Women in Indo-Aryan Societies' , by Sita Kaushalya.

    ( Sitaram ) = `Rama's Incest with His Sister Sita' , by Babu Jambulingam, Telingana Nadu Journal, Hyderabad 1999.

    ( Spell ) - `Introduction' to Richard Burton's Kamasutra `The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana', transl. Sir Richard F. Burton, Introduction by John W. Spellman., Penguin Books India, Ltd. 1993.


    Notes to Electronic Edition

    ( Puran ) was web-published in 1998 at
    ( Mother ) -
    ( Ram ) -"
    ( Sita ) -

    Incest allow in Hinduism

    *Play your game - Guess my motto*


    I suppose your hate-erria quote was in retaliation to Andhra's post about Adam! Fight logic with logic. Don't spew hate!

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      Nope. I am not spreading hate. I am presenting facts about Hinduism You guessed it wrong buddy

      *Play your game - Guess my motto*


        Pakistani TIger, I pity you. If you want to discuss Hinduism by referring to sites like Dalitastan or whatever Anti-Hindu sites I can retaliate by quoting from juciy web sites that talk about child molesting Prophets(Like if a 60 year old guy marries a 14 year old girls he will be put in jail as a child molester!! ) and paedophiles in heaven!!!

        Note these two things however

        1.Such anti-Hindu sentiments are allowed to be expressed in India. Can anti-Islamic sentiments survive for even a day in Muslim countries?
        I mean there are no MUllahs calling for killing such people. It is a civilized religion!!

        2.The accounts of Brahma's creation vary.


          Nope, I didn't know about that site against Hinduism. That's what you told me. In fact, you said "Incest is not allowed in Hinduism" Don't feel pity on me. I have seen from your own media(Zee T.V)! By the way, stick to the topic!

          About you mentioned Anti-Islam, every Muslim is well aware of it.

          *Play your game - Guess my motto*

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            Dear PT, just to save your time. Hindus, Jews or Christians will never react easily if you bring in something against or for their religions. On the contrary we can share your thoughts.

            In between it is very easy to pinch the followers of Islam and enjoy the reaction. You need thousands of years to understand the secrets behind.



              Pakistani TIger what I said was,

              "I understand that incest is a sin in Islam as it is in HInduism and other religions."

              My question was since it is obviously forbidden and not practiced, how can Muslims and Christians believe Human beings sprang from one person namely, Adam.

              Your idea of a debate seems to be to talk about HInduism in turn.
              But I was not discussing HInduism or wheather incest is allowed in HInduism.

              My question was to Muslims and Christians.
              I raised the question because the main criticism against Hindus seems to be that we believe pretty much whatever we want to believe, no eternal truths yada, yada .
              I unhesitatingly accept that HIndus are free to believe or invent their own Gods. Infact I won't have it otherwise.
              Howevr since YOU got hold of the eternal truth and part of that truth is that we are all the family of Adam or in other words we are born to brothers and sisters( :eek,
              I was just asking why this contradiction?
              One of the answers was that it is OK for Adam and his immediate family but not for us?
              Why? Because we are not from the Middle-East?

              Anyway keep that in mind and carry your discussion in the other thread.

              As for this thread, half the web sites I visited don't seem to know that Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are not Vedic Gods.
              Infact Shiva is an variation of Pashupati, the GOd of Mohenjodaro Civilization.
              So, you can say Hindu God Shiva is from Pakistan !!

              Vedic Gods were kicked out of prominence long ago. I think that is the effect of Aryans assimilating with Dravidians.

              Some of them refer to Rama as Aryan Prince which is stupid. Rama was black in color.


                Dear Anand, I am not interested in blaming someone for his/her religion and faith. The fact is we are arguing with each other. I am doing it in a civilized manner. If it is wrong then explain it to me and others. Please, I hope you can do that

                Like I've mentioned, there are many anti-website about Islam. So, it is the duty of Muslims to tell people from other religion about their religion, Islam. And I've always provided the true link of Islamic site


                If "Incest in Hindusim" is wrong, then please do provide a link, book or any other source you got. Thank You

                *Play your game - Guess my motto*

                *Play your game - Guess my motto*


                  Andhra, my topic is totally different than yours. I am discussing about "Incest in Hindusim" here. And I found these resources related to this topic. If these are wrong, then would you like to give any other resources claiming these sources wrong? Hope, you can do that

                  That's right. Pakistan is a part of "Indus Valley of Civilization" .

                  *Play your game - Guess my motto*


                    Pakistani Tiger,
                    Its a hate site & I would say with confidence that the translation would be a lie. Why?? Do look at the other articles that talk about the existence & subsequent demolition of Buddhist temples in all hindu holy places. There are a lot of funny articles. But the peak was this but sadly only Tamils can resonate with this humour. Sorry, the rest.

                    It actually says Karunanidhi & VEERAMANI are the saviours of the backward class. If Jayalalitha offers 10 cents/guy in Tamil Nadu this twit will sacrifice them gladly.


                      Thanks for reply Sundarram. But I still didn't get my answer from you.

                      *Play your game - Guess my motto*


                        Originally posted by Andhra:

                        1.Such anti-Hindu sentiments are allowed to be expressed in India. Can anti-Islamic sentiments survive for even a day in Muslim countries?
                        I mean there are no MUllahs calling for killing such people. It is a civilized religion!!
                        Yes Anti-Hindu statements can be expressed in India on ONE condition that you are burnt alive by Hindu terrorists.

                        Read Pakistani Newspapers and Indian newspapers. Pakistani newspapers are so mature and mild. Indian newspapers (whether they are secular or otherwise) are full of Islam bashing.

                        Last when I checked, no group of Muslim pilgrims or Haajis, gang raped a Hindu girl. Last when I checked, there was no organized network of devout Muslims devoted to gang-raping, torching, looting , and sexually enslaving Hindus. However, these things are quite common in Hindu organizations.

                        Last when I checked, there was no group of Mullas bent on razing Hindu temples or starting religious riots targetted at minority Hindus. Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, UAE , Kuwait and other middle-easter countries have substantial Hindu populations. There are no Hindu holocausts there, and Hindus are not burnt alive there. AND PEOPLE ARE NOT OBSESSED WITH THEM, AND THEY DO NOT BUG THEM CONSTANTLY WITH POINTLESS AND SICK QUESTIONS, even thought Hinduism is one of the sickest religions on earth.

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                          Just one simple question. By your very own admission you are in conflict with adherents of christianity,judaism and hinduism.Budhism is the only religion with whose adherents you are PRESENTLY not in conflict. Even that looks to be changing at this rate. May I ask why is that.

                          And as far as Hinduism being a sick religion, sick definitely to pedophile followers. Guilty as charged.


                            O.K Sundarram Give me a Freaking' Break! When did I say anything bad about your religion, Hindusim? Did I embrace any Hindu on this discussion board? I've seen a lot from you people embracing Islam. And you are well aware of it who are those people. Don't you? I am asking for justification. If you have one, would you like to provide me some resources? I am asking again >> Is Incest sin in Hindusim or not? If it is allow, then the link and sources, which I've provided is correct. If it is not, then please do provide links, books name or any other sources you got. I am not talking about any other religion except "Hindusim". Got it?

                            *Play your game - Guess my motto*


                              pakistani tigar there are more inbreeding
                              in pakistani population that is marrying
                              cousins. read bout thalasemia the gentic disease in pakistan and advise to pakistanis
                              by medical professonals.