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      Best Place to kill your time is WWWeb.


        INSHALLAH, its so TRUE look what americans did to Afghan and now the talibans are striking back. If talibans were right and if they didn't do anything wrong I am sure ALLAH will help them out.


          lol! Question yaar! Do you think the Taliban has any chane against the coalition forces? Please take your head out the ground and face the reality. Taleban are just a part of the history now!


            LOL! Answer Yaar!

            Look at all the Wars Muslims fought under the leadership of Prophet Muhammad PBUH and under the Khulafa e Rashideen ! In Ghazwa Tabook, the Muslims DEFEATED 10,000 just with the help of words even though they were heavily outnumbered.

            Hazrat Khalid Bin Waleed LED only 60 MUJAHIDEEN to victory over 60,000 CHRISTIANS!!!!

            It is true that the Kufar have now much more strength than us now but my friend, let me remind you that you have FAITH in ALLAH and FAITH in ALLAH is the BIGGEST WEAPON you have !!!! If you are scared of 'NOT having a CHANCE' then you have to do some serious build up on your Iman.... It is better to DIE fighting rather than be intimidated from these Kufars who are killing our brothers today and tomorrow won't refrain from killing us!!!!

            And Lastly, to top things up, Just as right now I mentioned the Great Battles Prophet Muhammad PBUH fought, the Battles the companions fought, the Battles that Muslims lost at that time, (Uhad) All had lessons to be gained from!!! And we remember those Battles and we remember those lessons and we cherish them and we give examples of their bravery to our children so that they can be proud of what they are !!!

            Taleban have not lost yet. It is wrong to believe they have lost! Because the politics in Afghanistan is DIFFERNET! And Even if ALL the TALEBABN are DEAD fighting the KUFAR, at least I will be proud of them and will tell the generations to come that LOOK! we had muslims who followed the WAY OF THE PROPHET in this AGE and DIED on the WAY OF THE PROPHET in this AGE!!!! Inshallah they will resurface again but their previous Government will be remembered with Golden 'Haroof' in the history textbooks!



              Well Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Khaild bin Waleed were fighting for just causes.

              They weren't t he ones harbouring terrorists who kill innocent people. The deserve there fate. Baaqi tum bhi yahan ho and main bhi dekhtay hain how soon Talebaan will be back!


                I ask you to go back in Time ... Weren't Prophet Muhammad PBUH and companions of the Prophet (Khulafa Rashideen) etc. labelled as terrorists and lunatics at that time ? They were labelled as people who forcefully converted people to Islam ... Hence they were labelled as terrorists. .. Prophet Muhammad PBUH is accused of killing scores of jews, hence he was labelled as terrorist as well... just the difference of the word was tehre....

                If Prophet MUhammd PBUH and his Sahaba Karam RAA were present in this era, there is 100 % no doubt that there will be people who again would get bahana upon bahana to label them as terrorists!!!!

                Lastly, I don't need to argue with you about the legality of actions of taleban etc as this is not for us to decide... this matter is in the hands of the Ulema Karam... Its true that there are many differences of opinion between Ulema Karam but there is a VERY VAST majority of Ulema from various Maktaba e Fikrs who support the Taleban and their actions...

                The only people who put confusion into these decisions are the Kufar hence there were two blocks, one was the Kufaar and their agents and one was the well known and established Ulema Karam... So Muslims of today had to join either of the boats...


                  First of all Omar! I am just shcoked that you are comparing Prophet Muhamamd (PBUH) with these idiots.

                  Just a couple of quick questions for you. When did Muhammad kill Jews? Kindly go read the history. There was never any occassions that the Prophet Muhammad order any unjust executions. And people weren't forcfully told to convert Muslim. They were given a choice to convert and be set free or go to prison.

                  As for Ulema. Frankly speaking most of them preach an evil version of Islam, Islam which justifies killing innocent people. I am not stereotyping, I am sure there are very sensible and Alim Ulemas. But the idiots ones do more damage to Islam than the good ones do to spread the real message of peace in Islam.

                  Islam is a live and let live religeon. Where it says in the Quran:

                  "tumharay liye tumahar deen and mere liye mera".

                  By the way which Ulema are you talking about? Alim Osama Bin Ladin? Who like a coward attacks from the back (is that what Islam teaches?). Or Maulana Muhammad Ata ( does Islam teach that suicide is Halaal in Islam). Aur Maulana Sheikh Omar who gos and kidnaps and innocent journalist and then kills him just because he was of a different faith!

                  May Allah show you the right path Omar! Thats all I can say. And please dont ever compare Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) with these idiots!


                    I am comparing because what Muslims are facing today is EXACTLY what Muslims of Prophets times were experiencing. There is no difference! All groups of people are still existing as they existed in those times..

                    When I mentioned that Prophet Muhammad PBUH killed Jews, I was referring to the aftermaths of Ghazwa Khandaq! May Allah guide me, I am not criticizing him for this act Nawoozobillah! I just gave example of the Mushriks of that times that they labelled Muhammad PBUH as a murderer on this and many other occasions. Similarly, the accusation of forcefully converting people has been labelled by the Kufar. I know and You know and Everybody else knows that these are blatant and wrong accusations but the Kufar will always come up with things like this.

                    In Islam, it is FARZ upon Muslims to take baiyah from some Alim or religious figure! Not many muslims know about this...
                    Hazrat Umar RA once said that There is no Islam without Jama'ah, there is no Jama'ah without an ameer, there is no use having an ameer if he is not obeyed. There are many instances of this also mentioned by Prophet PBUH. @So it is wrong to conclude Islamic issues just by one's own thinking!!

                    So you need help from Prophet Ulema Karam! Just because there are some 'bad guys' out there doesn't mean you should reject the importance of Ulema Karam and become a Maulana yourself!!!

                    Remember that Allah says in the Quran that that which you think is good for you may be bad for you, and that that you think is bad for you, may be good for you!! So to say that that alim is preaching an 'evil islam' and that alim is preaching 'good islam' doesn't have any meaning!! Killing people (of course for a just reason) is allowed in Islam.. There are rules and regulations for this which are clearly outlined int he Quran and Sunnah.. This can be done for sake of protection of Muslims, protection of Islamic state, and many other occasions. THERE ARE MORE THAN 400 AYAHS / 6666 Ayahs in the Quran that are specifically regarding this ISSUE!!!

                    Lastly, Osama Bin Laden nor Muhammad Atta are not an Alims, they are simply Mujahedeen (Hadith: Sahaba Karam in Prophet PBUH's times used to go to Mujahideen to ask an issue regarding Islam when Prophet PBUH was not arround.) This is because a Mujahed is more close to Allah than ordinary muslims and hence will come to better opinions.

                    If an Alim makes a Fatwa, then that is compulsory to follow, but if an ordinary person gives a Fatwa, then it is simply an opinion. (Fatwa means opinion in arabic)

                    Hitting from the back is not something bad! There are also cases in which Muslims have done this in Prophet's Times... (After Hudaibiya, there were some Muslims who were between Madina and Makkah and they did not accept the terms of the treaty and did hit and run attacks on Kufar and their convoys and when they were reported to Prophet PBUh, they were not criticized)

                    It is too bad that we as muslims are paying less attention to what Islam really is!!! REMEMBER that in Islam, even if a TYRANT muslim is fighting against the KAFIR, then you will have to support that MUSLIM even though he is a TYRANT!!!!

                    We as Muslims have become self appointed masters of Islam!! This is the I Am correct You are Wrong attitude!! Or if not in this way, then we listen to what Maulana George Bush or Sheikh Tony Bin Blair have to say about Islam because they are more close to Islam than the Ulema Karam themselves!!!! Astaghfirullah!!


                    The things which I mentioned, I have the sources from Quran and Ahadith for this.. I didn't do the cut copy paste work because then the message will get too much long so if you need them, i can do the cut copy paste work in my next reply..
                    + Baiyah and Organization in Islam :


                      I just can't believe what I just read! Where in Islam does it say that it is alright to kill innocent people. What you are talking about is totally ridiculous!

                      People like you are the ones that give my beautiful Religeon a bad name and Islam has such a bad reputation despite being the most peaceful religeon!

                      Once again, I urge you to stop saying that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) justified killing innocent people. It says in the Uqran that never be the first to attack. But defend yourself always till the last drop in your body!

                      And why is America the enemy? America is what is stands for! Millions of Muslims live freely and practice Islam in the Country freely. They are not being told to wear specail clothing just because they are of a different faith (Remember the Hindu Afghanis). Everything about these Fanatic idiots was wrong! They destroyed the Budhist statues though Islam says that everyone should be allowed to practice there religeon freely. They were oppressive towards women but Islam provides equal rights to women.

                      So kindly dont spread misconceptions about Islam my friend. These idiots are not Muslims.

                      My friend may Allah show you the right path! I really feel sorry for you right now! I am sorry to say this but I regret that people like your way of thinking even relate to the beautiful and peaceful religeon of Islam and Pakistan. I am just glad that the Taleban and Al Qaeda are gone! And I support the Americans to wipe out all such radical elements through out the world who spread hatred by saying that killing of the innocent is Justified in Islam!


                        Originally posted by omerkh:
                        REMEMBER that in Islam, even if a TYRANT muslim is fighting against the KAFIR, then you will have to support that MUSLIM even though he is a TYRANT!!!!

                        Totally wrong! You will have to guide the tyrant Muslim on the right path, rather than supporting his false actions!

                        Umer, the Pakistani Brain of Austria
                        The Pakistani Brain of the Austria (formerly known as "The Pakistani Brain of UAE")




                            moving from image to religion, will have a better chance of audience, moderators AND environment.

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