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How Islam was Spread in Egypt

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    How Islam was Spread in Egypt

    Ibn Khaldun says that as the dynasties of his time, the greatest of them was that of the Turks in Egypt.

    How stupidly immature.

    What Ibn Khaldun is talking about is Mamluks (13th century rulers of United Syria and Egypt). Mamluks were Turkish Speaking warrior caste and they came from Asia Minor and Central Asia. (even today, most Turks are of Central Asian decent). They ruled Egypt for over a 100 years and prevented many other colonial powers (e.g., Persian Mongols) to occupy Egypt and saved it the fate of Baghdad (see, how things never really change.. Baghdad was wasted by Mongols in early 13th century and reduced to rubble. USA, today has pretty much the same ambitions concerning Baghdad). But here is an interesting element to the conquests of these times. Mamluks brought with them captured slaves from Black and Caspian seas (slaves are also called mumluks, but with the lower case “m”. In Arabic, both the Rulers and the Slaves are referred to as Mumluks). Mumluks then freed those slaves on one condition that they converted to Islam and fought in the battles to protect their rule.

    This is one of ways the Islam was spread in Syria and Egypt. The other way was the Sufi movement. Perhaps some of you can shed some light onto why the Spread of Islam is connected to Slavery and Conquest. One would expect that the religion would stand up to what it means: “Peace”.

    I think Islam was harmed more by the early warrior elements in the 9th thru 16 century than it is being harmed today by Mullahs. The only difference is that Mullahs now don’t enjoy as much Militaristic clout as compared to their predecessors. Those who do, e.g., Saddam or Osama bin Laden, should learn from history, because tyranny, fundamentalism and terrorism only last for brief periods of time.

    PakiNazi, Qdyanism was spread by preaching and most certainly not by enslaving people. Why don’t you read the history for yourself? If you like, I can recommend some books. But only, if you promise to read.


      Sorry dude but I'm kinda busy these days preparing for college...
      But when I get the time, I plan to read everything 'bout qadianees, chrsitians and jews... and besides, I already know enough you get your mouth shut...
      So, you can give me the names in the future...
      But, I still don't believe you when you say Qdyanism was spread by preaching 'cause I really feel it was spread by giving away handsome daughters, green card and some nice big bucks...


        Originally posted by pakistan99:
        But, I still don't believe you when you say Qdyanism was spread by preaching 'cause I really feel it was spread by giving away handsome daughters, green card and some nice big bucks
        Wow!!.. is that so? When and how can I become qadiyani?


          Yeah sure Nazi, if it were for Greencards, then all of you empty-headed mullah proselytes will accept Qadianyat. Go and do your college work, it might come in handy some day. What are you studying by the way? My guess will be that you are doing a degree in Fascism and Nazism. Good luck with whatever you are inspiring to be.



            We all know Islam for most part was spread by rogue armies. What else will most people do when a sword is held above their neck ?


              Originally posted by Akmed786:
              We all know Islam for most part was spread by rogue armies. What else will most people do when a sword is held above their neck ?
              Yeah, that's right!
              And we all also know what happened to those who ran away from beneath the swords... they went to Orlando, FLorida USA to study, declared to their best knowledge that was THEIR homepage and made a free e-mail for life account at yahoo... and then often posted filth at a site called

              Dear Admin : Can't I have a homepage like akmed's???

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                Free country

                USA knows best



                  FAITH UNDER FIRE
                  Sudan jihad forces Islam
                  on Christians
                  Women refusing to convert gang-raped, mutilated, says relief worker

                  Posted: March 4, 2002
                  1:00 a.m. Eastern

                  By Art Moore
                  © 2002

                  Sudan's militant Muslim regime is slaughtering Christians who refuse to convert to Islam, according to the head of an aid group who recently returned from the African nation.

                  The forced conversions are just one aspect of the Khartoum government's self-declared jihad on the mostly Christian and animist south, Dennis Bennett, executive director of Seattle-based Servant's Heart told WorldNetDaily.

                  Villagers in several areas of the northeast Upper Nile region say that when women are captured by government forces they are asked: "Are you Christian or Muslim?"

                  Women who answer "Muslim" are set free, but typically soldiers gang-rape those who answer "Christian" then cut off their breasts and leave them to die as an example for others.

                  Bennett says these stories are corroborated by witnesses from several tribes in the region. Upon returning to the U.S., he wrote a letter to influential members of Congress and activists.

                  "After witnessing once again the situation on the ground there," Bennett wrote, "I must ask 'How long will the United States government allow the Government of Sudan to continue its jihad against the Black African Christians of South Sudan?'"

                  Backed by Muslim clerics, the National Islamic Front regime in the Arab and Muslim north declared a jihad, or holy war, on the south in 1989. Since 1983, an estimated 2 million people have died from war and related famine. About 4.5 million have become refugees.

                  Sudan's holy war against the south was reaffirmed in October by First Vice President Ali Osman Taha.

                  "The jihad is our way, and we will not abandon it and will keep its banner high," he said to a brigade of mujahedin fighters heading for the war front, according to Sudan's official SUNA news agency. "We will never sell out our faith and will never betray the oath to our martyrs."

                  The U.S. House of Representatives adopted a resolution finding that Khartoum is "systematically committing genocide," but current legislation that would impose sanctions has been stalled. The Sudan Peace Act is opposed by both the White House and Wall Street.

                  Sanctions in the House version of the bill target oil revenues that Khartoum is using to fuel its war effort. Bennett, with 20 years experience in international risk management and banking, said he was the first to probe the link between oil and jihad that is now documented and publicized by human rights groups. His research began in 1996 when he asked: If you're the government of Sudan and you're broke, how are you paying for your war?

                  In his letter urging action by the U.S., he points out that Sudan's military continues to decorate and promote known war criminals such as Commander Taib Musba, who in the mid-1980s killed an estimated 15,000 unarmed, civilian, ethnic Uduk Christians.

                  In 1986, Musba entered the Uduk tribal capital of Chali and declared to its Christians: "You are all going to convert from Christianity to Islam today, because here is what's going to happen to you if you don't."

                  Musba then killed five church leaders in front of the gathered villagers. When they refused to convert, he began killing unarmed men, women and children. Some were herded at gunpoint into a hut then run over by a 50-ton, Soviet-made tank.

                  He also herded groups of about a dozen people into a hut, where he asked the first person "Do you renounce Jesus Christ?" Anyone who refused was killed by a three-inch nail driven into the top of the head.

                  The U.N. high commissioner for refugees granted the Uduks international refugee status in 1992 after investigating the atrocities, but almost as many died during the six years they waited for the declaration.

                  Islam also is forced on Sudanese in the Muslim north. Security police in Khartoum are pursuing a local convert to Christianity who went into hiding three weeks ago to escape arrest and possible death, the Compass Direct news service reports. Aladin Omer Agabni Mohammed, who left Islam 11 years ago to become a Christian, is subject to the death penalty under Sudanese criminal law for "apostasy." According to a church leader, two other converts face a similar situation.

                  Forced starvation

                  Bennett says that in addition to the more immediate, readily apparent atrocities taking place, there is a slower, less perceptive persecution that is equally deadly.

                  Forced starvation is one of the primary tools of the Khartoum regime, he says. When government forces attack a Christian village, they kill everyone they catch, but those who flee lose everything necessary for survival.

                  "The government comes in and burns the crops, burns grain stored if there was any excess, burns houses down," Bennett said. "Now you have only the clothes on your back, no tools, no cooking pots, no buckets for water, and you have to run two days through the bush in 115-degree temperatures in order to escape."

                  In the arid wilderness, escapees try to survive on tree leaves and stagnant, dysentery-infested water. If a women is breastfeeding, her milk dries up, Bennett said, and the baby starts dying. Small children, just weaned, also start dying.

                  "But all the family has to do is change their name to Muhammad or Ramadan, convert to Islam and walk the two days back to the government of Sudan who will care for them," he said.

                  Last year, the government of Sudan burned all the crops in the area where Bennett's group works.

                  "There wasn't anything to harvest," he said. "Literally we saw people eating roots and tree leaves. It's like eating the nutritional properties of cardboard. It's enough to put something in your stomach but not enough to feed you."

                  A food drop came from the U.N. World Food Program, he said, "but they never came in to do an assessment; they just dropped it from the air."

                  As the "hungry season" approaches – the rainy period of June, July and early August – emergency food supplies become critical. Servant's Heart believes it will need to feed 50,000 people in its area during that time.

                  Slavery as tool of terror

                  Slavery is another tool of the National Islamic Front regime, though Bennett says it is not known in the northeast Upper Nile region, mainly because of lack of transportation.

                  Western Bahr El Ghazal is one location where it persists because the railroad line allows captured men, women and children to be taken to slave markets in the north.

                  "If you want to end systematic slavery, blow up the train line and keep it blown up," Bennett said.

                  The ongoing controversy surrounding slave redemption – the practice of buying freedom promoted by some humanitarian groups – arose again in the past week when the Irish Times and Washington Post published exposes acknowledging the existence of slavery in Sudan but alleging that fake slave redemption is taking place.

                  Bennett respects the work of groups buying back the slaves, but he believes it is inevitable that some will be conned. Engaging in the practice is a matter of individual conscience, he says.

                  "Anytime you have tens of thousands of American dollars coming into an area you've got potential problems of corruption," Bennett said.

                  He says the "jury is still out" on whether it fuels the market by increasing demand.

                  "Slave-taking would still be happening even if nobody was buying back slaves," he said. "Maybe not to the full extent."

                  But he believes it's important to keep in mind that taking slaves is "just one more facet of the jihad against the civilian population" in southern Sudan. The methods may vary in different parts of the country, but the aim is the same.

                  "In the Uduk tribe, Taib Musba drove three-inch nails into people's heads," he said. "In northeast Upper Nile, they are gang-raping women and cutting off their breasts; in western Bahr El Ghazal, they are capturing women and selling them as slaves."


                    Well thats nothin new of the Qadyanis/Ahmadis/Mirzais/Lahoris/>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>infinityyyy.
                    I knew that bfore. Anyway thanks... for ur information...

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                      That is a piece of bull crap that Islam in Egypt cam with mameluks, Turks, actually it started when the Arabs invaded it in late 6th centuary.. Turks were later..

                      Please present facts not distortions... Thanks..


                        hahahahahahahahaha, the liberal kind again.

                        No one mentioned that the first Turks who converted to Islam themselves were slaves, and slavery in Islam was a very diffrent concept than the picture that comes to mind with eoripean slavery or american slavery. EVerybody had slaves romans, arabs, jews, persians, Turks.
                        Not to mention the fact that many sufis in south asia and central aisa were of turkish origin.
                        Or most importantly that mamluks are like so many years after the islamization of egypt. It happened way before Turks even appeared on the scene. Both egyptians and other north africans of berber, phoenician desecnt had become muslims. It was the muslim berbers who converted under musa ibn nusair who defeated their own queen-ho Al-kahina, and then the slave of musa bin Nusair TARIQ IBN ZAYYAD went on to conquer andulus and is today revered as one of the greatest muslim heroes.


                          I think this is gross distortion of history to say Islam spread due to slavery or sword. Take for example islams push to central asian countries came by the invasions of Mongols. Mongols are the ones who attacked Isalmic states and destroyed them. Only to be defeated my the Mumluks of Egypt a military class ruling elite. After their defeat Mongols converted to islam became educated and brought isalm to central asian states. These were the same Mongols who beacme the Mughals of India.


                            Dear Abdali, although mughal is a derivative of mongol, however, babur the first mughal emperor derived his descent from taimor E lang who was turkish. Mughals and co were of turkish orgin though ofourse laden with mongol blood.



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