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The 72 signs of Doomsday

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    The 72 signs of Doomsday


    The Prophet Muhammad (Salallaho Alaihi Wassallam) foretold 72 signs that
    would appear near Doomsday:

    1. People will leave prayer
    2. People will usurp Ama'naat.
    3. Lying will become an art
    4. There will be murders on the slightest of disagreements.
    5. Interest will become common
    6. There will be very tall buildings
    7. People will sell Religion for the world
    8. People will treat relatives badly
    9. Justice will become a rarity
    10. Lies will be considered truth
    11. Clothes will be of silk
    12. Persecution will become common
    13. Divorces will become common
    14. Sudden deaths will increase
    15. The usurper of Ama'naat will be considered honest and honorable.
    16. The keeper of Am'naat will be called an usurper of things given to him
    17. Liars will be thought of as honest
    18. Honest people will be thought of as liars
    19. False accusations will become the norm
    20. It will be hot in spite of rain
    21. Instead of wishing for children, people will pray that they not have
    22. People from bad backgrounds and with bad upbringing will live a life of
    luxury (material, not peaceful)
    23. Good people, when they try to practice, will be cut off from the world.
    24. Previously good people will also usurp Ama'naat
    25. Leaders will become persecutors
    26. Ulema and Qaris will commit adultery
    27. People will wear clothes of animal skin
    28. But their hearts will smell and will be dead
    29. And will be bitter
    30. Gold will become common
    31. Demand for Silver will increase
    32. Sin will increase
    33. Peace will become rare
    34. Ayahs from the Quran will be decorated and calligraphy will become
    35. Mosques will be decorated
    36. And will have tall minars.
    37. But hearts will be empty
    38. Alcoholic drinks will be consumed
    39. Punishments ordered by the Shariah will be revoked and will no longer be
    40. Women will order their mothers around
    41. People who are with naked feet, naked bodies and against religion will
    become kings
    42. Women will trade along with men
    43. Women will imitate men
    44. Men will imitate women
    45. People will swear by things other than Allah and the Quran
    46. Even Muslims will be prepared to give false testimony, without being
    incited to it
    47. Only people one knows will be greeted with the salaam
    48. The knowledge of the Shariah will be used to earn worldly things
    49. Acts which earn the Akhirah, will be used to earn the world
    50. Assets belonging to the nation will be considered and treated as
    treasures by the rulers
    51. Ama'naat will be considered ones personal asset
    52. Zakah will be considered a penalty
    53. The lowest and the worst man in the nation will become its leader
    54. People will not obey their fathers
    55. And will mistreat their mothers
    56. And will not hold back from harming their friends
    57. And will obey their wives
    58. And the voices of men who commit adultery will be raised in mosques
    59. Women who sing will be treated with great deference
    60. Instruments of music will be kept with great care
    61. Alcohol will be drunk on the highways
    62. People will be proud of their acts of persecution
    63. Justice will be sold in the courts
    64. The number of men in the police force will increase
    65. Instead of music, the Quran will be used to gain pleasure for its tune
    style (qirat), not for what it preaches, its meaning or for rewards in the
    66. Animal fur will be used
    67. The last of the Ummah will curse those before them. (clearly seen today
    people who call the Prophet's companion's names)
    68. Either Allah will send a Red Storm upon you,
    69. Or Earthquakes
    70. Or your faces will be changed
    71. Or a rain of rocks from the skies. (Asteroids? Meteors?)
    72. Lies will become a habit of the rulers and the rich

    The Prophet Muhammad Salallaho Alaihi wa salaam also said:

    1. Alcohol will be called Sherbet, and will be considered Halal

    2. Interest will be called Trade, and will be considered Halal

    3. Bribes will be called Gifts, and will be considered Halal

    4. Women will be naked in spite of wearing dresses.
    (This Hadith has baffled the Ulema for a very long time-until now: The 3
    of naked women are (1) Those who wear see-through dresses (2) Those who wear
    tight dresses and (3) those whose dresses are so short, that they expose the

    5. Women will have hair, like the hump of a camel.
    (This hadith too, had baffled the Ulema for quite a long time till they saw
    current hairstyles. I believe it came into fashion about 5 years ago.)
    Assalamualaikum Brother.......

    Jihad is fast approaching every corner of the world.

    We have to reinforce our inner strength with the help of ALLAH s.w.t. by
    dzikr in abundance to always remember ALLAH s.w.t to seek protection,
    sincere in our action, solat , read Al Quran, tabligh and jihad. These are
    the guiding principle of tabligh as practiced by our beloved Prophet
    Muhammad s.a.w.

    Please spread the truth and Insya-Allah our Muslim brothers & sister are
    able to understand and practice the guiding principles, what ever way they
    can afford to uphold our believe of our Islam religion this world and

    nice!!!! thanx for posting


      very nice putar!!!


        Thanks for sharing Saima

        *Play your game - Guess my motto*


          Why 72 is such a magic number?


            References please? Quran/Sunnah?

            L䧧, Pz hQd, Hm hl, Tm dR..


              interesting point Ahmadi yara...

              maybe this sheds some light..

              Gospel Luke 10:1

              After this the Lord appointed seventy-two others and sent them two by two ahead of him to every town and place where he was about to go

              PakistaniAbroad: This number is absent from the Quranic texts. Although Qur'an uses three, and forty; other favourite numbers of 'mainstream' muslims, but 72 definitely seems borrowed from where most of the traditions are borrowed.

              There is No Spoon
              JaddoN kaddya jaloos ghareeba tay shehr ich choatalee lug gayee


                Please, let me say this sincerely with no offence!

                If Islam had originated in 2001 in America,
                it would be:

                People would drink more coke than water.
                People would date rather than having arranged marriages.
                Ther will be a lot of pollution from people's cars.
                There will be more fast food joints than good restaurants.
                Stock prices of companies with high p/e ratio will go up!

                Everything in that 72, it seems to me, more as a venting of a misanthropist than a deep rooted philosophy or prophecy!


                  Yeah the List of 72 seems a little general. I mean thats how the world has always been.
                  Go to Daytona beach in Florida and you would think Kayamut is the next day.
                  I guess we can agree that before the last day, the world will be a generaly f---ed up place.


                    Asala'am Alaikum all.

                    I mean all points make sense but what is the authenticity of these extracted quotes? I would like to draw your attention to Brother Akbar Ali Meher Ali's Book where is proves many comonly used Hadith have been changed and are not in their origianl form. Please take a look

                    Also, do check his website out. He is a blessing on the Ummah. Converted from Ismailism to Sunni. There is no comparision to this 72 brother's knowledge. May he be blessed.


                    Dont tell your God how big your problem is.. Tell your problem how big your God is!
                    Jazak allah khair


                      Ahmed, I read your posting after I had written my 1st reply. There was a detailed scientific explaination of how the Hour will take place. And believe it or now, I read and I was sweating. It is completely possible and understandable. The article was placed on where the writer explains the Universe which is EXPANDING and because of the POSITIVE Expansion, time moves in a Forward direction. When the Hour will come, it will STOP expanding which will result in the FREEZING of time. Then the Universe will CONTRACT forcing the time to Move in negative and as a result, You will SEE THE SUN COMING OUT OF THE WEST!
                      Try searching for the article there. It was amazing. I sent it to few of my christian friends and they were also horrified by that article and completely agree that it could happy the way he had mentioned.

                      Dont tell your God how big your problem is.. Tell your problem how big your God is!
                      Jazak allah khair


                        Nice links, the author is a great guy, and a forner ismaili convert to Sunni Islam, his site reveals quite interesting things boout ismailis and osome other stuff. I have been quite impressed with his work.

                        [This message has been edited by reza khan (edited March 09, 2002).]


                          If you like that website, there is one more website I would like you to check out. It is maintained by brother Osama Abdullah, the biggest Fan of Brother Osama Bin Ladin. I am serious. This guy stood up and spoke right up! Here is his history. Was a Jordanian, almost converted to Christianity and later converted back to Islam. Now he knows all the glitches in Christianity. Read what he has to write about Jews' TALMUD that Prophet Jesus will be in burning fire right now.
                          Check out his website

                          Dont tell your God how big your problem is.. Tell your problem how big your God is!
                          Jazak allah khair