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Islamic civilisation and western civilisation

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    Islamic civilisation and western civilisation

    Salaam, I was wondering if anyone could provide links to sites which compare and contrast the Islamic civilisation against western civilisation.

    Jazak Allah Khair,
    Wa Salaam.

    I also would be interested in such a site!

    Will Muslims and "Westerners" ever be able to simply agree to disagree?

    Holy $hit!

    Does anyone believe that their "God" would approve of how people on this earth are treating eachother?


      Just a quick search brought up the following sites:
      "An Examination of Issues in Epistemology, Metaphysics, and Philosophy of Religion in the Context of Modern Western Philosophy"
      "Islamic and American Constitutional Law: Borrowing Possibilities Or a History of Borrowing?"
      "The Genesis of Islamic Economics: A Chapter in the Politics of Muslim Identity, Social Research"

      "Iranian Islam and the Faustian Bargain of Western Modernity"


      I have not had time to read these, but, a brief perusal indicated that these might be of interest. Please, no blustering accusations of biased sources - I just did a quick search and posted the links! Hope the information is of benefit. Will be looking forward to the community's opinions!

      Peace to all who read this...
      If a liberal speaks and no one hears, does it still sound stupid?


        All societies have had their ups and downs, Muslims had their time now its the west, next it will be someone else. If I had to guess, i would say the next couple of centuries will belong to the Asians led by the Chinese.