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The Truth is Out - Gujrat Train Incident

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    The Truth is Out - Gujrat Train Incident

    A Copy/Paste Job
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    From "Dr. Abdulazeez Abdulraheem"
    [email protected]

    The tragic incident of Sabarmati Express that occurred at about 1 km away
    from Godhra railway station has thrown a question mark to those people who
    claim to be secular or liberal. Many aspects & facts have been ignored &
    which I would like to bring to your notice.Compartment no S-6 two other
    compartment of the Sabarmati Express was carrying the kar sevaks of the
    V.H.P. And it was due to these kar kevaks from Compartment no S-6 that the
    incident occurred. The actual story didn't start from Godhra as being told
    everywhere but it started from a place from Daahod 75 km before Godhra
    railway station.
    At about 5:30 to 6:00 am the train reached Daahod railway
    station. These kar sevaks, after having tea & snacks at the railway
    broke down the stall after having some argument with the stall owner and
    they processed back to the departing train. The stall owner then filed an
    NC against kar sevaks at the local police station about the above incident.
    Then about 7:00 to 7:15 am the train reached Godhra railway station. All
    kar sevaks came out from their reserved compartments and started to have
    and snacks, at the small tea stall on the platform, which was being run by
    an old bearded man from the minority community. There was a servant
    this old man in the stall. The kar sevaks on purpose argued with this old
    man and then bate him up & pulled his beard. This was all planned to
    humiliate the old man since he was from the minority community. These karsevaks kept repeating the slogan, "Mandir ka nirmaan karo, Babar ki aulad ko bahar karo". (Start building the Mandir and throw the sons of Babar i.e.the Muslims out of the country.)<u> Hearing the chaos, the daughter (16) of the old man who was also present at the station came forward and tried to save her father from kar kevaks.</u> She kept pleading and begging to them to stop beating her father and leave him alone. <u>But instead of listening to her woes, the kar kevaks lifted the young girl and took her inside their compartment (S-6) and closed the compartment door shut.</u> The train started to move out of the platform of Godhra railway station. The old man kept
    banging on the compartment doors and pleaded to leave his daughter. Just before the
    train could move out completely from the platform, two stall vendors jumped into the last bogey that comes after the guard cabin. And with the intention of saving the girl they pulled the chain and stopped the train. By the time the train halted completely, it was 1 km away from the railway
    These two men then came to the bogey in which the girl was and started to bang at the door and requested the kar sevaks to leave the girl alone. Hearing all these chaos, people in the vicinity near to the tracks started
    to gather towards the train. The boys and the mob (that also included
    that had now gathered near the compartment requested the kar sevaks to
    return the girl back. But instead of returning the girl, they started
    closing their windows.
    This infuriated the mob and they retaliated by
    pelting stones at the compartment. The compartment-adjoining compartment S-6
    on both sides contained kar sevaks of the V.H.P. these kar sevaks were
    carrying banners that had long bamboo stick attached to them. These kar sevaks got down and started attacking with bamboo sticks on the bob gathered to save the girl. These was like adding insult to injury for the crowd gathered and their anger was now uncontrollable. The crowd started to bring
    diesel and petrol from trucks and rickshaws standing at the garages Signal Fadia (a place in Godhra) and burnt down the compartment. They didn't bring the fuel from any petrol pump as being reported everywhere nor was this act of burning pre-planned as being mentioned by many people but it happened all of a sudden out of sheer frustration and anger.
    After hearing about this incident, member of V.H.P. living in that area started burning down the
    garages in Signal Fadia, they also burnt down Baddshah Masjid, at Shehra
    Bhagaad (small area in Godhra). Reliable resources have reported all these
    information and facts to their information and me can't be doubted. I would also mention my sources namely Mr. Anil Soni and Neelam Soni (reporters of
    Gujarat Samachar Newspaper and also member of P.T.I. & A.N.I.) have worked
    hard to dig the true facts and they duly deserve words of appraisal for
    their hard work. Mr. Soni's mobile number is 009825038152. Res. Tel. no.
    02672-43153 & Off. Tel no. 02672-43152 Fax no. 02672-45999. Due to no
    proper substantial and circumstantial evidence and the late arrival of
    Police at the scene of crime frustrated the Police. Which resulted in harassment and arrests of innocent local people living in Godhre. Furthermore the police started blaming the Mayor of Godhra, Mr. Ahmed
    Hussain Kalota for this incident. Mr. Kalota who is the member of the Indian National Congress is also a lawyer. This blaming on Congressmen was also done to humiliate, defame and demoralize the Congress. The V.H.P.'s plan is to weaken the country by planning internal conflicts between
    communities and bring a backwardness of 100 years in the country. Sorry
    say but they are carrying out their plans successfully without the fear of
    being stopped by anyone. No one but only the innocents will have to bear
    consequences of their plans. It is our humble request and prayers to all
    the members of Parliament along with the Prime Minister, and the entire
    media > > > circle to try and > > stop > > > the sparks of a fire to gulp
    down the whole county in flames to > > > take > some > > > auction against
    the kar sevaks of the V.H.P. before they get out > > > of hand > > > and
    stop harassing the innocents and catch the real miscreants and > > >

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    From: [email protected]

    one thing that is still plaguing all reports and shows the nonetheless bias of western as well as "indian" reporting is this nonsense about "the first victims were hindoos on the train..." as if somehow all this is mere justified, spontaneous retaliation against the aggressor community. This misinformation has led even muslims to be unsympathetic
    to the plight of their unfortunate muslim brothera and sisters in India.
    My aunt who lives in India gave me a different picture when I spoke with her

    1. The govt. permitted trains to be diverted to Ayodhya , giving free tickets to terrorist fanatic hindoos "activists" to go to the babri mosque site to begin temple construction.

    2. These activists, when the train stopped, got out to eat and drink tea at MUSLIM shops, LOOTED muslim shops, and cooly, paying nothing went back to their train, triumphant at having looted muslims, insulting them .

    3. The muslims naturally followed to claim their monies: a lot of things were thrown both ways, and in this exchange, it's true that firebombs were thrown : but what do you expect? That they should sit by quietly and see their properties looted? As it is emotions were running high with the
    sabre rattling of idol temple building in place of the masjid.

    <u>4. It was not 2000 "organised" muslims that surrounded the train.</u>

    5. There was no intentional burning of hindoos - it happened during the exchange.

    6. Those who died were the activists. It's interesting that the no. of died activits has been inflated from 37 to 58.

    7. But what were they doing , aggressing against muslim mosque, property , looting anyway? My aunt's explanation is more plausible to me. By the way, she was telling me that they are all living in fear and dua is their only hope.

    <u>8. ARMY DEPLOYMENT is a PR stunt and a big hoax that muslims should beware of believing as the army as firstly deployed after most of the carnage and after they arrived they themselves sympathize with the hindoo murderers.</u>

    9. Another important thing for all muslims to keep in mind and stop repeating the mantra that pakistan is for muslim and india is for hindoo rubbish, the fact is that India , all of it is muslim land : once a land is conquered by the mujahiddin in the path of da'wa for the deen it becomes ardh-al-muslimeen and no matter what the present balance of power may be it does not change this fact. (And what are all the hypocrites who jumped up and down at the rightful breakup of bamiyan statues going to say
    of this rampage of destroyed mosques : not one but several accompanying the carnage?)

    10. We as muslims of India have an internal problem as well apart from being rather divided : this is that we need to make tawba for our acts of shirk : the "dargas", praying at graves, making ta'weez and tameema and magic etc, educate and organize ourselves, root out "nationalism" and increase in truthfulness and righteous deeds :
    inshaAllah , Allah subhana wa t'Ala will change our condition and He is
    sufficient as our Friend and Helper.

    11. HCI is organising fliers for appealing for funds for relief, getting
    names of affected families and will also be planning long term help.

    12. Anyone interested in contributing please contact Sister Lola or
    Brother Kaleem Akhtar at 613 742 5948.

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    The CIA Bin Laden "confession tape is a fake:


    [This message has been edited by Indian_Muslim (edited March 05, 2002).]

    Nice story! If you keep at it you may even get published!

    Why is it it is either a hate site or some loser who claims such things, all the time?


      Originally posted by kumarakn:

      Why is it it is either a hate site or some loser who claims such things, all the time?
      where ever it comes from, truth hurts, doesnt it kumara ????
      Both Halal & Haram r evident but between them r doubtful things, most ppl have no knowledge about them. So whoever saves himself from suspicious things saves his religion & honor, & whoever indulges in suspicious things indulges in Haram.


        Although i dont support the murder of the Karsevaks or whatever they call themselves, no one can deny that they had instigated and had been instigating a fight for a very long time and the govt, the police, and everyone else who could have done something either did not pay attention, or did not care.
        In doubt that in the eyes of those who killed them, they weren't targeting innocent Hindus, but rather Hindu fanatics.
        However, the revenge killings were targeted directly at Muslims without discrimination.