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    Qul aootho bir rab-in naas

    Say I seek refuge with the Lord of man kind.

    Malikin naas

    The King of mankind.

    Ilaahin naas

    The God of mankind.

    Min sharil was-waasil khan Naas

    From the evil of the whisperer who withdraws.

    Al-lathi you was-we-so fee sudoor rin naas

    Who whispers in the breasts of mankind.

    Min-al jinnati wan naas

    Of Jinn and And men.

    In this surah the particular mention of An-Naas (Mankind) brings man closer to Allah’s protection and care. There are three attributes from the attributes of the Lord, the Mighty and the Majestic. These are Lordhip, Sovereignty and Divinity. Thus, Allah is lord of everything, the king of everything, the God of everything. All things are created by Him, owned by Him and subservient to Him.

    Therefore. He commands whoever is seeking protection to seek refuge with the one who has these attributes from the evil of the whisperer who withdraws. For man cannot rid himself of such an evil which creeps into his heart secretly and unnoticeably without the aid of Allah, The Sovereign, Deity. This whisperer, this evil is the devil assigned to man. And there is no man who has not a companion who beautifies wicked deeds. The devil will go to great lengths to confuse and puzzle one. The only person who is safe is the one whom Allah protects.


    The prophet (saw) himself said:

    “There is not a single one of you except that his companion (a devil) has been assigned to him”

    They, the companions said: “What about you, O messenger of Allah?

    He (saw) replied,

    “Yes. However, Allah has helped me against him and he has accepted Islam. Thus, he only commands me to do good.”

    (Muslim number 2167- Sahih hadith)

    One more HAdith narrated by

    From the evil of the whisperer who withdraws
    “The devil who is balanced) upon the heart of the mankind. So when he becomes absentminded and neglectful he whispers. Then when he remembers Allah, he withdraws.”
    NOTE: he is referred to as Shaiytaan(Devil)
    (At-Tabari 24:709)

    Al-Mu’tamir bin sulayman has reported that his father said:

    “It has been mentioned to me that Shaytaan is Al-Waswas. He blows into the heart of the Son of Adam when he is sad and when he is happy. But when he (man) remembers Allah, Shaytaan withdraws.”


    Of Jinns and mankind
    This is an explanatory of Allah’s statement. It has also been said that it is an explanation of who is it that whispers in the breasts of mankind from the devils of mankind and Jinns. This is stated by Allah
    “And so we have appointed for every prophet enemies- Shayaatin among mankind and Jinn, inspiring one another with adorned speech as a vision.” 6:112

    The style adopted here is quite significant because it draws one’s attention fully to the identity of this sneaking whisperer after describing its nature in order to show the process by which evil is insinuated, so that one is alert to watch and confront it. For when one is given the full picture one knows that this sneaking whisperer operates secretly. One also realises that it is jinn as well as human, for human beings are not exceptions to spreading evil while unseen.
    We do not know how the jinn perform this whispering, but we certainly find its repercussions in the behaviour of individuals as well as in human life generally. We know for sure the battle between Adam (as) (man) and Iblis (shaytaan, A jinn) is a very old one. War between the two was declared by Shaytaan out of the evil inherent in him, his conceit and his envy of man. He was given divine permission to carry out his battle for a purpose which Allah alone comprehends. But, significantly, man has not been left alone, dispossessed of the necessary means of protection. He has been provided with the power of Imaan (faith). Meditation and seeking refuge in Allah are the most effective weapons. When man neglects these means of security and defence, he has only himself to blame.

    Ibn Abaas (ra) related that the messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) has said,

    “Shaytaan besieges the individual’s heart; he retreats whenever one conscientiously remembers Allah, but insinuates his evil whenever one is unthoughtful of Him.”

    Imam Ahmad recorded that Ibn Abbas said:

    “A man came to the prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and said “O Messenger of Allah! Sometimes I say things to myself that I would rather fall from the sky than say (aloud openly)”. The prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

    Allah is the most great! Allah is the most great! All praise is due to Allah Who sent his (Shaytaans) plot back only as a whisper.”(Abu Dawud 5:336)

    As for humans we know a great deal of their curious ways of whispering and prompting, and some types like the following are more devilish than the devil:

    A bad companion who injects evil into his comrade’s heart and mind while he is unaware, as he is thought to be trustworthy; the rulers counsellor or advisor who “whispers” to he and turns him into a destructive tyrant; an unscrupulous slanderer who fabricates and decorates tales and makes them sound factual and convincing; a hustler of immoral business and dealings who tires to get through to people by exploiting their sensual, unhealthy desires; a hundred “whisperers” who lay various traps inconspicuously utilising peoples different weak points which they detect and look for. Remembrance of Allah (swt) is the only protection against these evil powers.

    May Allah protect us from the whisperers and May Allah forgive me for any mistakes I have made in this explanation.

    "I put my trust in Allah, my Lord and your Lord! There is not a moving creature, but He has a grasp of its forelock. Verily, my Lord is on the straight path. (The truth)"

    "...Indeed my prayer, my sacrifice, my living and my dying are for Allaah, the Lord of the worlds" (6:162)