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Imazine the consequences - Hindus burning a train full of Muslims in Pakistan

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    Imazine the consequences - Hindus burning a train full of Muslims in Pakistan

    Dear Pakis...
    I know that the Gujarat incident has given you a great opportunity to take the high moral pedestal... but just imazine what would have happened if hindus had done the same thing in Pakistan i.e. burnt a train full of Muslims... Would there have been one Hindu alive today in Pakistan...
    But who needs a Hindu to stoke religious violence in Pakistan when Shia and Sunni Muslims are already killing each other...

    The crux of the story :

    Its extremely funny when Pakistanis comment on sectarian voilence in India - Look in your backyard dudes !!

    The 1/4% of the hindu populace left would be history by now.


      lets see Bajpayee say that hindu temples, religion and lotun babas are responsible for what has happened.


        If you hadn't started by trying to knock down a mosque, then none of this would have happened!!
        Muslims are not the only ones to be blamed in this okay!!!!!!!


          Paki princess:

          It is not safe to seek refuge in history, particularly when it was Muslims who destroyed more temples than hindus destroying mosques.

          Let us not go there! You don't have to burn a train load of hindus for the loss of a mosque in history, and if hindus have to retailiate in similar fashion, there will be no trains or muslims just for the somnath temple alone.

          The current mayhem, though unfortunate, was started by Muslims, who burnt a train load of innocent Hindu women. If similar thing has happened in pakistan, there will be no hindus left in pakistan at all!

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