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Kabir & Ayodhya

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    Kabir & Ayodhya

    If Kabir were a witness to the Babri structure demolition scenario at Ayodhya in Dec 1992!

    Kabir: What this Hindu mob is doing today at Ayodhya?
    Spectator: Mr Kabir, they are demolishing the Babri mosque structure.
    Kabir: Why they are demolishing the Babri mosque structure?
    Spectator: Mr Kabir, they want to build here a Rama Temple, so that they can pray
    Hindu Gods.
    Kabir: Why Hindus cannot pray Gods in this mosque structure?
    Spectator: No Mr Kabir, if Hindus worship their Gods in this mosque structure, where
    Muslims will offer namaz?
    Kabir: Why? Muslims can offer namaz by turn or in the corridor. What is the

    Yes, problem is not for Sufi Saint Kabir to understand.

    For Muslims Kabir said;

    kankar pathar jori ke masjid lei banae,
    tan chari mullah bang de,
    Behra bhaya khudae!

    For Hindus Kabir said;

    pathar puje hari mile,
    mein pujun pahar,
    tante te chakki bhali piis khae sansar!

    (Someone may pls help for translation, as my pocket is very tight in English.)

    what sant kabir would have said to the hindus today who want to build the temple with the corpeses and blood of muslims?


      Don't simply generalize as "hindus".The mob fury in the first place was started by systematically torching alive 59 hindus by "muslims". The source of the mayhem is the "muslims".

      So are you to blame for starting a riot. The point is there was a henious crime.The state failed to react leaving the field open for goons to exploit passions in the name of hindusim. And they completed the vicious cycle of vengence by torching innocent muslims alive. The failure of the state to act is the shameful part in the whole episode.

      And don't go overboard. I don't see you rushing to credit our leaders when Muslim lives were saved.Laloo prasad yadav,Sharad Pawar,Jyothi Basu,Digvijay Singh and E.K.Nayanar as chief ministers thwarted bids to take toll of innocent muslim lives effectively with decisive action against the VHP during the last decade under even more explosive circumstances.Are you willing to praise them in retrospect now????

      Don't try to score sick points by taking advantage of an incident condemned by every mainstream party,media and leader in India.


        should we blame the parsis?


          Bachhan has a better option;

          mandir masjid hein larvate
          mel karae madhushala......!