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Another Shia Doctor gunned down

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    Another Shia Doctor gunned down

    Shiite doctor gunned down in Karachi

    AFP [ MONDAY, MARCH 04, 2002 2:26:52 PM ]

    ARACHI: Two unidentified gunmen on Monday shot dead a doctor from Pakistan's minority Shiite Muslim community in an apparent sectarian attack here, police said.

    Ale Safdar Rizvi, a kidney specialist, was on his way to Jinnah Hospital when assailants ambushed his car in southern Karachi, police chief Tariq Jamil said.

    "Two gunmen sprayed his car with bullets. He sustained multiple bullet wounds and died in the hospital," Jamil said, adding the incident appeared to be a sectarian killing.

    A string of sectarian attacks has occurred in Pakistan over the past two weeks in violence attributed by police to extremists returning from Afghanistan after the collapse of the Taliban regime.

    Last Tuesday, 11 people were killed in an attack on a Shiite mosque in the northern city of Rawalpindi.

    Police have blamed two outlawed Sunni extremist groups, Sipah-i-Sahaba and Lashkar-i-Jhangvi, for the mosque attack and rounded up around 50 people with links to the organisations.

    Hussainiat Zindabad.
    Yazidiat Murdabad.

    All in a days work for a jehadi of Islam.


      As long as jews and Americans r not killed, everything is OK with the GHQ. After all they created these monsters for India and Afghanistan, and after kashmir and Afghans fronts r closed, they need to play around in the home country, dont they?


        It shows the pathetic attitude of majority muslim faction of Pakistan towards minority!

        It can be stopped very easily as most of the ppl know, who they R and what they want.