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Has anyone ever been to Katas?

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    Has anyone ever been to Katas?

    There is an area near my town named Katas.
    It is reputed for being one of the holiest Hindu pilgramage places in all of Pakistan.
    There are streams running through and a natural water bed from an underground source. Every year, over hundred hindu pilgrims from India go there.
    Its is thought to be one of the places where the famous Pandia brothers of the Bhagvad Gita made their home when they were in exile. A key battle during the Mahabarat is also said to have taken place there. The site was also refered to by the chinese pilgrim Huang Sung in 600 AD, who wrote that it was a prosperous budhist town called Singapura, and that it was the site of a giant Stupa, built by King Asoka. The Stupa is there but almost unrecognizable.
    This area is in the Salt range in Punjab, few mile from Chakwal in the Rawalpindi district. Any of the Guppies familiar with the site?

    this is total news to me.Do give me pointers as to where i will find more info on it.