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Joke Rated "TBI" (Taliban Blended Islam)

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    Joke Rated "TBI" (Taliban Blended Islam)

    I was reading an interview of late Eqbal Ahmad by David Barsamian , where I found this "joke". Funny, though a bit outdated now, but exposes the mentality of extremist and fallacious interpretation of Islam still prevailing in many other parts of the world.

    Q: What is your view of the Taliban of Afghanistan?

    Ahmad: The Taliban is as retrograde a group as it is possible to find. Last year, I spent two weeks in Afghanistan. One day, I heard drums and noises from the house where I was staying. I rushed out to see what was going on. There was a young boy who couldn't have been more than twelve years of age. His head was shaved. There was a rope around his neck. He was being pulled by that rope. There was one man behind him with a drum. He slowly beat the drum.

    I asked, "What has the boy done?"

    People told me he was caught red-handed.

    "Doing what?" I asked.

    "He was caught red-handed playing with a tennis ball."

    I went off to interview one of the Taliban leaders. He said, "We have forbidden boys to play with balls because it constitutes undue temptation to men." So the same logic that makes them lock up women behind veils and behind walls makes them prevent boys from playing games. It's that kind of madness.

    These people are anti-women, anti-music, anti-life, and some of the highest officials of the United States have been visiting them and talking to them. The general impression in our region is that the U.S. has been supporting them.


    I don't understand this. Why did God give boys 'One Bat and Two Balls', if not to play with !!!!


      I guess the the Bat and the balls are there as temptations, sorta like liquor.
      Thanks to the Taliban, its all clear to me now!!!