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Jusus(AS) in kashmir??????????????

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    Jusus(AS) in kashmir??????????????

    is it right that Qadyanis believe that Jesus(AS)is burried in Kashmir????????
    I am shocked!!!!!!!1

    there is more information about this
    and books related to this event.


      Search some of the old threads in this very forum!

      Also you can get some info on it from Jesus in Islam
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        • for more facts and figures browse this site "tomb of jesus",

          also read this book online "Jesus In India" by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

          or go to kashmir and explore the facts by yourself. in any case ask Allah for guidance.

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        zameen tumhara kuch nahin bigar sakhtee, ger aasman say taluq pukhta ho....


          I don't understand this. Christians as far as I know, get pissed off when any body tells them Jesus didn't ascend to Heaven in body and got resurrected or whatever.

          THis seems to be a pet topic on this forum. THey keep quoting Koran and saying no mortal can go to heaven yada, yada.
          Forgetting that it is all YOUR belief and Christians have a right to THEIR beliefs.

          Such people somehow don't see the insult in all this.
          After all if your book and prophet are so precious that Salman Rushdie can't insult them even in fiction, you should extend the same courtesy to other beliefs.