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    using force

    I am getting agitated by the behaviour of some leaders or self appointed leaders in Islamic states who won't give people freedom of speech or freedom to choose a life they want to live.
    Some muslims are forcing laws on others by using force...magar mar dhar karne se kuch haasil nahee hoga.
    Everywhere I read, Islam is peace, Islam is love, forgiveness. Allah is continuously described as Rahim, Rehmat waala, forgiving etc, yet these characterists are not visible in people who claim to be his followers.
    Prophet Muhammad PBUH never used force on people to show them Islam or force them to convert.
    Why are his followers doing it?

    Because in my opinion...

    what ever they are following, implementing, talkin about is not the REAL ISLAM which was taught to Muslims by PROPHET Muhammad (SAW) PBUH.

    Unless and until real, Islam is implemented in the countries, these things will carry on, and people will use Islam for their own means.

    Why are the followers doing this...

    First of all , follower is a term, used for the person who completely follow a track, without any doubt, and hesitation. Would you call a follower who go to BUSH (USA)or any other person, and ask for help, Instead of ALLAH.

    I would say, that they are followers of their Instinct, Money, self advantages, and materalistic life, and so Every thing is possible and righterous for those people....

    That is All..

    Dont think "you can" know "you can"
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