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RE: D500s [Was Miraj & Isra were Physical or Spiritual journies? ]

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    RE: D500s [Was Miraj & Isra were Physical or Spiritual journies? ]

    If you think that this incident of Miraj occurred in vision or in dream, and the journey was spiritual in nature, then you will find very logical answers to all the questions I posed earlier. If you think the journey was indeed physical, then let me know what are the answers based on Quran.

    May Allah bless all the readers without limit in their effort in serving the cause of Islam. Also, may Allah forgive me for my mistakes, ignorance and wrong attitude and guide me in the right path. aameen

    zameen tumhara kuch nahin bigar sakhtee, ger aasman say taluq pukhta ho....


    If one can speak of an Islamic exemplar of the ultimate spiritual experience to which a human being might arrive, it is the story of Muhammad's (saw) Night Journey and Ascension. "Praised be He who caused His servant to make a night journey from the Sacred Mosque to the Distant Mosque, the environs of which we blessed, to show him some of Our signs. He is the Hearer, the knower" (17:1). Gabril came to the Prophet (saw) with the angle Mikael. Gabril said to Mikael: Bring me a bowl of water from Zamzam so that I may purify his heart. He cut open his chest. Then he cut down to his belly and washed him 3 times as Mikael exchanged 3 basins of water from Zamzam. He then opened up his chest, extracted the malice that was inside him, and filled him with gentleness, knowledge, faith, certitude, and submission, and he put the mark of prophecy between his shoulders. Then he brought him a horse and placed him on it, each of the horses steps reaching the utmost limit of its eyesight. Then he came to Jerusalem, dismounted and tied his horse to the Rock, entered, and prayed with the angels. When the prayers were completed, the angles said: O Gabril, who is this with you? He answered: Muhammed. They asked: Was he sent to you? He answered: Yes. They said: Greetings, and may God preserve the brother and great ruler. May God grant goodness to the brother and great ruler, and goodness to the newcomer. Then he met the spirits of the prophets, who praised their Lord. Abraham said: Praised be God who took me as a friend and gave me great wealth, who made from me a community obedient to God following my example, and who save me from the fire and made it cool and peaceful. Then Moses extolled his Lord and said: Praise be to God who spoke to me in words, who caused the destruction of the family of Pharaoh and the redemption of the people of Israel through my hand, and who made some of my people a righteous group guided by truth. Then Dawood praised his Lord, saying: Praise be to God who gave me great wealth and taught me the psalms, who softened iron for me, who made available to me the mountains for the birds to sing praises, and who gave me wisdom. The Solomon extolled his Lord, saying: Praise be to God who made the winds and the demons obey me and who made prayer niches for me and examples of erudition and generosity as answers, who made me cooking pots like towering mountains and taught me the language of the birds (27:16); who gave me all good things, made armies of demons, men, and birds available to me (27:17), and blessed me with many of His believing worshippers, and who gave wealth inappropriate to anyone after me and impossible to reckon. Then Essa extolled his Lord, saying: Praise be to God who made me His word, who fashioned me out of earth like His creation, Adam, and then said: "Be." and I became; who taught me Scripture and wisdom, the Torah and the Gospel (3:48), who made me the most adequate creator from clay in the form of a bird, who blew into it and it became a bird by Gods will (3:49), who made it possible for me to cure the blind and the leprous (5:110) and who enabled me to bring back to life after death by Gods will (3:49), and who raised me up and purified me, who protected me and my mother from the accursed Satan, and who gave Satan no power over us. Then Muhammed (saw) extolled his Lord, saying: Each of you extolled his Lord, and I extol my Lord. Praise be to God who sent me compassion for the worlds and sufficiency for the people as a bringer of good tidings and as a warner, who revealed to me the Furqan in which is clarification of all things, made my community the best community ever brought fourth for humanity (3:110), and made my community one of the golden mean (2:143), who made my people the first and the last, cut open my chest to remove from em my crime and increase my renown, and who made me the opener and the sealer. Abraham said: With this, Muhammad has surpassed you earlier prophets...........................

    And I will continue this tomorrow Inshallah, because right now I am tired and its late . I hope this has helped you in any way, and if I have left something out so far, well this is how I remembered it being told to me.