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    A Request

    I would like to request all guppies to come to guspshup and post questions with the intent to understand the religions to enhance their knowledge if they so wish



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    ok here is one from my side,

    Q. Where was jesus ascended?

    (a) Sky
    (b) Heavens
    (c) Allah
    (d) All of the above
    (e) no where, he died a natural death
    zameen tumhara kuch nahin bigar sakhtee, ger aasman say taluq pukhta ho....


      Andhra i can understand that u think its crazy to do stuff like ban music etc but u have to accept that people have a right to do what they so choose ...
      That is why god created us with free will .. so that we may do as we like.
      Just as u have a right to do what u wish ... whether it be worship cows monkeys snakes stone idols or whatever... i might not understand why would one want to do such a thing either but i dont think that gives me the right to mock what u believe.
      I hope that makes sense


        The answer to your question is what u believe it to be

        The reasons being 2

        1. Either u know the truth
        2. You wont accept any other answer that what u think is true


          for andhra instead of making mockery (why it is like this or why it is like that)I would ask you to read and even try a little to understand what our relegion says about music and other stuff.

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            (e) would be what I'd choose if I had to.

            There is No Spoon
            JaddoN kaddya jaloos ghareeba tay shehr ich choatalee lug gayee


              Freinds !!!!

              See how it works !!! You dont have to claim respect for your religion unless you respect others.!!!!! As Gandhi Said " If you want to be respected start respecting others"

              I used this theory always and people always repected my religion(Atleast in front of me).

              Now I assume that this question was raised becouse many people have questioned some basic of Islam.
              But dont you think there are many other threads which unnecessarily critisized muslims and Indians.

              We just need to respect each others beliefs and religion.Religion is a question of belive an dmany times you cant proof it with stop questioning each others.

              Jiyo Aur Jeene Do!!!

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                Qanoon sir
                I couldnt have said it any better


                  D500s, i will accept your/ anyones answer if;

                  1) it holds some logic (if there is any)
                  2) your logical answer is supported by any of the religious books.

                  let me tell you first what i believe in so that you can narrow down your choices to correct me.

                  answer a) is incorrect because it is against Quran
                  answer b) is incorrect Since Allah is every where, Jesus being a physical matter cannot travel towards a spritual matter.
                  answer c) is incorrect as in "a"
                  answer d) this is obviously incorrect
                  answer e) this holds sense in the light of logic and Quran both.

                  your answer will be highly appreciated


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                  zameen tumhara kuch nahin bigar sakhtee, ger aasman say taluq pukhta ho....


                    Zalim to begin with you ask
                    Where was jesus ascended?

                    You already imply that he ascended .. seems to me your out looking for a conflict ..well?

                    You want logic ...
                    Im sure youve heard of the Prophet (SAS) went to the heavens .. im talking about Miraj
                    Well if you dont believe in it its another matter of opinion.
                    About Miraj .. the Prophet went to jerusalem and from there to the heavens..(there is a matter of opinion on that too which i will not discuss) he traveled on the animal named buraq and as i think logically .. heaven is not on earth so he had to travel towards the sky.. and when ur traveling into outerspace i dont know whats out there so ill assume the heavens to be out there and the Prophet did say he went to the heavens .. and since Allah (SWT) said that he will never come on earth himself till the day of judgement HE (ALLAH SWT) isnt here physically so He (SWT) must be there too.
                    Thinking logically i have to admit that when a man dies he dies on the earth and is buried, cremated whatever he wants.

                    So i think the answer to your question is
                    a) Possible
                    b) Possible
                    c) Possible
                    d) since a=b=c=d and a=Possible thus d=Possible
                    e) Possible

                    Like i said Believe what u will
                    Im just an average person with questions and more questions .. my knowledge is limited and close to nothing
                    So forgive me if with my limited knowledge i am unable to answer your question correctly


                      You know i have a feeling, none of you guys know what you want to discuss here. Your discussions are pointless and in no direction whatsoever.

                      No one knows the truth about Jesus except Allah (SWT) ... and pondering it wont make your deen any stronger, there are a lot more avenues you need to improve and practice. All we know that he is alive, and will again descend .... there's no more gathering of facts beyond that, no wonder Christians have so many versions of the crucification itself because they dont know or understand what really happened and refuse to believe what has been told to them ...

                      Its our Wits that make us MEN .... 'Braveheart'


                        Mr LooksCanKill

                        I respect your opinion .. even if it is the truth or not

                        My thread was opened for a specific reason and u have just gone past it by being intolerant.. Listen to what people say first
                        understand where they come from and then politely state what your thoughts are..

                        U seem to be quite an aggressive person.. If these subjects make u angry i suggest you stay away from them .. only state your thoughts when ur calm and in the right state of mind. And please dont force your beliefs on anyone, let the people know what they are because everyone is entitled to what they want to believe. If ALLAH (SWT) willed for everyone to be muslim (submitters) then i assure u it would be so ... No but he lets us choose.

                        Once again my thread was to ask people to be tolerant to other peoples beliefs NOT TO DISCUSS ISLAM OR HOW WE CAN MAKE OUR DEEN ANY STRONGER OR WHO IS RIGHT OR WRONG.

                        Im sorry if i have offended you in any way.. rest assured that was not my aim.



                          I am not offended or dont worry about me being calm .... but i'm still not in harmony with the discussion going on here.

                          I dont see what you are trying to discuss, what is the topic of discussion here "To be patient and tolerant to other peoples Religious thoughts" ... if so, lets get the cat out of the box and discuss some subject matter here ... i mean after so many posts you guys still havent established a poitn of discussion here.

                          Its our Wits that make us MEN .... 'Braveheart'


                            D500s, peace be on you

                            My question absolutely doesnít hold any sarcastic tone, though its a very common belief among the greater Muslim population that Jesus was ascended and so was my question posed.

                            I asked you a question regarding Jesus, but instead you supported your reply by giving an example of Prophet Mohammad(saw). To me the incidence of Miraj and Isra doesnít happen literally as you have sketched.

                            Contrary to your theory of ascension of Prophets, Allah in Quran says, no man or prophet can ascend, (this is the literal meaning and not the exact words) if you read sura bani-isreal, verses 90-93, (the same sure which narrates the issue of isra) there the kuffar were making excuses to Holy Prophet that they will not accept Him unless an until He go up and bring down the book which they can read. Allah in reply said to Holy Prophet to tell them that My Allah is Glorious and I am but a man and a messenger. Meaning a man even one invested with the rank of messenger cannot ascend to skies or do such acrobatic acts.

                            The physical journey of Holy Prophet(saw) also seems untrue because the verses narrating the incidence of Isra were revealed after the verses of Miraj. the sequence itself points towards the fact that both are different and not related to each other.

                            Furthermore the first mosque of Islam was built by Holy Prophet(saw) at Quba, after his migration to Medina. While Masjid Aqsa where holy prophet(saw) according to you traveled during Isra was built after the demise of Holy Prophet(saw) and the incidence was happened before His migration.

                            To futher point out towards the facts, according to you Holy Prophet(saw) led the Prayer at Masjid Aqsa and all the Past Prophets prayed behind him. I sometimes wonder how can that small Al Aqsa mosque had engaged a meeting of over 124000 prophets, and what type of carriage they have used and had parked.

                            I have more points to negate the fairytale of Miraj and Isra, the true incidence is not that happened physically but itís a very glorious kashf, a sort of dream.

                            thats all for now.. I will appreciate your reply in this regard


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                            zameen tumhara kuch nahin bigar sakhtee, ger aasman say taluq pukhta ho....



                              LooksCanKill sahab

                              Like i said this thread was opened just to ask people to be tolerant to others beliefs and once again

                              NOT TO DISCUSS ISLAM OR ANY OTHER TOPIC

                              once again just for you to understand

                              WE ARE NOT DISCUSSING ANYTHING HERE

                              But if you would like to discuss something Please be my guest to open another thread with the topic u wish to discuss