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Enemies are distorting the Image of Islam

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    Enemies are distorting the Image of Islam

    Enemies are distorting the Image of Islam
    And we are maligning the Mullahs!

    By Shah N. Khan

    Quite a few people in the educated class refer to Mullas as
    ignorant narrow minded and backward individual who have
    divided the Ummah in over 72 sects. As a religious leader
    they get respect only in mosque at the time of leading the
    prayers. Generally most of Pesh Imams lead an austere life in
    accomodations provided by the mosque which depends on charity.

    The fact is that mastering the Tafsir, Ahadees and Fiqah
    requires much higher IQ than that a lawyer or a doctor. It is
    amazing that at tender age boys become Hafiz memorizing the
    entire Quran.

    The problem with most of the finest religious schools has been
    that they were not teaching English and Science. Thus most of
    them remain aloof of the main economic and social stream of
    modern life. The other problem has been that mosques and
    Madarssahs have been established in practically every mohalla
    mostly on Government or even private land by encroachment
    and mosques of irregular sizes are built. In various mosques
    illegal power and water connections were obtained for
    which no bill were/are paid.

    Most of the Maulvis in these mush room type of schools happen
    to be self appointed and semi-literate or even illiterate.
    They have tarnished The image of our Ulema. But the facts are:

    1) A qualified Pesh Imam well versed with Ahadees, Tafsir and
    Fiqah has as good IQ as any other graduate.

    2) All of them are not fanatics like Mullah Omer.

    3) Western Education does not make you perfect. Consider that it
    could not remove fanaticism from the minds of Osama Bin Laden
    Alzhawari though they were educated in the West.

    4) You are ignorant unless you have read and understood Holy

    5) It is your religious duty to respect those who are pious
    and lead you in prayer. They deserve your help and assistance in
    adjusting with those aspects of modern living with which they
    may not be familiar or that which do not come under the
    purview of their expertise.

    6) After all "Education is a progressive discovery of our own
    ignorance." as stated by Will Durant

    7) Holy Prophet (SWS) and Hazrat Ali (RA) have laid great
    emphsis on acquisition of knowledge. And we are advised to go
    far away lands if necessary for acquisition of knowledge.

    It is gratifying to note that religious education is being
    reformed by equipping the Madarssah to generate that kind of
    literacy that could enable our people to keep pace with the
    fast developing world and to prepare young men to go in the
    main economic stream of life by earning decent income by
    constructive work. Not everybody can be accommodated to work
    as Pesh Imam. Moreover most of Pesh Imams lead a very austere
    life on charity. In most cases that makes the young man to
    join Jehadi groups, as they can't find any other work or means
    for living!

    It is a sad fact that in most of the madarssahs students learn
    Holy Quran like a parrot without proper understanding as they
    neither know Arabic nor any proper Tafsir is taught to them.
    There is no proper syllabus. In most cases they interpret Holy
    Quran literally isolating verses out of context and without
    knowing the reason or background of revelations. Some of the
    verses relating to Ghazwas or treatment to non-muslims are
    often misinterpreted deliberately by those who want to exploit
    young men for their selfish ends. Few students realize that
    Islam as a religion has its roots in the teachings of Abraham,
    Moses, Isa (Jesus) and other prophets of the God Almighty who
    sent Mohammed as His last Prophet with complete guidance to
    establish the moral, spiritual and material values and to
    show the right path.

    The concept of Jehad is still misunderstood not only in the West
    but also by a few Muslims -specially those struggling for freedom
    or who have been victim of human right abuses by their rulers.
    Although suicide is prohibited, martyrdom in the course of Jihad
    is matter of great honor to be rewarded by Allah by a special
    place in paradise. Volunteering for suicide squads is not
    unique to Arabs. In many other countries like Japan, Vietnam,
    Cambodia etc such spirit is seen.

    Few students in Madarssahs know that Jihad, in Islam, means the
    spiritual struggle against evil. The struggle can be by the heart,
    the tongue, the hand, and the sword. These refer to the inner,
    spiritual war of the heart against vice, passion, and ignorance;
    spreading the word of Islam with one's tongue; choosing to do
    good and avoiding evil with one's hand. Jihad also means a full
    fledged war as declared by the state to defend the sovereignty or
    repulse threat to the state's freedom, security or religion.

    Our Ulema and all of us must realize that in this modern age
    interdependence of the nations is growing as that helps in
    establishing peace and flourishing trade and prosperity. Free
    trade is recognized by the economists as a measure of alleviating
    poverty by lowering production cost by producing only those goods
    that they can produce with Maximum possible advantage and
    exchange with the other countries.

    Islamic world is very much dependent on the West not only for
    Marketing their own raw material and products but also
    acquisition of knowledge and expertise in technology, medicine
    etc. The Western countries are inhabited predominantly by
    Christians, but are secular states where people of different
    faiths including Muslims live in harmony and peace and enjoy

    Zionists due to their clever maneuvering have been able to win
    their hearts so much so that illegal occupation of Jerusalem
    and other Arab lands are being supported by the West.

    On the other hand the fanatics like Osama Bin Laden are creating
    a bad impression about Islam. Quite a few people in the West
    tend to believe that Muslims want to destroy their freedom and
    culture and do not tolerate people of other faith. Web sites
    have been launched to propagate that Islam is a religion of
    violence and intolerance. There appear to be some secret agents
    at work who pose as Muslims but distribute provocative material
    to portray Islam as a religion of hate and violence. There are
    of course some misguided soles who had distorted concept of
    Jihad and against whom President Musharraf has taken action.

    It is not the responsibility of Ulemas alone to recreate the
    image of Islam as a religion of peace. Muslims in all walks of
    life would have to contribute by their actions and deed but
    pivotal role would have to be played by The Ministry of
    Religious Affairs in coordinating efforts with OIC.
    __________________________________________________ ____

    .::. ﷲ ﻼﺃ ﷲﺃ ﻶ .::.

    This is the WAR and this is facts that during the WARS enemies always find the black sheep from the opposite sides. Muslims are very much cultivated in this regard; our enemies can very easily find these black sheep among us.
    Look at our history, in every (almost) defeat from the enemies, you will find a few black sheep who clear the way for enemy's army.

    Criticizing the Muslim scholars is one way of these people to insult the Islam and the followers. They generalize the Muslim Scholars with the deeds or practices of some criminal individuals and these black sheep elaborate those criminal deeds as Islamic just to degrade the great values of Muslim Ummah.


      NO one destroying Islam. Its going finish becasue of muslim terrorist. Can u give me even single name of non muslim terrorist. Why always muslim do this kind of business.
      If muslim change their mind no one will blame to Islam.


        Originally posted by Asif12345:
        Can u give me even single name of non muslim terrorist.
        Did you ever hear a name called Timothy McWeigh
        I worte only one name because you asked only even single name.
        take care and look around, you would find thousands.

        [This message has been edited by Qaasim (edited February 11, 2002).]


          Originally posted by Asif12345:
          NO one destroying Islam. Its going finish becasue of muslim terrorist. Can u give me even single name of non muslim terrorist. Why always muslim do this kind of business.
          If muslim change their mind no one will blame to Islam.
          Theodore Kaczynski (Unabomber): Eric Robert Rudolph (Abortion Clinic Bombings) to name a few more.
          "Don't guess a person's character on his present situation because time has the power
          to change an ordinary coal into a precious diamond"