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    I have a lot of questions in my mind.But, to begin with I will ask the one which concerns me very personally.Is transplantation of organs allowed in Islam???I am looking for an informed reply and not opinions,please.
    You see, sometimes ago I read somewhere Islam forbids the transplantation of organs.Now, it has been preying on my mind ever since.

    I had a cornea transplant some years ago.And many thanks be to Allah,the operation was successful.Now,because of this transplantation I can see pretty well in one eye.Of course I still use glasses while reading or watching t.v etc.The long and short of it is,the only eye with which I can see well is the one which had been operated.(I can see very poorly in the other eye,still, I don't complain.)

    So????What does Islam actually say about this.Not,that the operation can be undone now,nor would I wish for it.I mean my other eye may need the transplantation at some point or other. I am on the "waiting list".I may not neccessarily get another eye donation,but, suppose if I do?What should I do then??????

    Guzar Ja Aaqal Say aagay Ke Yeh Nur
    Chiragh-e-Rah Hai Manzil Nahi Hai

    [QUOTE]Originally posted by Silver Falcon Of

    Ibrahim says: salaams to all

    kindly visit for some articles on this issue


      Being a non-Muslim, I find myself in much
      agreement with the views held here. They
      seem quite wise. Certain brutal aspects are
      strange to a westerner. Still, I am glad for
      another set of ethics that oppose some west-
      ern, secular concepts. Decency needs all the
      help it can get.


        Ibrahim says; greetings of peace to one and all

        Originally posted by TOMASSO:
        Being a non-Muslim, I find myself in much agreement with the views held here. They
        seem quite wise.
        Dear Tomasso,

        You donít have to be a non-Muslim because you were born a Muslim and no one can prevent you from being a Muslim . Muslim simply means ďone who submits to the will of GodĒ. Christ (pbuh) was a Muslim. So find out what Christ preached and taught and practiced, not what your church or priests are doing and you will end up being a Muslim.

        Wish not say more, since this thread is about a different subject and I donít see any specific subject about Christian jihad being discussed in the Christian jihad thread either, So before the moderators boot us out for straying and making it a one to one discussion. , I suggest you open new thread with specific topic to discuss, that is if you want to find out more on such issues. There a number of wonderful posters in this forum , who can address your concerns with such sweetness, it would melt your heart.

        Islam enjoins this

        16: 125 Invite (all) to the way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching; and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious: for thy Lord knoweth best who have strayed from His Path and who receive guidance

        Hence all the Muslims here will be glad to have your participation without reservations.

        Best regards

        If 99.9% is good enough, then 12 babies will be given to the wrong parents each day in the maternity ward


          Thanks a lot Ibrahim it was a great help.Can I ask another question? Can muslims pledge thier organs after their death? I went to the website you have provided the link for,but, the answer was not as detail or clear enough.Though what I understood was that it is not right to unneccessarily cut and incise the body.

          It is very hard to explain what would it be like if I could not see anything or could see little.It has taught me that Allah gave each of us very precious things in form of our physical organs,like eyes, or nose or ears etc.the few days that I was in hospital and my eye was almost always bandaged made me realize the worth of them.

          I sometimes think about the lady whose eye I "inherited".My brother often jokes that since the lady whose cornea I have got died of heart attack, I had better be careful.Even my doctor jokes that one of my eyes is 60 years old.

          Thanks a lot for your help again.I hope I can ask you other questions as well.

          Guzar Ja Aaqal Say aagay Ke Yeh Nur
          Chiragh-e-Rah Hai Manzil Nahi Hai


            Originally posted by Silver Falcon Of Kashmir:
            Thanks a lot Ibrahim it was a great help.Can I ask another question? Can muslims pledge thier organs after their death?
            Ibrahim says: salaams to all

            Dear Silver Falcon Of Kashmir,

            I would rather direct you to a fatwa dept, since my area of expertise is more in scriptures and I am in the rehab dept. I generally avoid this kind of questions since I am not fully concentrating on such matters and my opinions may not be well thought of and may end up misguiding you. Which is why I referred you to some articles instead of my normal lengthy response.

            I hope you will bring this question to any of these web sites and feel free to share their answers with us too.

            Kindly check out

            Was salaam

            There are No coincidences in life. Everything happens for a reason


              Thanks again Ibrahim.

              I have submitted my question to one of the Islamic websits.It will take about two weeks for the answer to appear.And I sure don't mind sharing the answer.

              Guzar Ja Aaqal Say aagay Ke Yeh Nur
              Chiragh-e-Rah Hai Manzil Nahi Hai


                Here is the answer finally.Oh But I forgot to copy the link,what now?

                In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

                All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be
                upon His Messenger.

                Dear sister in Islam, we would like to thank you for showing keenness on
                knowing the teachings of Islam, and we appreciate the great confidence you
                have in us. We hope our efforts meet your expectations, yet we apologize
                for the late reply.

                Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi, president of the Islamic Society of North America
                (ISNA), states:

                "This question is very much debated by the jurists (Fuqaha') in past two
                decades. The Supreme Council of `Ulama' in Riyad (in their resolution no. 99
                dated 6 Dhul Qa'dah 1402) has allowed both organ donation and organ
                transplantation in the case of necessity.

                The organ can be taken from the body of a living person with his/her consent
                and approval and also from the body of a dead person. In the case of a living
                person, the jurists have stipulated that this donation should not deprive
                him/her of vital organs. It should also not cause risk to his/her normal life.

                The Fiqh Academy of the Muslim World League, Makkah also allowed organ
                donation and transplantation in its 8th session held between 28 Rabi'ul Thani
                - 7 Jumadal Ula, 1405. The Fiqh Academy of the Organization of the Islamic
                Conference in Jeddah, during the year 1408 also allowed the use of the body
                organs of a person who has died in an accident, if the necessity requires the
                use of any organ to cure a patient, provided that a competent and
                trustworthy Muslim physician makes this decision.

                It is important to note that most of the Fuqaha' have only allowed the
                donation of the organs. They do not allow the sale of human organs. Their
                position is that the sale of human organs violates the rules of the dignity and
                honor of the human being, and so it would be haram in that case. Some
                jurists suggest that because people have become too materialistic and it
                may not be possible to find a free organ, under necessity one can purchase
                the organs, but a Muslim should never sell his/her organs. "

                Sheikh Ahmad Kutty, Imam and religious director at both the Islamic center
                of Toronto (Jami mosque) and the Islamic foundation of Toronto, and
                instructor at the Islamic Institute of Toronto, adds:

                "Organ donation is permitted in Islam if it is done within the permissible limits
                prescribed by the Shariíah.

                The following are the conditions scholars have stipulated for donation:

                Conditions associated with a living donor:

                1. He/she must be a person who is in full possession of his/her faculties so
                that he/she is able to make a sound decision by himself/herself;

                2. He/she must be an adult and, preferably, at least twenty-one years old;

                3. It should be done on his/her own free will without any external pressure
                exerted on him/ her;

                4. The organ he/she is donating must not be a vital organ on which his/her
                survival or sound health is dependent upon;

                5. No transplantation of sexual organs is allowed.

                Conditions associated with donors who are deceased:

                1. It must be done after having ascertained the free consent of the donor
                prior to his /her death. It can be through a will to that effect, or signing the
                donor card, etc.

                2. In a case where organ donation consent was not given prior to a donorís
                death, the consent may be granted by the deceasedís closest relatives who
                are in a position to make such decisions on his/her behalf.

                3. It must be an organ or tissue that is medically determined to be able to
                save the life or maintain the quality of life of another human being.

                4. The organ must be removed only from the deceased person after the
                death has been ascertained through reliable medical procedures.

                5. Organs can also be harvested from the victims of traffic accidents if their
                identities are unknown, but it must be done only following the valid decree of
                a judge."

                Do keep in touch. If you have any other question, don't hesitate to write to

                Allah Almighty knows best.

                Fatwa edited by: Tamir Abu As-Su`ood

                Guzar Ja Aaqal Say aagay Ke Yeh Nur
                Chiragh-e-Rah Hai Manzil Nahi Hai