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Reason for Deleting the Satanist Thread - I'd Like an Answer Please

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    Reason for Deleting the Satanist Thread - I'd Like an Answer Please



    Jiyo Aur Jeene Do!!!


      I wouldn't mind answering questions about Satanism and Luceferianism either. I think these two belief systems are very misunderstood and it is only with knowledge and greater understanding and tolerance stemming from these two that we can be better, less judgemental, more open-minded people.

      I read your thread and I didn't find any thing wrong with it. If you call Satanism 'religion' then we should get a chance to discuss it.

      Is this forum about different Religions or just Islam??

      There should be an explanation for deletion of that thread. I'm with you on this one.


        Sarah.. just as yourself, I also find shoving ones belief system down everyone’s throat extremely annoying. Just as one can not degrade others’ belief system by simply talking negative about it and abrogating it, one can similarly not glorify one’s own. It is for people to judge for themselves. Anyone with a face like horse’s butt can stand up and celebrate and flatter his or her religion, but it is the tail that people pay attention to. Don’t get too deep here. Will ya?



          this is waht I said in Safrah's 2nd Thread which was also deleted.We should be open to discussions and just dont Delete threads.


          Jiyo Aur Jeene Do!!!


            even if we disagree to agree, we should NOT limit free though and free speech as long as it doesn't trample on another's belief system.

            Last I checked, this was the RELIGION forum, not Orthodox-'Mainstream'-Islam-as-practised-by-people-from-the-sub-continent forum.

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            JaddoN kaddya jaloos ghareeba tay shehr ich choatalee lug gayee


              Originally posted by Sarah Splendor:
              I don't think we should judge people based on their religion, their sex, their sexual preferences and orientations, their color, their level of attractiveness of lack thereof. By focusing on these differences and glorifying and promoting one religion (and consequently one sex etc.) over another, we precipitate the differences between us and allow hate to procreate. Then, we get discrimination and all that terribly unpleasant stuff that nobody really likes to be at the recieving end of.


                Originally posted by PakistaniAbroad:
                even if we disagree to agree, we should NOT limit free though and free speech as long as it doesn't trample on another's belief system.

                Last I checked, this was the RELIGION forum, not Orthodox-'Mainstream'-Islam-as-practised-by-people-from-the-sub-continent forum.

                I dont see anywhere in her post she trampled on anyone's belief system.

                Also If Its not appropriate for RELIGION forum then it can be moved to GENERAL forum. But deleting the posty means you are against the FREEDOM of SPEECH. You can force all teh people to talk about what you liek to listen.

                I am neither FoR or AGAINST SARAH on this topic.but I am FOR THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH and being TOLERAnt TO OTHERS VIEWS.

                Jiyo Aur Jeene Do!!!

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                  Does anyone know of any belief system that does not end up having "true believers" who have to convert every body in sight?


                    This particular belief system stands in
                    direct contradiction to most others. It
                    would be more closely related to Atheism.
                    It also offends those who are Jews, Muslims,
                    and Christians at a minimum. I notice that it
                    would seem that the originator of this thread
                    still claimed to be somewhat aligned with
                    Islam, quickly changed her alignment. If it
                    was caused by the impression Islam was not
                    fair to women, that is sad. Islam, Judaism,
                    and Christianity detail fair treatment rare-
                    ly practiced by their adherents. Individual-
                    ity, within a framework, is encouraged. The
                    deception she feels is freedom, in the long
                    run, is the most enslaving. It is a trick of
                    cosmic dimension. See the light that is God!
                    God is the creator and sustainer of all.


                      Words are great to elicit emotions ... I think literature is where one goes to get that. The 'Neural Correlate' of an emotional high is merely a few flickering synapses in a very localised part of the brain. When you distort Brain Chemistry, drugs or meditation, the result is hard to tell. So in simpler terms, Mr. Tomasso, which light are we referring to? Is it personal experience of a mystic or are we parroting someone else's dreams and/or hallucinations?




                          Actually, if concepts are put across in a
                          polite way or the subtle pointing out of
                          errors in private by fellow faithful is
                          done in well intentioned ways, I would
                          deem that constructive and a gift from
                          someone who truely cares. On the subject
                          of a certain part of the brain, I would
                          submit that science may be able to explain
                          this and that, but can it say that is all
                          there is to it in a definite sense? Science
                          does not always take such liberties. My use
                          of the term light did not have to do with
                          either part of your question. It was used to
                          elicit a response that did not materialise.
                          Sarah, would you speculate as to whether you
                          have an affinity towards the belief systems
                          you identify because of the nature of your
                          personality, pride, and intellectual zest?
                          Some aspects of Islam pose some interesting
                          questions and give some pause for thought. I
                          still do not have a reason to hate even the
                          most ardent of the militants. It merely is an
                          opportunity to be able to see things in an
                          altogether diffent context. I did not even
                          begin to use logic to make my point to you.
                          I tend to think Islam is followed in the
                          world by a good many a person. All of your
                          dissent could be answered by at least two
                          major religions that come to mind. It is sad
                          that bad enviroments of any kind can impact
                          an individual to the extent that you may
                          have experienced. If you truely are searching
                          in a spiritual direction, in time you may
                          find that your frame of mind now may have a
                          lot to do with the natural chemical makeup
                          active within you at this time. Women are far
                          more complicated than men in metabolism and
                          consequently in thought as well. This is not
                          intended as a negative comment.

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                            hellO. hOw yOu dOin.

                            Standard prOcess fOr inquiries abOut such things is email to the mOds and admins.

                            nOt a persOnal it will Only make things wOrse fOr yOu. That is All.


                            We start, with nothing, pure zero.... There is no compulsion and no law. It is boundless freedom. Charles S. Peirce, "Logic of Events" (1898)
                            We start, with n0thing, pure zer0.... There is n0 c0mpulsi0n and n0 law. It is b0undless freed0m. Charles S. Peirce, "L0gic 0f Events" (1898)



                              Sarah its nice to see people think out of the box..
                              Its always good to ask WHY?
                              Y do we even have religion?
                              What i think is that people want to believe in afterlife am i right? Well maybe not everyone but most do.
                              Why do we even have a heaven and hell?
                              Cant we all die and just go to heaven... but then we would live as we want (right or wrong.. do good or do bad) (same goes for - if there was no heaven and no hell)
                              So we want to go to heaven and how do we get there?
                              We do good deeds
                              Who decides what these good deeds are or what is good and what is bad?

                              If a human is raised in a dark cave all his/her life and has never seen or even know what light is..
                              If this person is taken outside the cave
                              what is his/her reaction? Fear surprise shock and he/she will probably run back into the dark.

                              Is the light bad or is it good ??

                              You see people will always see things their way
                              Reality is but one
                              Truth is but one
                              whether the person realizes or not

                              If i told the person that the light was the source of live here on earth would he/she believe me?
                              If i said it was good?
                              Would he/she accept the truth?

                              I believe that its a duty upon us to search for the truth and be open to every possible idea and to accept only the truth and reject the false

                              to come out of the cave and into the light
                              out of ignorance and into knowledge
                              out of disbelief and into belief
                              out of falsehood and into truth

                              What is the truth, the light, the knowlegde, the belief

                              Well like i said people will chose what they want
                              Be one of those who is willing to look for truth and then have the courage to accept it

                              For me My Lord is the Truth the Knowledge the Guidance and everything

                              I choose not just because
                              I choose because i see fact not fiction