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In islam, is it permissible to find the sex of the baby?

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    In islam, is it permissible to find the sex of the baby?

    According to a news, posted in the WA forum, a new technology will allow the parents to find the sex of their baby within 16 days of conception and someone made the comment that all religions should join together to work out an acceptable ethical statement on such scientific advancements.

    Regardless of whether the news is correct or not... my question is, is it allowed in Islam to find out the sex of the baby before the baby is born?

    In my preliminary investigation, I see no prohibition. Although in Islam, no one is allowed to abort pregnancy (like some people abort female embryos) and such technologies may be used to do it more rampantly. Thus creates a problem by its application.

    So, is the procedure to find out the sex which is prohibited or is it only the abortion which is prohibited?

    I'm with ya on this; I find no harm being done to the fetus so I THINK its allowed to check the gender of the baby. Bearing in mind that there should be no alteration of any sort to the desire of parents unless it is a medical emergency where both the mother and fetus are in trouble. Ofcourse I have not supporting evidence that it is ok, so lets see the resident mulla's of gupshup concoct something from somewhere.

    Although, I'd rather have a surprise when he/she pops out

    Jitna Diya Sarkar Nay Mujko, Itni Meri Auqat Nahi, Yeh Saab Tumhara Karam Hai Aqa, Mujh Mein Aisi Koi Baat Nahin.

    Courage is not the absence of fear but it is the will to go on.
    Rabul MashriqaiN wal MaghribaiN


      There were press reports that because of similar technology girls are being aborted in China and in India. I have no idea how it is in Pakistan. I hope that we are not indulging in such Jahaliya in Pakistan. Although I have heard that there are clinics in Pakistan where artificial insemination does allow couples that have problems conceiving to have children. I have never been sure whether that is allowed in Islam. I do know of a land owning family near Sargodha where the couple could not have a child and it was diagonosed that there was something wrong with his semen. They came to USA and at some clinic the wife was artificially impregnated with the seed of some close relative. I have always wondered if that is allowed?


        I see no harm in finding the gender before birth.
        And only Allah (SWT) knows best!