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How to worship our Creator?

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    How to worship our Creator?

    Ibrahim says: Greetings of Peace to one and all

    Dear all,

    Most of us are under the impression, that, the way of worship had changed from Prophet to Prophet, in my research, I find that this is not the case. The problem is, we have changed them according to our own desires whereas the Prophets and messengers had done the same things again and again.

    Now, let me take you back in time, according to the Bible:

    How did Ibrahim(Abraham), Musa(Moses), Eesa (Iesus/Jesus), Mohammed and all the messengers and prophets (peace and blessings be upon them) worshipped our Creator ( Allah/God)??

    First , they MUST bear testimony that our CREATOR is ONE and ONLY and has NO partners or equals in HIS domain ( Universe and all that we see and see not). This testimony that they bear, is the foremost of all duties enjoined for mankind to accept .

    (Read:- Duet 6:4, Jn 17:3 )

    Second , they purified themselves .

    (read:- Exo 40:31-32, Exo 30 :17-21, Acts 21:26, Isa 1:16, Isa 52:11)

    Third, they stood on a clean place, removed slippers and they faced a certain direction .

    ( Read :- Exo 3:5, Josh 5:15, Acts 7:33, Psm 138:2, Dan 9:3, Jn 4:21)

    Fourth, They worshipped the only God by uttering certain words as written in their scripture and then laying their foreheads to the ground in submission.

    (Read :- Gen 17:3, Gen 24:36, Gen 24: 52, Exo 34:8, Exo 4:31, Num 20:6, Num 22:31, Jos 5:14, Nehem 8: 4-6, Dan 6:10, Dan 9:3, 1 Chro 29:20, 2 Chro 29:30, 2 Chro 7:3, 2 Chro 20:18, Esra 10:1, Job 1:20, Ezek 43:3, Mt 26: 39, 42, 44 , Mk 14:35 Rev 19:4 Acts 1:14)

    They did this a number of times each day according to their prophets teachings .

    (read:- Dan 6: 10) King David prayed 7 times a day ( Psalms 119:164)

    Fifth, they undertook certain obligations like :-

    a) Fasting

    ( read:- Duet 9:9, Duet 9:18, Duet 9:25, Exo 34:8, Mt 4:2, Mt 17:21, Mt 9:15, Isa 58, Mt 6:16)

    b) Charity and Alms to the poor and needy

    ( Read :- Jn 14:12-14, Jn 13:15-16, Mk 10:21 )

    c) Pilgrimage to the Holy Land , Baca is the old name for Mecca in Arabia)

    ( Read:- Psm 84:6) also the first thing that, St. Paul, did in his life when he converted was to visit Arabia. ( not even Jerusalem or the other disciples, which he did years later)

    In addition they greeted each other by saying " Peace be with you "

    (read:- Gen 43:23 (KJV), Dan 6:25, Dan 4:1, Jn 20:21, Lk 24:36, Gal 6:16, 1 pet 5:14 )

    Their faith in God meant that they will accept the laws as given by God to the chosen prophets and fully practice them.

    (Read:- James 2: 14-26, Mt 5:17, Lk 21:37, Jn 7:19, Mk 10: 19-21, Mk 12:29, Mt 18:8 )

    They Feared God and obeyed HIS commands by accepting the truth that mankind will have to account for their action's on the day of judgment.

    ( Rom 14:11-12).

    Are you following this practice as stated in the Bible or are you following someone, who claims he is following the Bible but does strange things that were NEVER taught by the Prophets, Messengers and Christs from our Creator. ???

    BTW all these are done in this world by those who claim they are Muslims. Shocking isnít it? Are Muslims the true followers of the Bible?


    Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men

    Are Muslims the true followers of the Bible?

    I wait for the day when Muslims will start following the Scripture that was sent unto them, rather than dwell on corrupted scriptures.

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