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rebuilding the Buddhas

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    rebuilding the Buddhas

    Rebuilding the Buddha statues

    We may ask : Does stone have more sanctity then the life of a human!? This question may be shocking, but already the New 7 Wonders Society and a UN recognized organization in Switzerland plan to rebuild the Buddha statues that were destroyed by the Taleban regime not long ago. Using computer technology , they plan to build a replica of the giant Buddha statues. This raises the question, is stone of some ancient idol worth all this attention while Afghan people suffer the bitter cold in camps while the American military rains on them dynamites and explosives from the sky in a deliberate campaign of genocide! While the western world stood to condemn the destruction of these meaningless statues, they remain silent on the slaughter of the Afghan Muslims.

    This thread is being moved to the 'World Affairs' forum where i'm sure it shall receive a more active discussion.

    Thank you.