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Talebans in Islam

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    Talebans in Islam

    Who are Talebans? Why this Taleban phenomenon has taken place in Islam?

    The psychology of Talebans is responsible for deaths of thousands of humans. It is very strange that the scholars of Islam do not see any reason to analyze the source of Talebans.

    sorry but i dont see any useful points in ur question....

    no facts to support the discussion....

    taliban were a group of people....
    no phenomena involved....

    and its not the taliban, but the americans who have killed thousands in afghanistan....
    Both Halal & Haram r evident but between them r doubtful things, most ppl have no knowledge about them. So whoever saves himself from suspicious things saves his religion & honor, & whoever indulges in suspicious things indulges in Haram.


      I agree with brother armughal. The post has no material. It just contains an unsupported allegation.

      Before you make such allegation at others, see what the RSS and other terrorist Hindu organisations have been up to.

      India claims that certain Muslims from Mumbai are terrorist and are in the list of 20 submitted to Pakistan. But these people had just retaliated to the mass killing of Muslims where even the police was helping the mobs carry out atrocities against people whose only 'fault' was that they were Muslims.

      And, look at the terrorism that the Indian forces are perpetrating in Kashmir. See the number of troops deployed to fight so-called 'cross border terrorists'. The sheer number makes it a joke.

      Rabbeshrah lee sadree; wa yassirlee amree; yafqahoo qaulee.