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    What's your opinion about .......

    All the respected members of this forum:

    While being a member of this forum for a while, I feel great responsibility to suggest and recommend some means of not only making this forum popular but mainly useful and productive.

    I will request all of my respected fellow's
    opinion regarding selecting a certain topic or issue(which really needs some consideration or discussion) and then setting some time frame for its preparation and then finally expressing our views on it.

    Please let us make use of our efforts,time and knowledge in a directed manner instead of just randomly start discussing any issue and then keep spending hours and days on it.
    (while we are sure how un-certain this life is ?)

    What you all feel ?? please do consider my request and suggestion.

    If not, then obviosuly final choice is yours.
    Imparting knowledge is great but it will be much better if there are some well-directed and serious efforts to seek real useful knowledge.

    A prescribed Dua advised by Prophet(MPUH) to one of his companion:

    Allahumma Inni Asaluka Ilm-an-Naafia,Wa Rizq-an-Tayyaba, Wa Amal-an-Mutaqabbala:Meaning Interpretation:

    " O Allah give us the knowledge which is useful and profitable for us, grant us the Rizq which is Pure and Halaal and help us in acting upon such deeds which are acceptable to you ".

    God knows better.