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    Matter of Opinion

    First be a MUSLIM..not a wahabi, shia, sunni, blah blah
    Then Celebrate EID ON the SAME DAY all over the world
    Then Have a LEADER..ONE LEADER not THOUSANDS of PEST LIKE politicains.
    Then get organized.
    Then stop living like the WESTERN WORLD.
    Then take pride in learning ONE CULTURE and one LANGUAGE meant for MUSLIMS ...ARABIC.
    Then OVERTHROW the ignorannce and OPPRESSION
    Then go for JEHAD with any other who come in your way.

    Sitting here blaming everyone else. arguing about what is halal and haram. who has quran been directed towards? and other BULLISh issues that makes no sense but divide everyone. Guys ther are 73 NON MUSLIM FIRQAs in this world as we speak and they will keep on increasing over the issues you all so deligently discuss here.

    Yes I am bashing and discarding all the muslims and the holder of muslim flags. None of the muslims deserve to be called one. When is our RACE MUSLIM RACE going to come out of this dark age. We are not MEANT to RULE the world, but are meant to rule over the MINDS of people.

    Read SURAh FATAH and ask yourself about JEHAD...JEHAd is not with other races unfortunately it is with our OWN SELVES

    fee amanaalllaah

    cogito ergo sum... "I think therefore I am..." & "I am therefore I think"

    A very good point very well made!

    Just a wee question: Does Society make leaders or do leaders make Society?

    I think if we answer to that, we'd solve half our problems.

    [email protected]~Kul de Khair [email protected]~

    Freedom Without Responsibility is Disastrous


      Unity, and more importantly, unity of purpose is essential. But does not mean that we must not do anything before that.

      As for your comment on jihad, I do not find how you arrive at the conclusion fro sura fatiha.

      Rabbeshrah lee sadree; wa yassirlee amree; yafqahoo qaulee.